Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ten Good Things

Today is a celebration of the fact that during the past 24 hours, most of which included a dreaded day called Mundane Monday, two incredibly positive miracles unexpected things happened to me. These are not just small things, these are major and take about fifty thousand billion pounds of burden off my already crushed back.

In honor and in celebration of the fact that good things can and do happen, I'd like to list out ten things that are positive, that are good, that are gifts, and would like you to do the same.

Consider it a sort of "Ten-Thing Tuesday."

I'll go first.

1. Two major worries--huge, major worries--are all but resolved. Both pieces of news arrived by mail, and on my way home from the post office last night I spontaneously burst into tears of joy and sobbed all the way home. Crying due to happiness is a mighty powerful thing.

2. The days are getting longer.

3. The sun still shines when I arrive home from work, and it isn't dark in the mornings as I cross the Coleman Bridge.

4. Christmas Spring is really just around the corner, in spite of all the lingering cold weather.

5. Yesterday I made people at work laugh, and that's a tough audience.

6. I have a job.

7. My children are healthy.

8. To the best of my knowledge so am I.

9. My friends and family are the best.

10. Mathews is my home and Queens Creek is out my back window.

Now it's your turn. Try to think of 10 good things in your life at this moment. If you can't think of 10, list as many as you can, even if it's only one. If you can think of more, list as many as you wish. There's no such thing as too many good things in one's life, but it's easy to lose sight of them when one's Life gets in the way.


Ann Marie said...

1. you are my friend.
2. I am healthy.. a bit chubby but healthy.
3. My children are healthy and happy and wise.. oh oh oh soooo wise.
4. I have a camera I adore and the talent to use it.
5. I live in a place that I will probably never leave regardless of situation no matter how much I complain about it not having concrete.
6. The amount of TRUE friends I have is amazing... completely and totally amazing.
7. I have a job I love and have the ability to do it from an office space that I adore.
8. Even though things are different they are working so that is a good thing.
9. My daddy is the most amazing man on Earth and I am thankful to have had him in my life.
10. Last but not least.. today is Wesley's 30th birthday and for those that know the back story... know that is an AWFULLY GOOD thing.

<3 U,

WV rellycw... What Noe Noe Girl mutters as she shakes her head... hehehehehehe

Mrs F with 4 said...

1. I have four utterly amazing children;
2.... and their father, my husband;
3.... whose birthday it was yesterday;
4.... who loved his new ski jacket;
5.... which I bough at 60% off;
6... he doesn't know that part.
7. Canada has free healthcare;
8.... for which I am grateful ;
9.... especially as we don't need it too much.
10. I walked Dog at 6am, by myself, and watched the MOST amazing sunrise over the water.

11. and possibly the BEST thing about today? The plumber is coming to fix the leak coming through the kitchen ceiling. Now, what could be better?

12. Who knows? If things continue this well, I may even locate my passport?

Mental P Mama said...

My ten things are just a repetition of how happy I am for you! Good things come to good people;)

Mathews Mark said...

No good things to write Plus I get the message loud and clear MM

Daryl said...

1. I am married to a truly amazingly wonderful man who puts up with me, no small task.
2. We are both healthy
3. I have a good job working for good people (I am giving my majorly annoying co-worker a pass today)
4. Our cat, Rose, who was ill, is now healthy and we are thankful we could afford to make her well
5. I live and work in a city with a lot to see/do
6. I have met and made some wonderful friends here in Blogville on the internets
7. I am going to BlogFest this July
8. I got a new camera and love it
9. I running out of sentences starting with "I"
10. Wait, one more .. I am SOOO happy for your good news ... WOOT!!!!!!

Linda said...

Tears of joy! The very best kind. So glad for you!

Caution Flag said...

1. We have heat in the winter
2. We have air conditioning in the summer.
3. My son made me laugh on the way to school.
4. Hershey kisses with a cherry center
5. A student told me this morning that I'm an okay teacher.
6. Another student said, "No she isn't. She's great."
7. We are going to overdraw the checking account this month - again - and we'll survive.
8. I'm going to walk 10,000 steps today.
9. My daughter's eyesight is terrible, but contacts are soooo cool.
10. Your news remains an enigma to me, but that doesn't diminish the happiness I feel for you!

Pueblo girl said...

I'd like to be able to say that these are in no particular order, but the things that come first to mind are probably the things that your mind give most importance to...

1. My whippet hardly ever pisses or shits in the house any more.
2. I saw a hoopoe today - spring isn't far away.
3. I have a job I like.
4. I like my home.
5. My partner.
6. I can walk again.
7. You had good news.
8. I saw my first bee this morning (see no. 2).
9. I am rarely in the position of having to be nice I don't like anymore.
10. I'm waiting for a new cashmere jumper to arrive in the post (my best presents are the ones I buy myself!), which adds spice to my mornings.

Thanks for making me think about this.

TSannie said...

I and THRILLED for you!

YIPPEE x's 10!!!!

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

I'm happy for your HAPPY, girl! Cause for celebration!
Thinks for which I am thankful today (not necessarily in this order)
1. My husband
2. My 3 boys
3. The cat and yes, evern the dog
4. Our home
5. Our neighbors and friends
6. Our church family
7. Our jobs
8. February is OVER!
9. Baja Fresh (Heading there now to grab lunch)
10. It's a great country we live in!

