Thursday, March 11, 2010

Three-Thing Thursday

Although it feels like yesterday was Thursday, another one has sprouted up ever so quickly. Thursdays are starting to feel like bamboo. First there's one sprig, then there's 10. Before you know it the Thursdays are so thick, you can't hack your way out of them with a machete.

On Thursdays I share three things and you share three things; whatever you want. Anything at all.

1. Taking advantage of yesterday's milder temperatures, I lit a fire on the back patio after arriving home from a very long day at the paying job.

(It's important to note that I lit the fire in a confined, fire-designated space on the patio, I didn't actually set fire to the patio. Not this time, anyway.)

There wasn't the faintest breeze in the air, it was dead still. The porridge temperature was not too warm, not too cold--just right. The smell of burning pine blended perfectly with the heavy, crisp evening air.

2. The birds are exuberant in the mornings. No matter what I'm fretting or stewing over as I cross that threshold at still-dark-thirty, those birds' deafening songs and incessant early-morning chatter instantly assuage my fears and worries.

3. Last night while inhaling the intoxicating aromas of the evening air and a fire, I heard something that sounded almost as sweet as the morning birds.

Off in the distance a baseball was making contact with a bat
, and kids were cheering. The Little League fields are within a stone's throw of my house.

In spite of all sorts of motherly encouragement, neither of the Chesapeake Bay Children continued beyond the Coach Pitch phase of Little League. Chesapeake Bay Woman never married a professional baseball player, so all her dreams of spending life on the fields in the stands of a baseball diamond have washed away with yesterday's tide.

That doesn't mean she won't occasionally stop in to the games anyway, particularly if the aroma of the concession stand's BBQ is wafting across Route 198 into her back yard and right up her nostrils.

Now it's your turn to share three (or more) things on any topic you wish. Whatever happens to be on your mind, anything at all.

But hurry up, because another Thursday is coming soon, as in day after yesterday tomorrow


Annie said...

Well, I was just thinking how quickly the Fridays roll around here! They get here so quickly in fact that I don't get time to read the previous weekends papers!

It must be nice to live in the country when you can light a fire anytime. The fire brigade would be around here pronto if I lit a fire on the porch here!

The only smells that waft in here are the fumes of the traffic. It must be time I got out of the city!

I think my back/sciatica must be getting better slightly. I am getting a little used to this resting, and not complaining so much! Thank goodness.

Anonymous said...

I am proud to say that was my daughter at JV softball practice!!!! they are there every weather allowing day!! games played at the high school...son starts little league this weekend...and from what they say food at both is great but no mary ewell!!!

Mental P Mama said...

1. The birds are really busy already up here too!
2. Now I want something on the grill...
3. How's Buddy?

Jamie said...

Thursdays are paydays around here so they can come thick as thieves as far as I'm concerned...

1. Despite nearly blowing my diet by licking a screen of Blue Collar Joe's donuts, I have managed to lose weight. I don't really know how much, but I have as I discovered the forgotten cleft in my chin that was hiding.

2. Then I remember that I hate that stupid cleft in my chin because it always seemed like a manly sort of thing to have and me not being a man...

3. My daughter made the varsity softball team and is playing second base. She wanted to pitch, but I think she makes a better 2nd baseman.

Sam said...

1) I love Monday Night Football and miss it already.

2) Samantha, our almost 17 year old orange tabby cat, got a great bill of health (except for the arthritis in the back legs but come on....who doesn't have those issues)

3) Why is the sky red at dusk?

4) I love Ducks. Love to watch them, hear them and feed them.

5) If CBW looked at the same moon I was looking at, at the same time, but from far different places on this small fragile sphere, would we see the same thing?

6) I wish Jimmy Buffett would not age.

Caution Flag said...

1. My anxiety-ridden youngest child said today how much he loves to hear the birds sing. I'm just so glad he notices them.
2. I have a really crazy student this semester. Really. Really. But she's also not smart, so every bad grade she earns is met with a threat to report me to our dean.
3. Another student who is in the Army Reserves wore his uniform to class today. I smiled at him throughout the entire class.

Daryl said...

I think you are right, yesterday was Thursday .. and daylight savings time is almost upon us, its Saturday nite, and so beginning Sunday it will be darker in the mornings again. GAH.

I detest, abhor and dont like baseball so I am happy, thrilled, & elated that ToonMan only checks the score when a game is on and only watches the World Series so I cant complain ... I can but really its not worth the energy.

