Sunday, April 12, 2009

Silent Sunday

Thursday morning about 7:30 I drove over to Gwynn's Island because I could tell the sun and the clouds were intent on providing a spectacular show. They didn't disappoint me.

First I stopped at the Seabreeze and took several shots from the dock there before heading over to Commenter Breezeway's cottage, where I took the picture above.

This particular morning was unusually calm--there's almost always a breeze (if not gale force winds) blowing on the bay. The clouds couldn't decide whether they were going to linger or move on. Neither could I, because every time I told myself it was time to go I'd take a few steps towards the car, glance behind me, and see a whole new Something that needed to be photographed.

In unrelated news, deliberations are still underway for the winner of Friday's Name that Goose Contest. We've narrowed it down to two or three choices, and may I just go ahead and say to Middle Sis that Sammy Davis, Jr., is not a contender--although it was discussed at length at the dinner table last night.

May your Sunday be as tranquil as the scene above.


Annie said...

Thank you ...and yours too!

Angela said...

What a beautiful picture! Beautiful! And Happy Easter to you!!! I ahven`t been commenting, but you are always near to me!

Mental P Mama said...

Beautiful shot. Hope your Sunday is just as nice;)

Not Moved Mom said...

WOW! Such a fitting and perfect photo for Easter Sunday morning! It looks as the clouds are opening up to a bright light offering hope and life to a new day. This picture give me chills as I reflect this morning, in the quiet, about what this day means to me.

May everyone's day be a wonderful day with "New Hope". Enjoy your day and love your family.

Happy Easter to all!

Grandma J said...

Happy Easter from rainy Central Texas. I love the sun rising over water.

tj said...

..."Breezeway's Cottage", that sounds so welcoming and quaint - like a B&B or somethin'...

...Beautiful photo CBW!

...Wishing you and yours a very blessed Easter and same to all the CBW Peeps too! :o)

mmm said...

A beautiful picture, CBW; it is also a beautiful day here in the Valley.

Have a nice day everyone.

Daryl said...

Ah what a nice shot .. I cant wait to set my own lens at these spots ... Happy Sunday!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday. I am bracing for the start of my work week, which is always rough. Sunday nights are rather depressing, especially on the heels of such a pleasant weekend.

Also, a great big thanks to everyone who played the Goose Naming Contest....we still do not have a winner yet, although we've narrowed the choices down a bit. More details will be forthcoming tomorrow.

Have a great week.

big hair envy said...

Happy Easter!!! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

Anonymous said...


Had my first encounter with the zero turn mower tonight.

I think I'm in love.

It's a like a go-cart for adults.

A guilt-free, chore-accomplishing, go-cart.

In a wacky repeat of my first lesson on the cub cadet, I ran into the swing set. :) Other than that it was smooth sailing and love-at-first-drive.

I highly recommend it!

good night!


foolery said...

It was a terrific weekend with the most gorgeous weather you could hope for. I hope that's true for all of you. : )