Friday, June 25, 2010

Yes, Virginia, There Will Be a Blog Fest

The photo above was taken from Gwynns Island on the last night of Blog Fest 2009.

This year's event will be from Thursday, July 15, through Sunday, July 18. In spite of the fact that the date is the only information I seem to be able to convey, we are planning lots of fun and frivolity, and maybe even some hijinx

With everything that's been going on around here lately (namely, the community's tremendous loss of a beloved resident), there hasn't been any time to formally contemplate communicate the game plan, and only a small part of that is due to the fact that the game plan has not been solidified.

But never fear, CBW works best under pressure, which is a good thing because she's no stranger to pressure. In fact they are conjoined twins BFFs.

Generally speaking, you can expect the following, in no particular order:

Cookout at CBW's house - CB Parents, CB Children, Bayman, Mathews Mark, Jr. Mathews Mark, Miss Pookie, Hallieford Jim, and other locals will be on hand
Boat Ride
Driving tour with photo ops
Free time to wander around the court house, which is the "downtown" part of Mathews.
Possibly the Gwynns Island Museum
Margarita Machine and Karaoke
Dinner at Sandpiper, with live entertainment, peach bombs and pemrose sausages provided by the infamous Mathews Mark and the 505 Club
Cookout on the beach at Gwynns Island-Chesapeake Bay Baby Sis will make an appearance.
Tours of Chesapeake Bay Mother's garden
Tours of Noe Noe Girl's camper
Lots of laughing
Lots of fun
Lots of heat and humidity
Lots of insects
Tons of laughing
Tons of fun
Hopefully not a heat stroke
Hopefully not a hurricane
Definitely a killer goose with his own Facebook page

The main thing I'd like to get right now is a headcount. Last year's attendees don't have to respond, because I have all your info, but if you are a new attendee this year, please e-mail me at with the following:

a) Your name and address (I am contemplating mailing welcome packets/info out in advance. Contemplating, I said. Stop laughing, Big Hair Envy and Re.)
b) Whether you plan to stay all 3 nights or just a part of the time. (Of course having an agenda would be helpful to answer this question. I promise by next week I'll have something out.
c) Whether you require lodging. We have space here at my house, plus a reader has very generously offered her home if we need it. Commercial lodging is limited, as in there are no hotels/motels but there are lots of private cottages that can be rented out - with enough notice.
d)If you are interested in a souvenir Tervis Tumbler. Big Hair Envy is placing orders.

Remember that free lodging is available at my house and from a very generous local homeowner, so the sooner your respond the better. In my next communication on this topic, I'll include an estimate of out-of-pocket expenses (minus transportation to get here, which of course varies), but last year it was minimal. There were a couple of meals out, souvenirs, a nominal fee for the boat ride, whatever you want to buy in the form of beverages, and that's about it.

Big Hair Envy and I can't wait to see you all, and thanks for being patient with the details.


Ann Marie said...

i want a cup...

Mathews Mark said...

I'm the first one na na nee bo bo ! Ok as you can see I am not in a serious mood today so don't get mad at me, OK ! THINGS I NEED TO GET STRAIGHT FOR BLOGFEST (need to learn how to spell it first)

1.Make up the posters of CBW half naked standing on her deck (that was not and old crabber that was me)
2.Get the ice water ready. I know someone is gona what to get naked and throw ice water.
3. Find the right spot for chukin dunkin (At my age you can not call it SKINNY DIPPING any more)
4.Pick up beer, cut grass clean bar ,get Island drinks ready. NO wait thats for the reggea band tonight at Sandpiper,sorry wrong party.
5. pick up wieners (ok i promise this is the last wiener joke)
6. Do none of the above because I have a cornhole thingy to umpire so i won't be there. MM more to come

Mathews Mark said...

Thanks AM you blew my opening line LOL MM

Ann Marie said...

Dearest MM,
you shouldn't count your na nee na nee boo boo's before they hatch.

Jamie said...

Where do we sign up for the booze cruise? And can they drop me off at my pier in Sturgeon Creek? Or somewhere on the Rappahanock- I can swim

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

I'm in for a tumbler - I call mine Mommy's Sippy Cup and love it and have forbade anyone else from using it.

How about DEFINITELY the Gwynns Island museum?

BTW - Blogger is being funny to me lately - the first word verification isn't visible, AND I keep having to enter my password twice. It's not only your site. Anyone else having this problem?

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Meg-I've been having that problem for a long time now. The only way around it is to sign in to blogger first, before leaving a comment. If you try signing in and doing the word verification simultaneously, blogger gets mad and stomps his foot. If you're already signed in and are still having to do it twice, that'd be a new one, but I'm not surprised. As with all things Blogger, I find if you just wait it out, it goes away.

Daryl said...

If you sign into your own blog before hitting the blog reader trail you dont get that blogger bitching at you thing ...

I am bringing H&H bagels ... and a bottle or two of Malbec ... I told BH I wanted a commememmmmmorrrative cup

TSannie said...

I needs me a tervis!

Can't wait to see everyone!

Mental P Mama said...

Oh I def want another tervis. I cannot wait!!

foolery said...

Wait, didn't I comment last night? Huh, I remember commenting. Must be old age.

Have already e-mailed BHE my sippy cup order so BH, don't read this and double it, okay? : )

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

not sure who is more or Cdub!
Is there a boat ramp near where we can put our boat in the water? We'll bring the tube to pull behind the boat too.

Big Hair Envy said...

The "sippy cup" order will be placed by Tuesday of next week. I have made a note of everyone on here who has requested one, AND I have received your emails as well:)

WV: oveyeare It's been ove yeare since I've seen most of you. Can't wait for Blog Fest!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jamie said...

I got so caught up this morning thinking about boozes, cruises, chunkin dunkin, fat splat, skinny dippin that I forgot to say I would like a sippy cup too please

deborah said...

Wow! What fun y'all are gonna have!
It wouldn't even be chunkin dunkin for me, it would be fat floppin'..but still sounds like fun!
Maybe next year, I'm hoping, if I'm still welcome?

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

OMG! I wish this was the year I could be there. I loved reading about last year's fest, and look forward to the adventures of CBW and crew. Noe, Noe, I am bummed I won't get a tour of your trailer!

~Ashley~ said...

you forgot to mention a night out at cheerleaders in that list lol. jk.

not to interrupt your blog, but a quick question for the locals. i do not have a landline, we only use cell phones. however, we are thinking of getting one for the kids to be able to talk to their friends and such. is there any extremely cheap land line service that is available in mathews? thanks.