Wednesday, September 4, 2013

One Year

Senior and Sophomore

Yesterday was the first day of school for Son and Daughter.

One year ago, after Son's first day of school, we drove to Norfolk
for a major surgery to correct a birth defect.  

We were in the hospital for five brutal days.

He was out of school for about a month.

One year from now, he'll be entering college.

One year ago she spent her first week of school being cared for by 
my mother and Middle Sis, who flew in from Georgia 
to help out while Son and I were at the hospital.

One year from now?  

High school junior.


What a difference a year makes.


Click here, here and here for posts related to the surgery, which seems like ages ago.

(Everything is fine now.)

Happy Start of Another School Year.


Kay L. Davies said...

Your handsome son looks like a happy, healthy guy now, CBW, and your daughter looks lovely.
I'm sure you're glad last year is over.
My first husband had (probably still has) a chest concavity, but nobody thought of surgical correction in The Old Days. Interesting that it can be done, although it sounds horrendously painful. Old Whatsisname was a very poor patient even with a cold, so, if he'd had the option, he would probably have been afraid of it.
Your nasty friend Kay

Anonymous said...

It is amazing what a difference a year makes. A few of my friends are dealing with tragedy and are thinking what a difference a few days or a week makes. Life is short and goes by quickly. I have a senior now too. It was weird yesterday realizing it was his last "first day" of school. It is like once they start middle school, the years fly by! I am going to just try to relax and enjoy this time with him.

Deltaville Jamie said...

One minute they're going to kindergarten and the next they're returning from their first year of college pregnant and making you a grandmother before 40.

growing wild on waverly lane said...

One of the reasons I was born, my life's greatest purpose is those two. Great pictures of great kids.

Country Girl said...

That was a tough time for you and your family. Look at all the smiles now.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad one year later to be here to see these photos of your beautiful and healthy children. That was a very worrisome week for even your blog fans as your son underwent surgery. Both of you were extremely brave. I am so happy for you all to see this outcome.
I have a slightly bittersweet outlook from last year to today. Our elderly dog had developed a cough over the summer, the vet discovered that doggie had heart failure. Despite being on 4 veterinary meds, and a meal schedule of 3 daily feedings, he can't keep weight on his little frame and it is time to let him go.
I am so fortunate that my friends and family members are doing well, however a year ago my older son and his family lived here in town and grandkids were in school. A year later they have established new roots in WA State and I can't hear about their first day of school in person...but the main thing is everyone is well, so I am grateful for the big picture.
(To Country Girl--I am thinking of you and your family all the time-- and praying for easier days for you.)


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Kay, I'm amazed to learn the number of people who have the same issue (the deformity, that is, although I also know plenty who have husbands who are very poor patients).

Trinia- I agree, lots of tragedies lately, it's heartbreaking. Can't believe you have a senior too!

DJ-You know I want to laugh but I won't. You're going to be one very hip grandmother, I am sure.

GWOW-You were put here for many reasons, but certainly I will agree these two provide us both with great purpose. Thank you for helping to shape and mold them into who they are today. Qwa.

CG-There are smiles ahead for you as well, I just know it.

LLC-Thanks as always for your words of support. I am so very sorry to hear about your dog, that's awful. It's an agonizing process, you have my sympathies.