Thursday, June 17, 2010

Three Things

Welcome to Thursday, also known here as Three Thing Thursday, where we share three random thoughts.

Ready? Let's begin.

1. The photo above, which I definitely may have posted before, dates back to June of 2009. A sailboat was moored just off Gwynns Island and I was admiring the view from the beach. The more I stare at this, though, the more I feel there should be water spilling out of the lower left corner. It's more than slightly off kilter, much like the photographer.

2. This week, because I had nothing better to do, I took a completely different route home from Williamsburg where I work. There are only two possible ways - across the York River at Yorktown and down 17 or through West Point and over the Mattaponi and Pamunkey Rivers. The typical York River/Rte. 17 way is shorter mileage-wise, but here lately due to mutant drivers construction and mutant drivers, it's been taking about 15 minutes longer than usual.

By taking this alternate route through West Point I arrived home 5-10 minutes earlier even though it's about 10 miles longer distance-wise. However, due to being a mutant driver a creature of habit, I probably will stick with the shorter, more tedious route. Don't ask me why. No doubt it's the same reason I stuck with dial-up internet as long as I did. To get to the bottom of these mysteries would require a trained psychological professional some deep introspection.

3a. Does anyone want some CATS white raspberries? I have a cluster of bushes which, after being all docile and polite for 4+ years, have suddenly taken over my back patio off like wildfire. I can't pick them fast enough, and they're absolutely delectable.

3b Warning: Picking white raspberries can be harmful to your psyche health because ants, wasps, chiggers, ants and ants also love white raspberries. When you've lived for nigh on 10 years in the same house as insects, reaching a hand blindly into a thorny raspberry bush teeming with creepy crawlies will make you scream and seek a trained professional can be challenging.

3c. Speaking of ants and aren't I always the folks at Terro have finally sent me the silver bullet--at least it's working for the time being. Details will be forthcoming.

Now it's you're turn to share three (or more) things. Whatever you want, anything at all.


Annie said...

1.Just don't shake that stuff on the raspberries!

2. Fun with family. My sister. Hooray.

3. Soon to be fun with grandchildren.

4. Video skyping a little one in NYC. He is growing up. Fast.

Daughter: "we'll have to tell Grandma how much you like the shirt she gave you"

Less than two year old Grandchild. "Skype Grandma"

5. Great photo. You can post that one everyday! Yes, I notice I can't seem to get my photos straight a lot of the time. I am just saying I think I have one leg shorter than the other! Ha! ;-)

Pueblo girl said...

1. Horizontal horizons: with your new speed of light connection, you could download (free) Photo! Editor, and edit your photos. It's simple - you select the photo and click the icon of a horizontal horizon. I'm sure there are more, I only mention this one because it's the one I've got.

2. It's the 17th of June, and we have a reasonably warm day for the first time in WEEKS. The wet wall in the bedroom might start to dry out. Things might start to look up. The grass might get dry enough to cut (though I think by now, "reap" would be a more accurate descrition).

3. I don't have another thing. This is life on the edge.

Mathews Mark said...

1. Those are not white raspberry, they are snake berry's (not good) don't worry I have already called the rescue squad. 2.I'm gona cut them down today anyway! 3. No one has taking me up on my BOOZE CRUISE for blog fest. so I canceled it. 4.Is any one reading my crap? MM

Ann Marie said...

1. I have picked up yet another hobby... I think I will bring this hobby stuff to blogfest and we will all have blister bracelets. I need another hobby like I need a hole in my head.. money now money IS something I do need.

2. I am taking the wee boy to Richmond today so I can tell the Dr that I did not follow his suggestion I just changed somethings about ME and now wee boy is doing better.

3. I am bringing my camper to blogfest too so Noe Noe and I can start the second annual blogfest off with no DUI's..

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Annie-Can you send that less than two year old to show me how to edit photos? Have fun with your sister and grandchildren.

