Wednesday, June 2, 2010


This cute red shack lives at the intersection of some major roads leading to the county beaches. Or maybe this is a major intersection of some cute red roads leading to the county beaches. How about a cute red intersection leading to a major county beach and on the way there's a shack?

Either way, no matter how you slice and dice it, today Chesapeake Bay Woman is so worn out and spread so thin that she can't correctly situate her adjectives or construct a proper sentence can't see straight and wonders why she refers to herself in the third person, as if to distance herself from herself.

After reflecting upon that opening paragraph, she understands and no longer wonders about the need for distance.

This week Chesapeake Bay Son graduates from 8th grade, and aside from the fact that I never knew one graduated from 8th grade, this entails an awards ceremony today; an 8th grade dinner tomorrow night, and a graduation ceremony on Friday morning followed by lunch and then a pool party down Ware Neck. Then he takes off for a week at the beach with a friend.

I went from 8th grade to 9th grade without anyone's acknowledgement any ado; graduated from high school with a class party down Port Haywood where I slept in the back of a Volkswagen Vanagon with six other people; then graduated from a major university. I don't remember pool parties or ceremonies or free beach vacations being involved.

Yet I'm very proud of him and will try not to make comparisons happily cheer him on at each event.

Do you remember any major graduation festivities other than college or high school? What is your most vivid memory of any graduation event?


maria from nj said...

I did have a 9th grade graduation and HS. Skipped the college one as I had dragged that out so long that it was anti-climatic. Wonder if I can start over again with kinder...hmmm? Congrats all around.

Annie said...

Glad you are all back safely cbw! And congrats to cb son.

mmm..I don't really remember my own 'college" (university we call it here) graduation. After all it was the 60's. That was just too long ago.

But I do know I graduated, I have the photo to prove it. Taken by my husband, (then boy friend) outside the caravan I was living in at the time at my parents farm!

I enjoyed all my kids graduations!

I especially enjoyed when my last-born finished high school. What a great day that was. A great sense of freedom for me. They could now all look after themselves. Mainly. And they did. Mostly.

I do remember being invited by a group of girls to go hiking in the mountains. Staying in cabins. That was fun, since it was about the first time I had been invited to anything. Again, I can't remember when that was, but by remembering who the girls were, it must have been after high school. I think.

I think the blood supply to my brain is a bit slow. Low. Whatever.

Hope you have a good week.

Ann Marie said...

we had a graduation DANCE which was really only someone playing a record player.. YES I SAID RECORD player in the gym and you had to wear a skirt, this was for 8th grade. Graduation from high school we had a party down low bottom got drunk as skunks and I slept on the beach with no recollection as to how I got on said beach.. college graduation I never even told a soul WHEN the ceremony was went alone. Until about 4 years ago when I moved I still had the 89 beer tabs that myself and 3 friends consumed on the night of our high school graduation.. there was more than that actually but we stopped counting when I got my 89 for the year... oh and some how I had enough left in me after sleeping on the beach to move out of my parents house the following morning.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

I had only two graduations: High school and college. Last week, my youngest "graduated" from preschool, which means next year he "graduates" from kindergarten... last year, my middle "graduated" from 5th grade; and next week, my oldest "graduates" from 8th grade, too. But I say it's all good, any reason for a party, right?

Congrats to your son - I'll be weeping empathetic tears at the same milestone next week.

Jamie said...

My daughter had the huge "graduation" from 8th grade. I never had one. They even had a fancy dance that required fancy dresses.

On a down note, found out last night my step-daughter (who does not live with us) will not be graduating from High school next year because she's pregnant.

Is it blogfest yet?

Mathews Mark said...

I got my diploma threw the mail , I was on suspension for rewiring the sound system (all it would play was Three Dog Night) But Im sure I partied. So your Son is heading to the world of High school. He needs to spend some time with Me so I can give him The do's and don'ts!!MM

Mental P Mama said...'s the same up here. I think my kids went to more than 10 parties after 8th grade "moving up" ceremony. I think all I got was a different uniform blazer to signify the move to upper school. gah.

Anonymous said...

I was at a friends house yesterday and on the fridge was an invite to a fourth grade graduation party and on the bottom it said BYOB so there ya have it.....I have seen it all.


Mrs F with 4 said...

I just had the university graduation(s)... poor me. I also had pneumonia for the first one, so I made it to the ceremony, grabbed my diploma, staggered off the stage and went back to hospital.

The other degrees - I was just SO glad to be done with it, and too tired to party.

Isn't moving from grade to grade just what children are SUPPOSED to do? I mean, I'm proud of mine, and all that, but a PARTY for it? Not so much.

