Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cross Country

Coach Greve (left). Daughter Maria is second from right.

Yesterday the Mathews High School cross country teams
hosted their first meet against King William, West Point and Middlesex.

Because Daughter had a basketball meeting to attend immediately afterwards,
we were unable to stay long enough to see the boys' race or learn the overall results.
*Update: Both Mathews teams--boys and girls--won.

Emily B., Kate Van E., and Kelly N. are seniors. Emily is also playing  fall lacrosse and attends
Governor's School with Son.  I don't know how she finds time to do it all,
but she's a remarkable young lady. They all are.

Ellie G. is a freshman.  She's an excellent runner.

Daughter Maria.  Near the finish line, she gave this Middlesex girl a run for her money.
It was almost a photo finish!  In my version of the story, Maria beat her out.
Maria claims otherwise.  I guess she would know.  Still, it was exciting!

Maria and Logan H.

Kelly N. and Maria

Daughter ran her best ever yesterday, and she was pleased.  I am very proud of her.  Did I mention that before her first cross country practice a few weeks ago she had not ever run three miles without stopping?


In other news, it's Thursday which usually means we share three things.  I forgot this until just now, my apologies. Therefore, the cross country portion of this blog post is now over.

Here are my three things.

1.  I'm running a 5K Saturday morning at 7:30.  Having to be awake anywhere at 7:30 on a Saturday pains me greatly, but this is a crab race (click here).  It is my civic duty to support any event that not only condones but encourages participants to wear crab hats.

2.  This weekend is Mathews Market Days.  I missed it last year due to Son's surgery, so I'm very much looking forward to attending this year.

3.  Yesterday I cooked a pot of kale seasoned with country ham, and it was absolutely outstanding if I do say so myself.

Now it's your turn to share three (or more) things.  Whatever happens to be on your mind.


Kay L. Davies said...

Wow, good for Maria. I was a sprinter when I was her age. The 100-yard dash. I didn't have the endurance for anything longer. Cross-country would have been impossible.
Good for you, getting to places you missed last year, and for entering a crab-hat race.
Okay, three things:
1. Our dog has taken to waking up around 2a.m. and barking to be let out. It seems to be my job to get up.
2. The dog will stay out for an hour or two, during which time I'm trying to sleep and/or sleeping on my recliner so I can hear her scratch at the door.
3. I've told my husband I don't want to do it tonight, because I want to go out tomorrow night. But he has a bit of a hearing problem. So, he either didn't hear me say that, or he won't hear Lindy at 2a.m., and it will be Mama Kay to the rescue: dog out, dog in, etc. (The etc. is she wants a treat when she comes in. Sigh.)
See you soon.

Deltaville Jamie said...

1. Midge started playing field hockey in fall only to stay in shape for basketball. She ended up loving it and excelling at it. Natural athletes amaze me.

2. I never liked kale as a kid. I don't know that I ever actually tried it, I just decided I didn't like it. I just planted kale in the fall garden because everyone keeps talking about it and how good for you it is. Hoping I like it, otherwise the chickens will be eating kale all winter.

3. I try not to run anywhere. Unless I have to run because something is after me like a rabid dog or a zombie. Or people who own the property I might have accidentally trespassed on while checking out a haunted location.

*on a side note, Kay's #3 starts with "I've told my husband I don't want to do it tonight, because I want to go out tomorrow night." I didn't read anything before that so I had no clue it was about the dog. I laughed so hard I cried. Stress has me completely insane

Anonymous said...

Can't believe it's fall already. Congrats to both teams for winning. And speaking about things that are always winners, let's hear it for the crab hat!!!! Betsy

Meg McCormick said...

1. I have NEVER run three miles without stopping, so anyone who can do that has my utmost admiration.

2. My high school was so small, we didn't have a CC team, but a cousin of mine ran with a neighboring school and won stuff at the state (PA) level!

3. I made a pretty darn fine green turkey chili last night... roasted a variety of peppers and tomatillos, used ground turkey, chicken stock, lots of onion and garlic. Had to leave out the cilantro because Husband HATES it, but I don't mind putting it on top. My 8 year old likes it so much, he says he is "obsessed" with it!