Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Old Cars

Last Sunday when the Chesapeake Bay Children and I were driving to Aaron's Beach (many thanks to Anonymous Mathews Native for explaining how that name came about --see her answer in yesterday's comments if you haven't read it yet, it's one moooving story involving cattle), I spotted this old car in the middle of the woods. Actually, I had taken a wrong turn and was going towards Bethel Beach down Knights Woods road and ended up turning around and going back the right way.


On our way to Aaron's Beach, this old car corpse jumped out at me from the middle of the woods. This year's leaves haven't grown in just yet, so the sunshine highlighted what otherwise would have been camouflaged with all the pine needles and dead leaves.

Old cars have always been fascinating to me. When I see one like this, completely left for dead and abandoned in the middle of nowhere, questions flood my vast wasteland of a mind, such as:

Who owned it?
What color was it? (Yes, I see the blue now that I study the picture.)
How many miles did it have on it?
What memorable events did this car transport people to?
Why did somebody leave it in the middle of the woods?
Whose property am I standing on as I take pictures of this dead car?
How long until someone see me and calls the law?

Due to the stress of taking the picture (or rather the stress of wondering when a carload of property owners was going to drive by and see me), I didn't have time to focus on the finer details of this vehicle, nor could I tell what kind it is.

Anyone have any guesses?


Grandma J said...

Im having another Deliverence moment.

Here's my take...someone stole that car to rob a 7-11. Then they ditched it on that remote road and an acomplice (or as they say in chinese, 名词) picked them up in the real get-away car.

Ellen said...

My husband would jump at the chance to dig that corpse up and restore it.

mmm said...

You found it! Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you. Do you supposed I'd be shot trying to retrieve it.

And a top of the morning to you too!

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

You should go back for more pictures. So cool.

Annie said...

Yes, a great photo. Thanks cbw. You certainly know how to take a photo and tel a tale. The car looks quite old doesn't it? I rather suspect there are probably many car bodies resting quietly in the woods all over the world.

I am glad you are enjoying the Coffee Quandry stories as they happen. Unfortunately it wont be long before we check out of the hotel and little sis has to go home, so there won't be many more of them.

It is the cup of tea stories that are happening as we go out to eat. It certainly seems as if tea is not the usual beverage here! It is hard to get a good cup of tea...oh how I would love one now!

BOSSY said...

That's not a car, that's a novel.

Margaret Cloud said...

When we find old cars we always try to take the hood ornament, if it is there. One time I found out back of a old brick wall half of a model T, it was already striped. Have a Happy Earth Day.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Kinda looks like an old Studebaker...maybe early 50's. Yep...there could be a novel in that car...well, not IN it, but in reference to know?

mmm said...

Hey CBW, I've just got to ask...

Will you be driving that car to BlogFest?

foolery said...

I thought that was a Mathews County Honeysuckle Planter. Huh. What do I know?

foolery said...

Also, I need to know how Grandma J knows the Chinese characters for "accomplice." THERE'S your novel, CBW.

Big Hair Envy said...

I know the exact model of that car. It's a ^^^^bad^^word^^^^square box x 1000^^^^. Ed told me.

Bossy? YAY!!!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

GJ - I'm with Foolery. How in hay did you get those Chinese characters up here in the comments section?

Ellen-Please ask him the make/model of this car. Dying to know.

MMM-You're welcome. Are you still talking about beer bottles at Haven Beach?

Meg- Will do. Just not saying when.

Annie, I will surely miss your Adventures in America stories, and particularly the Coffee Quandry Chronicles, but I hope that you and Sister collaborate on some blog posts because something tells me that there are many, many untold stories waiting to burst free. Regarding the whole tea thing, you probably don't approve of us southerners who consider sweet iced tea a national treasure. In NYC you ought to be able to find some place that serves a decent hot tea? Of course you'll pay an arm and a leg I am sure.

Hey, Bossy! (Coming to Blog Fest?)

Mrs. Cloud - I'd love to see photos of those hood ornaments, I'll bet there were some great ones. Happy Earth Day to you as well. Just got done turning my lights off for the requisite amount of time as prescribed by the Chesapeake Bay Earth Children.

Val - You are the only person to wager a guess, thank you. You're probably right, although I'm not sure I ever saw a real live Studebaker. Perhaps I've just photographed a dead one?

MMM - I'll be driving John Deere's latest model farm equipment and, if needed, a Saturn. If only this particular car were operational....I'd be all over it. Maybe I'll get the VW bug up and running for Blog Festivities.

Foolery - Chesapeake Bay Mother will be honored you remembered her description of my Father's VW Thing, which indeed is a honeysuckle planter (and racoon cottage).

BHE - We have to get BOSSY here for Blog Fest. It's a personal mission of mine.

Happy Wednesday, all. Guess what? I've written NOTHING for tomorrow, so it's liable to be a "Silent Thursday." (Hold your applause down to a dull roar.)