Thursday, March 25, 2010

Three Things

Welcome to a Three Ring Circus Three Thing Thursday, where I share three (or more) things and you share three things.

Whatever you want. Anything at all.

I'll begin.

1. My father has tons a few vintage Volkswagens for sale, among which are a 1966 VW 1300 Sedan with a "good body and motor. Just needs a driver and a paint job."

2. A while back, my father gave me a stack of ads he wanted me to place on Craigs List, to spread the word about the thousands of several vintage VWs he has for sale. Thanks to my fear of everything anything new (i.e. Craigs List), his ads have gone unannounced.

(Insert the sounds made by a daughter huffing and puffing because of all the guilt she's carrying around.)

3a. Speaking of laying on the guilt, Chesapeake Bay Son really needs to help me with this technical stuff!

(Insert sounds made by a son huffing and puffing because he's the only one in the family who understands anything at all about post-1930 technology. And most everything else.)

3b. Two weeks from tonight I'll be in Richmond hanging out with my favorite blogger of all time, BOSSY.

3c. While rifling through all the neglected advertisements my father wants me to put on Craigs List, I discovered several pages of blog posts written by the very funny Chesapeake Bay Daughter, about a year ago. Can't wait to share some of her words.

3d. But first, there's a 1970 WV Karman Ghia, one-owner car, that needs to be sold. Anyone?

3e. In addition to VWs there's a 1951 Ford 4-door sedan with "extra motor and transmission , 3-speed with overdrive" for sale. This was the very first boat car I ever rode in.

Now it's your turn to share three things. Or seven things. Whatever, you want, anything at all. Including things which are causing you some degree of guilt. For example.


maria from nj said...

What if you tweet about them? Although I don't remember if you have a Twitter account.

And why do I still feel stupid using words like 'tweet' and 'twitter'? Unless I'm talking about Peeps!

And there must be discussion groups and other sites dedicated to VW enthusiasts.

Grandma J said...

Now I wish I had shopped around before buying my car. My timing is crappy, yes?

OK, my three things...

1. I joined an official aqua aerobics this year since the pool here at the Spa only holds 2 1/2 people.

2. There is nothing lamer that men in an aqua aerobics class. I always think they might be stalkers or pervs.

3. Men in a hot tub in the middle of July are a different story.

Ellen said...

1. We have four antique cars.
2. I don't want any more old cars.
3. I can't let my husband read your post or he will want to buy you father's old cars.

The end.

Have a wonderful Thursday.

Pueblo girl said...

I feel a bit like Ellen...except they're not antiques (yet).

1) We have four cars in a two person family, due to my partner's obsessive compulsive car buying disorder.
2) They are all parked on the road around my house.
3) I would like to sell some of them, but my partner always finds some little thing that needs fixing first (to get a good price...hah!).
4) These little things do not get fixed.
5) My house looks like a used car dealership.

Ann Marie said...

1. I purposely made sure you had not read my post before showing up last night. I did not want to get smacked.. and can feel a good smack coming from a mile away.

2.. umm sweetie.. I think the link to Bossy is wrong.. and she is famous and you are going to hang out with her.. really NICE.

3. I probably need to get smacked again today.. cause I feel like crap. Just saying.

WV daircopy.. daircopy this down for future use?

Jamie said...

1. I am preparing to leave work early to head out ot a paranormal conference.

2. I am looking forward to being away, even though away is only the other side of town.

3. Even though I'm only going to the other side of town I am staying at the hotel, which is infuriating my husband who "horrors" has to actually parent the almost 4 year old ALL BY HIMSELF.

Fighting Mermaid said...

1. Last night I actually thought about throwing caution to the wind and going back to being a poor pumpkin farmer.

2. I think I have to save up for a nice tractor before I become a poor pumpkin farmer.

3. I could always grow strawberries...

4. What is wrong with my brain? Genes suck...I hope I didn't pass on the genetic code for idiot.

Daryl said...