Pueblo Girl-I'll have to try it, although something tells me I probably already have some editing stuff on here that could fix the problem - trouble is there's never any time to learn how to use it. Maybe at Blog Fest I can have the ladies give me a tutorial.

Mathews Mark-If these raspberries were poisonous, I'd have been dead a long time ago. Technically I believe they're called golden raspberries, but for whatever reason we always called them white. They've completely taken over my tomato and pepper plants. Don't cancel anything! Also, don't stop writing your "crap" because we do read it and are even entertained by it.

AM-If these are what I saw photos of on Facebook, they're beautiful. You should take some to the Farmers Market on Saturday. They'd go like hotcakes. (Farmers Market will let you sell anything you make, bake or grow, so yours qualifies under the "make" category.) Also, there's the Gwynns Island Festival next weekend? although I think there was a deadline to reserve a booth. Blog Fest - I'll probably have my camper up as well, so we'll be looking like Thousand Trails here that weekend. Can't wait.

Jamie said...

1. Crap MM! I was looking forward to the Booze Cruise, even have it on the calendar.

2. Supposed to head to Deltaville for the 4th of July/Heritage Day celebrations... but someone I don't want to be around is planning on going now, so I don't know that I will go or not.

3. Ihad to break into the boss' office.. again because he lost his key. I opened the door in under 10seconds. Good thing I'm an honest person.

4. I love driving throuhg West Point. My son calls the Pamunkey the Pot Monkey river.

Kate said...

1. Driving through West Point is okay, except when the paper mill is running. Yuck.

2. I remember having wild blackberry bushes behind our shed growing up. Mom made some really good blackberry bars that had a brown sugar crumble on top. *drool*

3. I am super poor, and therefore super jealous of everyone who gets to go to Blogfest. But I'm not worried that I'll miss much, since I know you and all the other wonderful folks going will document it nicely!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Jamie-If you do head this way for the 4th and want to meet up let me know. You're welcome to hang out over this way if that would help you avoid the person you wish to avoid. Fireworks at Mathews High School - hopefully I'll make it this year. Are there any baseball games in D'Ville that weekend? Going to check the schedule now.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Kate-Wish you could make it, would love to have you. I understand about the poor part, though.

Mental P Mama said...

LOL. There won't be an ant left in the county! i got nuthin' else....

Ann Marie said...

ok.. lets see...
1. I have no idea what this booze cruise is haven't even heard of it before but probably would have attended cause anything involving booze gets a check in my book.

2. the Lighthouse Cruise is still in fact on with two operation boats at this point so there is plenty of room if needed.. Capt. Re at your service.

3. I can't seem to make myself sell anything I made.. rather it be photos, jewelery or knitting stuff.. hell even hush puppies, oysters, or fried fish (I have been known to take donations for deviled eggs though)

WV .. Powsaw... I am gonna go cut down that limb with the powsaw...

Jamie said...

CBW- Yes there is a 5pm game July 3rd... earlier than usual because of the fireworks and other Heritage Day festivities. I am really hoping to head down that weekend...

Daryl said...

Maybe save some berries for July .. do they freeze well?

I have decided my sea sickness was due to the new sunglasses ...

I wish it was July 15 right this minute

Caution Flag said...

1.First day of summer break and my youngest is heart-broken that he didn't get breakfast in bed.

2. There is not a clutter-free surface in this entire house.

3. I am going to stay away from Tim Hortons for 24 hours. God help me.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

1. I bet you could freeze the berries...

2. See, this is where we may not actually be separated at birth. I am always looking for alternate routes and shortcuts. Give that other way home another try. You may decide you like it better.

3. No, thanks, I don't want a cat - we are pretty sure ours is in hospice care at this point. He is acting weird - he has adopted the kitchen counter as his new hime - and he "yells" all the time. Curt made like he was going to punch the cat last night, and I told him to back off - that's like punching gramps because he keeps interrupting and repeating himself and always talks about the price of bananas. He can't help it.

