Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Sailboat on Queens Creek

Other boaters enjoy Cow Point, off in the distance to the left.

The Islander and Gwynn's Island are in the background here.

These were taken a couple of weekends ago from my back yard.

(My back yard is also known as the front yard depending on who's doing the talking. Although it's waterfront, I still call it the back yard because we approach the house from the other side. I realize this is technically incorrect, but I am merely conveying things as they are in my world.  And in my world this is my back yard. This superfluous explanation is now over, please pretend you never read it. Thank you.)

Although I was off from work yesterday, I did not make time to get out and take pictures, mostly because I was way too lazy exhausted, plain and simple.

As a result, aside from a very hectic Saturday that entailed assembling two tables and decluttering a guest bedroom to prepare for my little blog gathering later this month, I did a whole lot of nothing this weekend.

And here we are, back at the start of another school year (Son's now officially a senior) and another sports season (Daughter's doing cross country, first meet is this week).

Although I generally dislike being a slave to the calendar, I suppose it will be good getting back into some sort of a routine. *

*This is me trying to put a positive spin on the fact that summer is over, I am very sorry to see it go, and I detest schedules.  The next time I will really have any sort of freedom or extended break from the calendar will be....Christmas break. Despite the fact that Walmutant will have the Christmas decorations out in about two weeks, this does not bring December here any quicker, nor do I really want it to be here that quickly even if it does bring my next break.

Happy September.


Daryl said...

since you are thinking calendar ... how about thinking part of Christmas week in NYC again ....

Meg McCormick said...

Those three days went by in a flash! I'm actually rather happy to be back to the school year routine.

Dghawk said...

I've been on all kinds of boats, but never a sailboat. Looks like the weather was perfect for sailing.

As for the front yard/back yard thing, I'd say what ever you prefer.