Tuesday, April 28, 2009


In contrast to the eternity several weeks of on-again/off-again rainy, bone-chilling weather, the past two or three days have been heavenly, if your definition of heaven includes bright sunshine, warm temperatures, low humidity and absolutely no ants mosquitoes.

In addition to these very welcome changes, the colors of Nature are evolving from drab winter gray to vibrant green.

If the picture above were taken three--even two--weeks ago, the following would apply:

1. There would be nothing green.

2. There'd be no sailboat.

3. There'd be no human beings outside--none on a sailboat and most certainly none huddled behind a tree taking pictures of other people on a sailboat while hoping those sailboat people don't spot me her trying to take pictures of them their boat. (This sentence is being nominated for the longest, most grammatically incorrect sentence of the year, and so far it's a very strong contender for first place.)

Yes, this weekend was absolutely wonderful weather wise. I even managed to go sea glass hunting again and came up with some really incredible finds, including one green bottle that had a Gloucester, Virginia, mark on it. More on these (and the arrowhead CB Daughter found) later on when I have a minute to breathe get done with the work week, with cutting grass, with fending off ants, and attending sporting events.

Today, though, it was almost 95 degrees in the shade and there was a bucket full hint of humidity in the air. Also, because I don't ever turn the air conditioner on until September much later in the spring, the house was rather hot when I came home from work. My prehistoric computer's fan was whirling and clanking, and that usually means it's overheating and will require mouth to mouse resuscitation unless I turn it off for a few months hours to give it a rest.

Our entire spring season consisted of weeks of cold, dreary rain, followed by two spectacular days this past weekend, immediately followed by heat and humidity starting today. We rarely get a decent spring, it's usually winter one day, and Sahara desert hot the next.

And this entire post consisted of lengthy run-on sentences and an inability to stop doing the daggone strike through thing, I really think I'm obsessed rambling, disjointed thoughts. It's all because I can't concentrate over the din of my computer's fan and need to hurry and queue this post up before I have to call 9-1-1 for the computer and wine-one-one for me.


Annie said...

Ah, now that sounds just like Spring and Autumn where I (usually) live! And it is just as well I haven't learned how to do that crossing out thing, or my blog posts would be full of it too!!
Yes, it is amazing how green everything is becoming. Central Park was delightful on Sunday when we went for an impromptu picnic for lunch after church. Perfect.

That sailboat looks like it doesn't have very far to sail...it looks a little like it is in a pond? Or am I interpreting things wrongly (again)?

Mental P Mama said...

Sounds like the non-spring we usually have here.

mmm said...

I've got an old fan you can have, although it has dust on the blades. I've been told if you set it in front of a bucket of ice, it's as good as air conditioning. Would you like me to send it?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pic. FYI, I put wine-one-one on speed dial.

-Middle Sis

Keeper Of All Things said...

Its hot here.......broke down and turned on air last night!

Big Hair Envy said...

Wine-One-One? Bwahahahahahahahaha!

Word Verification: perte
That picture you took is "perte"

foolery said...

Are Virginians more private than most Americans? Or maybe fiercer? Because I'm not sure why you have to hide to photograph such an exquisite vessel.

Unless you were taking the photo from the bow, of course. (Let's go sailing.)

Fab photo, Cheeky. : )

Daryl said...

May I say it was cooler in South Beach than it was in NYC this weekend tho I did get a nice bit of glow .. I used sunblock everywhere but apparently the back of my arms .. the soft saggy, er, less toned part .. its bright red .. sigh .. Back from holiday, trying to catch up ...

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

I would like to thank you for yet another spectacular photo, worthy of becoming my computer screen background. Love love love the boat. Thanks x 1,000!

Wine-one-one. I dig that.

Yolanda said...

This is lovely and evocative image. Hope you are having a good week.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Annie, you need to learn the strike through thing, it is highly addictive and it makes me laugh hysterically even if nobody else laughs. If you e-mail me I'll tell you how - it won't work here in the comment section (I don't think).

MPM-Exactly the same.

MMM-Do you recall, not so long ago, when NOBODY had air conditioners and we all slept with fans on at night? That was just yesterday. And let me say this about that: anyone who has trouble sleeping (I never seem to have that problem, I can sleep standing up or sitting at my desk at work) - all you have to do is skip the tylenol PM and put a nice old fashioned fan on at night. You'll be out like a light in no time flat. Nothing like some good white noise.

Middle Sis - Good to hear from you, and glad to see you you have that emergency number pre-programmed. When will you be visiting here? CBMamma says sometime soon?

Keeper - Don't blame you one bit. It's hotter than blue blazes, but I'm still holding out. Broke down in the car on the ride home though.

BHE - It's one emergency number you do not want to be without, and I believe the service is nationwide up to and including your neck of the woods.

Foolery - Here's the thing: we are nosey, but we don't want to appear nosey. It's like when we say "Bless his heart" and we really are saying, "What a dumb a**." We appear to be one thing on the surface, all polite, and then there's an undercurrent. In this case, I knew they could see me pointing my camera at them, this is a narrow part of the creek, and I didn't want to appear rude. Even though I was being rude. See? (Me neither. It's hot here and my brain is overheating.)

Daryl, South Beach! Oh my. You're so lucky, with or without the warm weather.

Meg & Yolanda - Thank you. It never ceases to amaze me how I can think a picture is "eh, not so hot" and other people like it. This was yet another one I almost put in the trash heap for a variety of reasons. Glad you like it.

Speaking of trash heap, I need to return to the kitchen and finish fixing supper.

Grandma J said...

What a gorgeous picture! Things sure do look better when Mother Nature wakes up.

Good luck with that computer. Maybe if you blow on it and give the fan a rest?