Mrs F with 4 said...

1. I got tickets (thank YOU, airmiles) for all of us to go visiting next week, to a place that does NOT require me to have a visa;

2. I am now waiting for the dreaded chickenpox to hit the rest of the family, so then we won't be able to go;

3. Heading up to the hospital for a serious hit of steroids.... I wonder why my asthma is bad? Could it be five (FIVE) solid weeks of no sleep whilst nursing four sick children? Not necessarily simultaneously sick, you understand, just..... someone is sick all the time. And Mr F is in Brazil. Or the Philippines. Or somewhere;

3a) I know where your ants are - here. If you listen carefully, you can hear the chomping of millions of tiny jaws, eating away at my house. The only thing that's louder is the thwacking sound of me slapping them with a handy flip-flop. Pointless, I know, but it makes me feel slightly better.

Grandma J said...

1. gonna buckle down and get some cleaning done.

2. wondering if I burn enough calories cleaning if I could indulge in some ice cream....with fudge and whipped cream

3. Hope that the carrier comes for granddaughter's car sooooon! have chiggers? Last year I had a ton of bites on my ankles and after two weeks of scratching, I wanted to cut my legs off. Then I bought something called ChiggerEX. It gave me some relief!

TSannie said...

1. I would LOVE some raspberries!

2. I wasn't aware white raspberries existed.

3. Freeze some and we'll enjoy raspberry martinis at blogfest!

kaffy said...

I have a "frozen" shoulder and it is killing me, especially after the excruciating physical therapy.

I have no job right now, and although that may appeal to some people, it just gets me depressed staying at home and NOT doing the things I should be doing around the house.

My 14-year-old son will be starting high school in the fall and this causes me stress. I want him to grow up, but not so fast.

(CBW: forgive me for the three negative time I'll think up something positive, maybe)

deborah said...

Raspberries do freeze well. Rinse them gently let them dry, put them on a cookie sheet until they freeze, then into a ziploc. Or, you can just throw them in a ziploc. Whichever is easiest.

We took 3 boys under the age of 12 and my MIL to Williamsburg once. It rained the whole time.

1. The humidity is low today, I can go outside without buckets of saltwater running down my face. (But it is supposed to be 100 Saturday to make up for this nice day)

2. If I was able to attend Blog Fest, I would definitely sign up for the Booze Crooze. Never stop writing MM you make me laugh!!

3. I feel like crap, depression sucks.

Love the photo, but it did drip a few drops on the laptop. Actually I was so taken by the picture, I never noticed till I read about it.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Kaffy-I love hearing from you. Misery loves company, and I am your company in misery.

deborah-I am sorry you're feeling down. You really should think seriously about coming to Blog Fest. Many--if not most--of the attendees last year (including me) were struggling with Major Life Disasters and/or Events. The laughter and comraderie were very healing. In the meantime, maybe I'll put on some spandex, hop on a bike and cycle past your front porch. I'd do it, you know, if it would make you laugh. Really.

Thanks, everybody for commenting.

Jim_in_VA said...

still looking for the ghostly encounter MM had ... any follow up to that?

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Jim, as a matter of fact, Mathews Mark gave me the 2-minute overview of what happened when he was over here this week helping me with some stuff. Hopefully he'll write it all up and/or he'll get permission for us to go to the place and do a full-blown picture/story post (which I'd love to do).

Hello, Mathews Mark - Regardless of whether we do a site visit or not, please relay your recent ghost encounter from the house in/near West Point. If not, I'll have to tell my version which will be full of errors and will lack all the pizazz and charm of your story telling ability.

Jim_in_VA said...

I posted my comments about Old House Woods in a past post you made. Strange place.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

1. MM- i'll take that Booze Cruz with ya!
2. No ants at the little house either thanks to terro!
3. Thousand Trails cannot even come close to Blogfest!