Monday, March 29, 2010

Gwynn's Island Homecoming Day, 1953

This sunset over Gwynns Island dates back to 2008. The information I'm about to share with you dates back to 1953.

Yesterday a friend gave me loaned me a copy of a souvenir program from the July 4, 1953, Fifth Annual Homecoming Day on Gwynn's Island. I'll be sharing nuggets from this gold mine throughout the week.

The poem below is from page 17 of the program; no author is cited. The spelling is exactly as it appears in the booklet.


Here's a special southern recipe
Which you will find sublime
This one takes some concentration
And takes a lot of time.

You will find the main ingredients
Way down on Chesapeake Bay
So to make up this concoction
Please turn your thots this way.

Mix up six thousand acres
Of sandy soil and loam,
Roll flat and crimp the edges
Pick a spot to build your home.

Stir in ten thousand pine trees--
And a lot of shrubs and flowers--
Garnish well with honeysuckle--
And let it stand for hours.

Add spice of air and sunshine--
Enuf to suit your taste.
Take all you want of these two things
There's plenty here to waste.

Surround with sparkling water
Filled with all sorts of fish.
Better whet up a good appetite,
You'll find it quite a dish.

Fold in the finest people
That God has ever made--
Except, of course this visitor,
Who liked the place, and stayed.

Cover all with glorious heavens.
For you'll be always right--
Whether you use azure sky for day,
Or a gorgeous moon at night.

You can serve this fresh--or age old
To any one you see.
It's good to have occasionally,
Or thru eternity.

With this you can be young and gay,
Tho your hair be snow or raven,
And is served in Milford Haven.


Ann Marie said...

Oh my gosh.. that is great....
You are always finding the most amazing things...

Caution Flag said...

It sounds like Heaven - and that's just not fair on a gray, cold Detroit morning.

TSannie said...

I need a second dose of Gwen's...

Mental P Mama said...

It is a spot of heaven!

Daryl said...

Fabulous find ..

The weekend got away from me, I spent a lovely few short, too short, hours with Shelley and her niece Leah...we had a wonderful brunch/lunch and a wander in the Flea market before it rained .. then they hopped a cab and went to see a
Broadway show and I went home ...

WV redights .. that's what my comment was a redight.. where in you re-experience my weekend on your blog .. re-dig-its

Grandma J said...

What a treasure chest of memories that has to be! I can hardly wait for blog fest homecoming!

Country Girl said...

This just makes me want to come back down there right away.

You find the most interesting things.