Sunday, March 21, 2010

Blue Skies

Yesterday I was able to sleep in until 8:30.

The temperature was 75 degrees as I sat on the sidelines of a game soaking in the smells and the sunlight.

Socks and shoes were not even an option, and my flip-flops thanked me for the fresh air they've missed since last fall.

My feet thanked them right back.

Today will be even warmer.



nativedevil said...

We went walking up at trail at Roanoke Mountain yesterday. Felt so nice to be out in the sun, but not too hot or humid yet. I was tired when we finished, but it was a "good" tired.

Kate said...

It's been warm out here on the west coast too. But I am dreading summer. Ugh, I am such a fairweather johnson. If only summer and winter lasted for a short two weeks each, and the rest of the year was spring and fall.... I'd be happy as a pig in mud!

Fighting Mermaid said...

I love barefoot weather. Happy spring!!

Ann Marie said...

DUDE! Evening walk on the beach at sunset.... did not freeze.. LOVED IT. shoes had to be an option because of where I walk to.. but during the day. NO SHOES.. not an option.
You know the signs that say NO SHOES NO SERVICE... I am going to make one that just says NO SHOES!

blogging to resume tomorrow.. time to dust myself off and pick myself up and carry on.

Mental P Mama said...

Welcome Spring!!!

TSannie said...

Contented. That's what I'd call it.

wv: ridoma - CBW said: "I got ridoma shoes and socks. It was good!"

kaffy said...

Beautiful picture and the visual image of you with your tootsies free from the constraints of shoes is even better. Watch out for the goose poop!

deborah said...

Beautiful day in WV too-the creeks arisin but should crest soon.

Pueblo girl said...

The grass is growing!! Arghhh...Somebody stop it...

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

ND-This weekend was PERFECT for hiking. Instead, I did yardwork, but just being in the sun, breathing fresh air, getting in touch with weeds and earthworms, was fantastic. Tonight I feel that "good" tired myself.

Kate-If we could have the moderate temps without the humidity and the insects, up to and including ants, it would be heavenly.

FM-Same to you. My feet are black as soot tonight from all the yardwork (done in sandals of course). Had to soak them in the tub to get them clean and then wondered why I bother.

Dude-Make me one of those signs too. Shoes are the new pantyhose - in about a decade, hopefully sooner, I will never put another pair on. Ever.

MPM - Those are some beautiful crocuses (crocusi?) over at your site today.

TSA-I'd like to get ridoma my laundry too, then I'd really be contented.

kaffy-Where have you been, I've missed you. You need to make a trip south and visit with your long lost twisted sister, you pick the weekend. Can you make it to Blog Fest in July? Don't you have a birthday thereabouts? Can you believe that next year you're the mother of a high schooler? Weren't we just dropping them off at Annandale United Methodist Church Child Development Center? And wasn't that a way-too-long word for daycare? Can you believe the number of questions?

deborah-Hope you stay dry. Glad you're benefiting from this spate of good weather too. It's been good for the soul.

PG-I know! And my tractor has a flat tire, daggone it. A few more days and I won't be able to see out the windows, it's very disturbing. After reading your post tonight, I'm considering taking pictures of everything that needs doing and sending them to Spain, but something tells me that only works there.

Happy Sunday to you all. It feels good to have spent two days outdoors. We won't discuss the talk of rain and cold tomorrow, thank you.

big hair envy said...

Ahhhh! Spring;) I spent the weekend working a concession stand at the Festival of Choirs. (WE KICKED BOOTY!!!) The only reason I even saw the sun was because I have a bad habit, and I went outside to soothe it twice on Friday, and twice on Saturday!! Today, we went to church and to the grocery store, THEN, we had unexpected (but really good) company....and now? It's back to work:( Delivah me!!!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

BHE-Congratulations on the festival of choirs! At least you were able to witness the sun and warm temperatures, however briefly. For a while there, we all were doubting their existence.

Mrs F with 4 said...

Yesterday 11C and sunny and I loved it - though definitely not flip-flop weather. Today? A little light rain was supposed to pass through.. so what do we have? Mm-hmm... a SNOWSTORM!!

wv ambugfh... the snorting noise a miffed MRs F is making right now!

Country Girl said...

Here's another Kate that is agreeing with Kate here. I dread summer and the sweltering weather that accompanies it. But right now, it's bee-u-ti-ful out there!

Well, it was yesterday and Saturday. Major rainy right at the moment. And a bit chilly.