(Do I sound all grumpy? Sorry..... child three is sick with a mystery illness and I am all worried and sleepless. I'm sure she'll be fine, though.)

TSannie said...

Congrats to your boy!

Nope, went from 8th to 9th with no fanfare. Missed my high school graduation (long boring story), graduated in a semester late from college (which just thrilled my parents) in December and didn't walk the following May. So I've NEVER had a ceremony.

Daryl said...

today kids 'graduate' from kindergarden and there's a ceremony. I graduated from 6th grade and moved to Jr High (today some school districts no longer have Jr. Highs, they call them Intermediate Schools) .. when I graduated from Jr High there was a sort of ceremony .. then I went to high school... we had a HUGE graduation .. as we did from college tho I didnt attend the college one ... I went to Europe .. graduation vs Europe .. you do the math ...

However .. congrats to CBSon!

Trisha said...

Just high school and college for me. However, I have noticed that graduations are becoming more popular - from Kindergarten, Elementary school, Middle School, etc.

I personally think it makes graduation from high school and college less special.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Maria-Thank you. The CB Family knows a thing or two about dragging out college. I had to stay another semester after I was supposed to have graduated, and to this day we're not sure if Baby Sister ever collected her degree.

Annie-Those are great memories. Would love to see a copy of that photo with your boyfriend/husband. There isn't one thing wrong with your brain - it's very entertaining.

Ann Marie-Now those are some memories. The one having to do with wearing skirts sounds more like a nightmare to me, perhaps because I'm cringing at the thought of having to wear a dress tomorrow night and Friday morning. Oh, and I had a record player. That was our only source of amusement while we were rolling skating in the basement.

Meg-Thank you, and I'll let you know how it goes. Already this evening we have to go to the high school--HIGH SCHOOL? MY SON?--for a meeting about fall sports. I feel like I just left out of that place myself, can't believe I'm now a parent of someone going there.

Jamie-Oh my, no, it's not Blog Fest yet but I'm racing to the kitchen now to pour you a glass of wine. And one for me too.

Mathews Mark: HOW IN THE WORLD did you think up all this mischief to get into? Poor, poor Pookie! You rewired the sound system? I have so many questions but perhaps will save it for an in-person interview. Some that come to mind are: Why? What made you rewire it and why to 3-Dog Night? Who helped you? How did you know how to rewire it? Who caught you? What did you say when you got caught? What did Pookie say when you didn't get to go to your graduation? I'll stop now, but rest assured I have plenty other questions. Too funny.

MPM-Yes, so many parties. Their social life is more complex than mine ever will be. (Of course I have no social life, but that's beside the point.) Anyway, have fun in ESPANA!

KL- Now that is hilarious.

Mrs.F - Sorry to hear about your daughter's illness, hope she improves soon. I also have tons of questions for you...where did you go to school and what were your degrees in? Was one of them in humor because you have a gift. Have you found the visa yet?

TSA-I think we should have an honorary ceremony for you during Blog Fest. Perhaps after the karaoke and margarita machine...

Daryl-Europe definitely wins over some boring ceremony. Would love to hear more about your journey.

Trisha-I tend to agree.

Can't wait for all school-related activities to cease and desist for the year, but two more days of it to go.

Enjoy the remains of the day and week.

deborah said...

I did 'graduate' from the 6th grade. (graduated from high school and Marshall U too..) Then straight on to the horrors of high school. I remember the 6th grade graduation because of the absolutely disgusting white dress I had to wear. Full skirt with ruffles and lace..YUK!

Congratulations to CBson! He probably does need to MM about life, dontchathink?

Country Girl said...

8th grade graduation, IMHO, is much ado about nothing. Sorry! But I'm thinking you're feeling the same way. I remember being nervous enough about starting high school, but no ceremony of any sort. I do remember my high school graduation, but it's my sons graduation from UVa that I remember best of all. And the speaker was John Grisham. Cool!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Deborah-Dresses with ruffles and lace would have been enough for me to emigrate to another country. Horrid! And CB Son could indeed learn plenty of life lessons from Mathews Mark.

CGKate- Yes, I do feel the same way. Your son was a Cavalier? Even more reason for a Charlottesville gathering at some point.

Happy Wednesday.

foolery said...

In our neighborhood the school is tiny -- K-8 with only about 150 kids. 8th grade graduation is a big deal on a small scale: you see everyone you ever knew there, there is a stage and a P.A. system outside in the steamy heat of the parking lot as the sun sets, 4th graders with clarinets and trumpets, etc. No dance, no Disneyland -- more like family BBQs and pool parties. But it represents leaving the school you started in and attended for nine years. The ceremony is important in our case.

Congratulations to CB son and here's to a whole new world in high school!