Saturday, June 26, 2010


This exquisite old building is between Cardinal and Bohannon--which is sixteen miles east of Neptune, and only a few miles south of Uranus, give or take.

The whole Cardinal/Bohannon/Mobjack area is a part of the county that may as well be on another planet I never visit unless it's to pick up Chesapeake Bay Daughter from her friend's house on the East River. This is a shame, because some beautiful old buildings live over there.

I'm long overdue to spend some time over there taking photos, but that will have to wait, because today is the Gwynns Island Festival, and I must don a crab hat and sell 50-50 raffle tickets. You know, what everybody does on a Saturday.

So if you're in the area today, head on over to the island for some good food and music, and if you see a lady wearing a red crab hat, alert the nearest law enforcement officer be sure to buy a ticket.

Have a great Saturday.


Mathews Mark said...

Excuse Me Mam could you tell me were Gwynns Island is and what are the GPS setting I will be coming from Haliford? NOT, I'm not going over there with all of those blue haired lady's and let them grab my ass today! Wait ass grabbing maybe I will!! Leaving for Vegas see ya'll in a month . MM

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

CBW,you know I think those wonkey teeth would look great with that crab hat! Have fun! I'm off to work in Mechanicsville!

Country Girl said...

If I lived closer, you know I'd be there. Have fun!

Trisha said...

Are we going to be honored with a picture of you in the crab hat?

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

So I'm intrigued by that building. Do you know what it was? It looks kinda like a school or a house of worship to me.

foolery said...

Crab hat = the new tiara.

deborah said...

crab hat picture please

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Mathews Mark-There were very few blue haired ladies but lots of younger ones - you would have liked it, although you would not have liked the heat.

Noe Noe-The wonky teeth would have scared people off - the crab hat was bad enough.

There was another lady there with the exact same hat. She was working the Lions CLub food booth. We butted heads (literally - the crabs got into a little bit of a fight), but nobody got hurt. I must have had 20 people ask me where I got it - it came from a campground over on the Eastern Shore (and the other lady got hers in North CArolina). If anyone wants to make money at that festival next year, just order up 100 or so of those hats and they'll go like hot cakes - or is that crab cakes? I could have sold mine several times over today.

CG-Wish you did live closer, but I'll see you in a few short weeks.

foolery-Yes! Crab hats could be the official tiara of Blog Fest.

Trisha & Deborah - Believe it or not, I didn't bring my camera to the festival and only realized it when I was just pulling in. However, a reader and her husband stopped by for a visit (and for some raffle tickets - thanks you!) and she took a few pictures. If I get a copy via e-mail I'll try to transfer it to the blog. Otherwise, I'll take a shot from home and try to remember to put it up. I don't think I've ever put a picture of myself on the blog before, but there's no better way to start than with a crab hat shot.

Meg-Yes, it was either a church or a school, and I wish I could remember which it was. Someone here will know, and sooner or later I'm going to need to find out because I"ll be using this shot for an upcoming research project.

It's a hot, hot Saturday here, but the festival was a blast. Great food, great people and good times.

TSannie said...

What a gorgeous old building! Love to see it fixed up.

So...did you sell a lot of tickets???

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

TSA-I sold 30 tickets in about an hour, which I thought was great given that I wasn't doing a hard sell. (Anyone who stopped me to ask about the hat I then asked to buy a ticket. It worked pretty well with almost a 100% conversion of hat askers to ticket buyers.)

It was way too hot to stand out there for much longer than an hour at a time. So, on the way home I stopped at the Gwynns Island Museum and stayed there for longer than the festival - it was fascinating (and air conditioned). We will definitely be adding the museum to the Blog Fest itinerary.

Grandma J said...

Oh have fun! I can't wait for blogfest. Did I ever tell you that my son lived on a street named Uranus? It was along the Space Coast in Florida...but still!! Could he tell some tales.