I feel lucky and blessed in far more ways than this... thank you for spreadin' the positive today and every day. You are truly a ray of sunshine wherever you go.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

1.I am loved and I know it.
2.I have the most wonderful husband in the world and I love him.
3.I have a child that "knows everything" and I love him too.
4.I can give and it feels good.
5.I have a place to call home and I am grateful.
6.I am fat and happy and I will try to get smaller.
7.I am happy for your good news and it makes me want to cry too.
8.I love my friends and I tell them.
9.I am going to blogfest and I cant wait!
10. I am blessed and I am forgiven.

Annie said...

My marriage, my parents, My kids, my numerous grandchildren, my siblings, my friends and rellies.

My visits to NYC,the roof over my head, food to eat, rain, sunshine, being able to read, play tennis usually, and that God loves us all.

Not to mention blogland, and blog friends.

So glad you are so happy! Thanks for making us think of the things we are grateful for.

Country Girl said...

1. You. And you crying for joy at whatever #1 was. This is good.
2. My family. All of them.
3. My friends. All of them.
4. My dog. Of course.
5. I am warm. Sort of.
6. I have a job. And I usually like it.
7. My transportation. The Honda Element.
8. My health.
9. The people who read my blog. They are good people.
10. As much as I enjoy winter, the knowledge that Spring is on its way.
And what does MM mean?

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Mathews Mark's 10 (or more) good things:

a great family, including an incredible mother; awesome children; the opportunity to live in a house that (even though it's haunted) is very interesting; friends who adore him; an abundance of awesome stories to tell; a family history that would make a great book; a kind heart; good health; and the ability to set a duck blind on fire without getting caught--among many other things.

I think in order to snap you out of your funk I need to put up another picture of you tomorrow. It's a good one that I've been holding in reserves.

Thanks to all of y'all for playing along with me, I enjoy reading your lists.

mmm said...

1. Wife
2. Son (19)
3. Daughter (17)
4. Dad
5. Mom
6. Poppa (98)
7. MM (oldest)
8. BK (old)
9. JW (not so old)
10. Maggie (dog)

Ann Marie said...

I hope it is ok that I come back and add ten more cause you know what.. I got ten more cause I need to get to the positive side of life more often.

1. I have a sister who is the most amazing friend and confidant a person could have.
2. I have a brother (the end on that one)
3. I have girl friends who rally when I am feeling down coming up with things that make me laugh.
4. I have had the ability in life to love with my whole heart
5. I have had people in my life that shaped me and molded me in the mess of a person I am today but they tried their damnest cause they cared.
6. I have friends that will go to the beach with me this summer.. Muumuu and all.
7. I have a set of blisters that no matter the time or place I know are around and think I am the cats meow.. *(got them fooled but I will take it)
8. I have people visiting my blog because they googled search "what is the adjective of celt" how cool is that.
9. 17 followers on my blog which may sound like only a few but that is a ton to me.
10. I am the mom to 1 CNDTURTL 1 Watergirl and 1 Waterboy

seriously who could ask for more than 20 things to be grateful for.

Bayman said...

1. CBW
2. I am on the right side of the ground.
3. My 3 sons are healthy.
4. Judy is doing pretty damn good, considering all she has been through. She baked a cake for Ryan's 21st birthday.
5. She also helped Warner get his truck running again.
.6. I get to stay home for another month,to get my back straight.
7. I am able to cook a good dinner for everyone in my zip code.
8. We have a roof over our heads.
9. My cat is curled up on my bed.
10. CBW is happy.

Grandma J said...

I hate to break it to you, but the days aren't getting longer, they are getting shorter.

That last big earthquake knocked the earth off it's axis and now the day is shorter.

that was number one.

2. It's March and I'm missing summer.

3. It's March and I miss my blisters.

4. Texas is colder this year than the last two combined.

5. My dry skin is dryer. Maybe this is due to the earthquake...who knows.

6. JJ loves going to doggie daycare.

7. Grandma J loves going to doggie daycare.

8. I'm not getting a COLA this year.

9. My rent went up.

10. Is it July yet?

foolery said...

1. My job. I may grumble, but it's all kinds of interesting and keeps my butt fat.
2. The car overheated last week and it was JUST A HOSE!
3. My kids are loving school and thriving.
4. My husband -- ON HIS OWN, WITHOUT BEING ASKED -- is emptying MY mini-storage and bringing the crap home.
5. Soon we will have extra money in our pockets instead of paying the mini-storage.
6. Friendships started electronically and cemented over good food and lively conversation.
7. I'm now litter box-free. Well, not *me* but *the house*.
8. Whatever could make CBW cry from pure joy is a good thing indeed. I am thrilled.
9. Blossoms. They're EVERYWHERE.
10. Bought two URLs and am starting to build a new home for Fooleryland.

Happy (almost) Spring, my Bloglodyte friends!

ghostless said...

CBW, so very happy for you and your good news!!!
1. a wonderful husband who spoils me rotten
2. a new home that is answering both of our retirement dreams
3. My sister and her family the only family I have and all I will ever need! love them dearly.
4. My creatures!
5. My mind...as long as I can hold on to it at my age
6. my health...ditto
7. my husband's health is not great but good enough to be thankful for
8.the few but very close friends that I have
9. the limited talents that I have that tease me into wanting to do more
10. Last, but first, my faith in God