Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Above is a shot of the Chesapeake Bay from Aaron's Beach in Mathews County. On the other side of the bay on the Eastern Shore, the Chesapeake Bay Family camped this past weekend.

I survived!

There's been no time to download and upload and load and unpack and pack and all that stuff, so I don't have photos yet (or a functioning lower back).

I do have a mathematical equation to kick off the week.

See if you can solve this addition and subtraction problem.

Ready? Begin.

Butterscotch pudding for breakfast
Because really, why not?
2 showers, 4 days
1 broken bicycle chain
1 community bathhouse
Minus any toilet paper by Day 3
No natural disasters!
No trips to the E.R.!
1 delightful sunset viewed from rafts while floating on the bay with son and daughter
1 putt putt golf game which daughter didn't win, so subtract any possibility of fun for the remainder of life the afternoon
1 uninvited raccoon eyeballing the smores at the campfire
0 ants!
18,692 people from another planet New Jersey and Pennsylvania stuffed into two small tear drops swimming pools
1 dead fiddler crab at the camp site
0 TV + 0 internet + 0 video games + forced family interaction
4 days of listening to Teenager Music
0 vegetables in 4 days, unless you count french fries and I do
0 fruit in 4 days, unless you count wine, and I do

When added up, this represents a priceless weekend with my two favorite kids--and an ardent desire for a shower which doesn't require flip flops.

Bonus Question: What are the odds that with 18,692 campers spread out over 600 or so acres I'd be a mere two campsites down from three people I work with? Anyone?

The math portion of this post is now over.

How was your weekend?


maria from nj said...

Glad to have you back safe and sound. And yes, it sounds priceless. Although it sure isn't me - well except for the yummy breakfast and the wine! Now let me go convince myself that I should sleep when its dark outside!

Annie said...

zero ants and only one dead fiddler crab...you must have been in Heaven! Oh except for the 18000 people in the pools. And the three workmates two doors away!

glad you had a fun time! Next time I'll have to remind you to take some fruit and veges. My idea of heaven is at least plenty of fruit!!


quiet weekend here!

TSannie said...

It sounds like you guys made some very nice memories! That's wonderful!

Caution Flag said...

We had similar week-ends except my daughter did find cell service if she held her phone up over her head right near a tree - which she did for the entire week-end.

Daryl said...

Its amazing how you can always run into someone you know/work with .. on the way to (and from) TN at the airport (both airports) I met (and flew with) a former boss/co-worker ... it was scary .. but fun

My weekend .. ah well... cleaning, shopping, painting .. prep'ing for the new uber mattress and trying to find a solution to Jack's bed wetting so he doesnt ruin the new mattress (NO we didnt buy a new mattress because he peed .. we needed it .. sigh)

WV: symings .. its when you see a co-worker(s) at a camp sight .. symings

Trisha said...

That math problem sounds pretty complicated but turns out to be a nice, round number.

Glad to hear that you had a good time.

Mental P Mama said...

I don't do math. At all. But what fun! And no disasters. Except for the putt putt debacle.

Mathews Mark said...

my week end sucked! the answer is 670 to 1 check it out if you want I will give you the formula I used to come up with this number. MM

deborah said...
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deborah said...

Very happy that you had a great weekend and came home with no ants or crabs!?! My hubby is very very sick again so we had a fairly quiet weekend except for camel sightings at the baseball field.

Country Girl said...

That's amazing you would see people you knew there! Too bad there were so many people, but it sure sounds like you had a great time. Bravo!

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

So much for getting away from work, eh? We actually ran into a family from our neighborhood at the beach this weekend... which ended up being cool because our middle sons are pals, so they got to hang out for a while. And I know you'll be envious when I tell you that the only time I wore flip flops was to, from and on the shell-covered beach.

Anonymous said...

I had been to Old Aaron's Beach a couple of times. I didn't know camping was allowed there. Is it possible to launch a kayak in the marsh leading to Garden Creek?

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Jaygresh-Camping isn't allowed there, but kayaking is to the best of my knowledge. There is camping at New Point and on Gwynns Island, but in this particular post I was referencing a camping trip over on the Eastern Shore.

Let me know if you need more info -as relates to kayaking we have a waterways trail guide - there are a myriad great places to kayak around here.