Tuesday, July 26, 2011


The other day on the way down to Bavon, I stopped at one of my favorite intersections in the county, where Route 600 meets 14 in an area known as Shadow, near the New Point firehouse and the site of the old New Point school.

This charming building and the one across the road always seem to beckon whenever I'm down that way, almost like they're flagging me down, begging for some attention.

I'm very happy to give some.

Photos of this structure will be included in the book I'm never going to finish working on; it was once a store that also housed the Shadow post office.

I wish I had taken these pictures sooner, because the lighting is better here than in the one I submitted to the editor already. But whatever.

Speaking of the book, I was notified yesterday that it should be ready for sale by December 5th.  I still have some blank pages to fill and lots of editing to do, but it's nice to know there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

The publisher also mentioned things which make me extremely nervous, like interacting with other human beings the public to promote it, for example. (*Shudder*)

Let's get back to this building, patiently awaiting our return from this unnecessary tangent.

You can't tell from this picture, but an old boat is hiding to the left just behind the bushes there.

And there are some other interesting features like this...

and this.

Needed Things.

I could--and believe I will-- go off on yet another tangent, this one relating to this sign which was placed here late in this building's life.

If you had to make a list of the top few things (not people, things) you really, truly need (as opposed to simply want or desire or think you require), what would that list include (besides obvious answers such as shelter and transportation)?

I'm not sure I have an answer just yet. I'll have to think about it while daydreaming at the paying job today.

Thank you for enduring a blog post which started off talking about a quaint building in the Shadow area before quickly careening into the topic of  my extreme introversion the book, and then fishtailing into the topic of so-called needed things.  

Chesapeake Bay Rambling Woman


Kay L. Davies said...

Well, if this cute building was a store at one time, maybe the sign means things you really need:
toilet paper
I don't need sugar, but lots of people do. Beyond that, you can get by with the above unless you really desperately require chocolate, beer, aspirin, Oreo cookies or ice cream.

Ann Marie said...

(hmm you said physical things right)
to be able to see water and a divorce to be ok.

I figure if I get that done then I will worry about other stuff.

Deltaville Jamie said...

Batteries... and lots of 'em.

I haven't been to Bavon since the Brat Child was an infant.

Maria_NJ said...

so exciting about the book...

now that Borders is closing I guess Barnes and Nobel?

ummm something I need...that is a simple one for me, to have a better attitude towards my job. After 32 years I am kind of burnt out, but I am working and it does pay well, sooooo...

that sign is very interesting for sure...

Daryl said...

I am available to assist/travel with you as you do your book tour ... I also do hair and make up .. get coffee .. just let me know! Dont feel pawthin (VW) about it ..

growing wild on waverly lane said...

For me the answer is immediate: Mystery - a great unknown of vital interest to me. To know and understand everything is to have no further reason to be alive. I can not do without an unknown to solve. And no worry, there are plenty.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...


David D said...

When I was a teenager I had a girlfriend that lived near the school. Passed it often never appreciating it. I do now, thanks for the picture. I see book signings in your future. I will be sure to be at one.

Country Girl said...

I'm laughing at Jamie's need of batteries.

I want to come to one of your book signings! Wow!

WV is femboni. Maybe what Jamie needs the batteries for.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Kay - I think you have all the basics covered. I might add a few things, like salsa and Vietnamese spring rolls (equally necessary but not used together), but otherwise your list looks good.

AM-Good plan of action. You know where to head if you need a temporary glimpse of the H20. Thursday night at Sandpiper is a start.

DJ-One word: Costco. A few more: Hope to see you next week.

Maria - You have no idea how much I empathize with your work situation. On my worst days I just try to be grateful and make people laugh and try to make the best of it. On the worst days my head spins around several times and it gets ugly...really ugly. Hang in there.

Daryl -You're hired, for the hair alone...and good luck. What do you recommend for taming humidity-inspired super frizzy hair with the texture of a wire brush?

growing wild, aka my mother - GREAT answer.

Meg - Second greatest answer.

David D - Time, distance and a little bit of age do wonders for perspective. Hope to see you soon, and thanks so much for reading/writing.

CG-When you make it to the Oprah show, remember I called first dibs on the extra tickets. If she's off the air now, and I think I heard she is (TV is very rarely turned on here), substitute whoever is now doing major talk shows. Your photography is brilliant and you should be doing signings yourself.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Meant to say on my BEST days I try to be grateful and on my worst days my head spins around, but perhaps subconsciously I'm saying there are no best days....regardless I'm grateful for the job no matter what the days are like.