Okay ..

Have I mentioned lately how much I dislike the woman who sits across the way from me at the office?

That dislike escalates exponentially when she talks on the phone.

EXHALING .. regaining my zen calm

Did you know the Baroness is coming to NYC this weekend? I hope we manage to hook up as the kids say because she is not a multi-tasker.

Oh and I got new glasses .. and I do believe they are the source of this headache .. or is it that annoying cow across the way?

WV Twing .. I am going to twing it and say the headache is a combo of both ..

nativedevil said...

1. I am tired from arguing with the uninformed over the healthcare debate. I don't mind if you disagree with me, but I had to block two people on FB last night. Finally had enough of being called a Communist, a Marxist, a Leninist, a "convenient fool" for communists, an "embarrassment to my family name" and a "fool".
2. I had always promised my wife that, when it was time to get her a new car, we would buy her a new VW Bug (we like the classic, but modern times have spoiled us) We went to the VW dealership, and she took a test drive. She was only in the car ten minutes, and her back started killing her. I guess that ends our VW experience.
3.I found out this week that, because we will be on our first vacation in several years, I will be away and won't be able to come to BlogFest.Bummer.

Caution Flag said...

It's not often that a new car comes with an extra motor and trans. Maybe if Chrysler started to do that, my husband would have a bit more job security.

Then again, what if I started to offer an extra A to every student who takes my class. I would be so popular.

But I will never be popular enough to hang with Bossy or you.

I'm going to buy one of those toothpaste dispensers now. Can't believe I gave in

Trisha said...

1. Your blog makes me smile.

2. Rain makes everything seem new and makes the air smell so fresh and clean.

3. Cats amusing themselves by playing with golf balls on the guest room bed are adorable.

ChesapeakeBayDaughter said...

1. Go to Richmond

2. Go to Dave and Buster's

3. See a claw machine!

4. Brother and mother say no those things are rigged you'll never get a prize.

5. Play a bunch of other games

6. only 15 coins left (about anyway)

7. Mother and brother say ok fine you can do the claw machine!

8. Go to claw machine and mother and brother walk away.

9. CBD comes back to mother and brother with a little stuffed animal in her hands! (it was a cow)

The End


Mental P Mama said...

Bossy???? How lucky!
I got nothing else.
You're keeping that one vw in your yard, right?

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

1. Put my name on the VW. If the price is right and it runs I'll drive her home. This weekend.
2. Cdub is up and walking.
3. CBD makes me proud!
4. Little T got staight A's on his report card and won another scholarship to camp this summer!

Country Girl said...

I have two of your Volkswagens.
One is here:

And one is here:

That's only two things.

The third is: Bossy? Really?

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

1. Day 41 of Wii Fit. Never thought that would happen.

2. Herbs sprouting up everywhere - spring is finally here!

3. Lucky you getting to hang out with BOSSY!

Bayman said...

1. Got a shot in my spine today.

2. After the shot, I won the Buffalo Wildwings challenge by eating 12 of their hotest wings in 6 minutes. Got a nice T-shirt and my name and picture on the wall.

3. I am not in any pain right now.

deborah said...

1. I live in West Virginia
2. I buy my groceries in Ky
3. We ate lunch in Ohio
4. I'm definitely a hillbilly, our dust is of the coal variety
5. We don't have any 'spare' cars parked in our yard, but one of my neighbors does.

baronessvonb said...

1. I WILL see Daryl in New York this weekend, and I have the smoked salmon in my suitcase to prove it.

2. Yes, it is true - I do suck at multi-tasking, but the things I do manage to focus on - oooo eee! And seeing Daryl is a must.

3. Hold up, there, CBW - I'M not your favorite blogger of all time?
Excuse me while I go pout.

4. Oh, yah - I'm not blogging.

5. I can be bossy, too, you know.

Diane said...

