Monday, September 9, 2013

Market Days

This weekend was Market Days, our version of a county fair.

This young lady was part of the pet parade. She couldn't get over the fact
that a chicken (pushed in a baby stroller) and a cat (pulled in a wagon
covered with crab pot wire) were also participating in the parade.
She kept saying, "A chicken?  In a stroller? How undignified."
(I did get a picture of the chicken, however it wasn't very good.
You'll have to take our word for it.  There was a chicken.  In a stroller.)

Of course there was lots and lots of food.

I had a BBQ only because I didn't see that clam fritters were
available until it was too late. I love clam fritters.  And oyster fritters.
Fritters are my friend. 

This woman's outfit and pocketbook match the Market Days sign.
Sort of.

Saturday morning's race was big fun. I wore the crab hat but neglected to get any photos, although the YMCA folks took a few. Son and his Governor's School counterparts happened to be departing that morning on a field trip to the Outer Banks.  As luck would have it, the bus pulled out of the high school parking lot just as I happened to be jogging by.

In my crab hat.

Cheers erupted from the bus.  (Something tells me CB Son was not among those cheering.)

Although I don't intend to mortify my children, I happen to do so on a regular basis.

Thankfully, they are used to it well adjusted and adaptable to all sorts of mortification situations.

Stay tuned for more photos from Market Days.


Deltaville Jamie said...

One of these years I'll make it to Market Day. I want one of those signs with that sea captain. And while I'm sure CBSon wasn't cheering, he secretly likes that his friends did. Midge always made a production about how obnoxiously I cheered at games (most of which we were losing terribly), her friends loved it and I learned she secretly liked it too, but didn't want to lose her "cool" factor by acknowledging her mother's coolness. That was a very bad sentence grammatically speaking.

Country Girl said...

I raise my coffee cup to you this morning to thank you for the mental image of you in that crab hat jogging past the high school bus. You rock.

Meg McCormick said...

mmmmmm. Fritters.

Anonymous said...

Mathews ! No county fair in these parts would feature crab, clam or oyster dishes...yum vicariously,
"in absentia"..maybe someday I will make it out there.
Never mind about jogging by the school bus while adorned with crab hat...this will be a story your son will tell for decades...My ID words on this post are "eatedBC 57". I love British Columbia (and hope the horrible conservative regime will be ousted-or lose steam?-- one day.) So for me, BC stands for British Columbia, and I hope someday to travel there and dine out a lot (so I can say that I eated BC)...I also hope one day I will own a fully restored 57 Chevy. I guess those ID characters are about as prophetic as a fortune in a fortune cookie.
I have now demonstrated my capacity for going off on tangents.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

DJ-Someone suggested this earlier but maybe the next Blog Fest I have (assuming I survive this one) will be around Market Days.

CG-Hope you're doing OK there.

Meg-Yes. If you're able to make a return trip in November, the Urbanna Oyster Festival sells the best seafood fritters I've ever eaten, not that I've had that many in my lifetime, mind you. Still. Outstanding.

LLC-Your tangents are The Best. Thank you!