Tuesday, September 24, 2013


These were taken back when I used to jog a little over a year ago down Onemo, where I like to jog.  I've been so busy lately that jogging has taken a back seat, but it's going back on the priority list this week.

Another excuse reason why I've not been on any long runs down this way has to do with coyotes. The Gazette-Journal recently ran an article about some coyotes in Onemo casually tossing back cats as appetizers (paraphrasing is mine).  They're supposedly nocturnal, but based on what they did to a deer in my parents' yard last week, I'm not sure I'd want to run up onto a pack of them with nowhere to run except into dense woods or swampland--and I'm not usually the sort of person who is afraid of anything much.


There are coyotes in Mathews.
I need to get back into a regular running routine, coyotes or no coyotes.

The End.


Anonymous said...

CBW--hopefully, all the noise created by Blogfest attendees kept the coyotes away, and they will not return anytime soon. (You were brave to bed down in a flimsy camper tent over the weekend, with the property becoming a deer- hunting ground for the coyotes--who knew ?) Maybe your mom can blast James Brown recordings to ward off the predators ! I am still wrestling with envy towards your lucky guests, LOL.

deborah said...

Oh dear, please be careful!
Carry mace and an airhorn with you when you run...both are pretty small and could come in handy. Coyotes ughhhh!

Deltaville Jamie said...

It's safe to say there aren't any coyotes within 50 miles of your house. I watched the video I made of the last night time gator ride and I can guarantee there's probably no wildlife within a 50 mile radius. I'd like to live on Morris Flippin Rd, but only if I can pretend that it isn't someone's name but rather a milder form of another F word.

Kay L. Davies said...

I agree with Jamie. I want to live on Morris Flippin Road.
And I think you probably did scare off the coyotes with the wild gator rides. "Don't go near that CB Woman, she drives a mean gator filled with screaming banshees!"
Coyotes are actually quite shy. Yell at them and they'll run away. Wolves are a different matter, however.
Luv, K

Daryl said...

thats scary

Dghawk said...

Coyotes??....Road runnin' gators??....screamin' banshees??....Oh my! We have coyotes around here, too, but at least I haven't seen them...yet.

P.S. I was going to post on your post about procrastination, but said I would do it later. Then thought I'd post about my procrastinating about posting on Three Things Thursday, but said I'd do it later. Then wanted to post on your Blog Fest post, you guessed it..ditto. I think I'm a far worse procrastinator than you are.

Anyway, I'm glad your gathering was a success, and no one was attacked by a coyote.