Monday, September 16, 2013

Just Us

Saturday evening the Chesapeake Bay Family kicked off the parents' 50th wedding anniversary with a stop at Merroir, my favorite restaurant.  Son had to work there until 5:00, so we met him just as he was getting off his shift.

(I just made that sound way easier than it actually was to herd this entire family to Merroir by 5:00. You have no idea the stunts--including some physical ones, such as Daughter having to sit on my lap with her chin resting on her chest the whole ride over--that were involved in making this happen. Regardless, it all worked out just fine. On the ride over, amid one of the several hiccups encountered in this herding process, I reassured my parents, who had stated adamantly they wanted no surprises that evening, that the only surprise was that we were all on the way to Merroir.  No small feat.  Trust me on this.)

Baby Sis drove in from Richmond after working all day.

Fifty years is a long time for anything, but especially a marriage.

Middle Sis flew in from Georgia. She is in love with Merroir.

Son was still wearing his work shirt, and Daughter donned her new cross country gear.
I absolutely adore these two.

After some drinks and appetizers at Merroir, the family moseyed up the hill to Eckhards for dinner.

After dinner we came home and enjoyed some champagne.
(I love champagne and seldom drink it.  This must change.) 

The Vogel Sisters

We are extremely fortunate to be alive, healthy and together on this momentous occasion.

I love each member of this crazy slightly dysfunctional family. Quirks, eccentricities and a sense of humor are a magical mixture.  This family is not lacking in either category.

Now I have to face the work week and the last minute preparations for Blog Fest 2013, which begins this Friday.

Have a wonderful week.


Meg McCormick said...

I love the Vogel family! Congratulations on 50 years. Those two should write a book.

Daryl said...

mazel tov

and i am coveting your top!

Dghawk said...

What an amazing and wonderful family. Just the way a family should be.

Anonymous said...

Lovely Vogel trio, beautiful parents and kids-- who each possess a killer smile. Looks like a fantastic celebration despite the herding. Loved the photos !!