1. I would like to slap Ann Coulter. She is a mean, evil woman.

2. But I don't want to slap her because then I would be mean.

3. I remember the cars from your dad's yard.

4. I will never forget what you told me about Bud's bay and coming home and all my kids saying "Mom, is that really you in the water?!"

4. It's almost April. That's like July Eve, right?

4. I cannot count as you can see.

Kate said...

1. to heck with craigslist, just do it the old school way and put 'em in the trading post.

2. this habit of my staying up all night and sleeping all day has got to stop, it's annoying me. i never get anything done at night.

3. my trainer looks like a blonde version of scott fargus the bully from a christmas story. always good for a laugh!

Mrs F with 4 said...

1. At least today it is sunny and +10C. Tomorrow? -10C. Hmmm.

2. It is Report Card Day chez Mrs F. (times two)

3. Eldest Son's teacher is a witch. Seriously. He aces everything except Art, and Cultural Ethics. She is failing him for not being able to crayon. Seriously. He will have repeat the whole grade three. He is bored and hence marginally disruptive, and she refuses to meet to discuss it.

3a) Did I mention that our schooling is entirely in French? Including parent-teacher meetings?

3b) No, I am not bilingual. Somedays, hardly unilingual.

3c) Health store STILL does not have magic drops for CBW. I am promised them for next week.

3d) Some ancient pillock of a man drove his shopping cart up the side of my new car today. Yes, it is scratched. And dented. And I may not be bilingual, but I can curse fluently and at length in several languages. As he discovered.

3e) Frustrated much? I feel a 5 minute chocolate mug cake coming up in... oh.... six minutes.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

As always I LOVE reading these. Thursdays are becoming my favorite day of the week, except in weeks when my work schedule changes and it throws me all off. Such as this week.

First, I fixed the link. Bossy is at She makes me laugh, all the time. She's a comedic genius in my opinion.

Second, thank you all for commenting. Before I fall face first on the desk, a few quick remarks:

NativeDevil-I sent you an e-mail on this topic earlier today, but I share your frustration with your #1and continue to be absolutely stunned at the whole thing.

Chesapeake Bay Daughter MAKES ME LAUGH. Monday we were in Richmond visiting Baby Sister/their aunt. A new Dave and Busters opened up, and even though that's just a Chuck E. Cheese for adults, I sucked it up and took them in (they're on Spring Break this week). CB Son and I were going hog wild with various games, and CB Daughter just wanted to do that game/waste of money and time where you try to guide the claw to the stuffed animal and drop it in the chute. Of course these things never, ever work. CB Daughter was relentless in her pleas, and we kept trying to distract her. She would not give in. Finally CB Son gave her the card to swipe to play the game, and as she says we both walked away, because all afternoon she'd been very frustrated by these machines that just take your money and offer no enjoyment.

Imagine our surprise when about two seconds later she trots over with her stuffed animnal that she won. Fair and square.

It was really something else, and we had a great time.

Mrs. F. - I'd forgotten all about the remedy! It sounds like you need it more than I do, though, so please take care of yourself before sending me any. I think you need to take a trip south and get away from it all for a while. There's always a place in Virginia you could stay...

Happy Friday Eve, all.

nativedevil said...

I wish we could get a Dave and Busters in Roanoke. My wife and I get funny looks when we go to play Skee Ball at Chucj E. Chesse!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

ND-Skeeball is my favorite, and they had one at the Adult Chuck E. Cheese. I could play skeeball all. day. long.

Mrs F with 4 said...

Dearest CBW - right now, there's nothing I'd like more than a trip South. Unless it's a passport.

Chuck E Cheese? Dave & Buster? Eh?

wv: dersump ...That old VW? Something wrong with dersump?

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

Curt wants a VW! He had one when we met. May be a way to lure him to Mathews. CBD, my kids have squandered their meager college savings on the claw machine but they win something almost every time, so what can I say.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

And BTW CBD, it will come as no surprise to you that I, too, really love me some Skee-Ball. Do they make those for home use? Because I would totally have one put in my basement.