I have another one of those sore throats/coughing things and I am so damn tired of this recurring germ fest...

WV: defibin .. see this makes it true defibin .. not fibin. No lie.

Trisha said...

1. My midterm is finally over and my job almost is so I am almost ready to relax! FINALLY!

2. The trees are starting to bloom here. They are lovely.

3. My midterm is FINALLY over!

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

1. I spent most of yesterday thinking that TODAY was Friday. It occured to me right before bedtime that this week will, in fact, NEVER END.

2. We gathered 'round a patio firepit last Saturday evening. It was nice out - not as warm as it has been this week, but there's nothing as enjoyable as an evening fire.

3. Is it Friday yet???

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

1. I love the morning sounds of my chirping feathered friends and my rooster too.
2. I am so elated that the weather has taken a turn for the better. There for awhile I almost lost it!
3. Thursdays are really Little Fridays at my house!

~Ashley~ said...

My step-son will be at the field soon playing baseball, try-outs are Saturday. My hubby is playing for a league in Richmond on Sundays also.

1. 5 out of 6 of my family members have had a stomach bug all week. Not nice at all. I haven't eaten in almost 3 days aside from crackers and gatorade.

2. The birds are starting to get loud in the mornings. It's almost the time of year for me to start cussing in the A.M. so I can get some sleep lol.

3. The renovation of my soon to be house is coming along nicely. I'm so tired of living across from 7-11. Too much traffic. Also, the noise from Donk's on Saturdays is annoying too.

Anonymous said...

mmmm, DOOOnuts makin a run on sunday any orders ? Party at Sandpiper Reef Saturday night with that good lookin world famous HA Ha Ha bartinder Me ! Isn't life just wonderful. MM

Breezeway said...

1. Soooo happy that baseball season is here! Make that baseball AND softball season! My oldest made her varsity team as the 1st baseman, so life is good for now.

2. I will watch any baseball/softball game. Anytime, anywhere. Regardless if I know anyone playing. One of the few sports that players still generally act dignified. There are certainly exceptions to that, but they aren't the norm as they are in some other sports.

3. Am planning to spend a portion of Saturday (assuming it rains as forecast) cleaning up my screened porch. Can't wait for open windows and that wonderful salt water smell to fill my house!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Mathews Mark - Put me down for an order, one dozen, please. I'll give you the $$ Saturday night at the Reef.

Mrs F with 4 said...

I don't get baseball... but then, cricket probably doesn't do much for you, either?

It is 4 degrees and sunny. Youngest daughter (2) is in the garden, in the snow, in thick tights, snowboots, several sweaters and a pink sparkly ballet tutu. Of course.

Number two son (6) is playing Mariokart on the Wii. In french. With elder daughter (4) - who doesn't SPEAK french.

MM - when can you deliver my donut order? Just keep driving north when you've picked them up. I just KNOW CBW will understand if hers are a little late.

CBW - nope, I STILL don't have a blog of my own. That's why I haunt yours.

big hair envy said...

1. I hear tell there's a Blog Fest Planning Session coming up this weekend;)

2. I like wine.

3. It's hard to choose between Shacklefords & Urbanna.

Audrey at Barking Mad said...

I'm so glad it's Thursday. This week has been a vat of cherries...with big fat pits that I keep choking on!

1.)I'm finally over the food poisoning...mostly anyhow.

2.) Thankfully and mercifully Gaby has not asked me again how babies get in mommies tummies. YET

3.) It's been warm enough the past couple of days to leave the heating off for most of the day and the ice on the lake is FINALLY starting to melt! I can't tell you how bored I've been this winter, sitting there watching ice fishermen just sat there waiting for the Big One to land on their hooks. I do NOT "get" ice fishing.

Karen Deborah said...

1.Time is just flyin period.
2.How did I used to manage when I had a job?
3.The heater is OFF and the windows are OPEN!!!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Annie-Glad to hear your back is better. And if you want an escape from the city, there's always BLog Fest in July...

Anonymous-How exciting about your son and daughter. M.E. is up at Suttons now.

MPM-Buddy has been enjoying himself and thankfully has had no other run-ins with Windex (or Fantastik?) since you were here last.

Jamie-Congratulations on the weight loss and congratulations to your daughter. Those doughnuts are calorie free when eaten via the screen, so help yourself.

Sam-17 years is a long time for a cat, and for her to receive a good bill of health is amazing. I will contemplate your question about the moon, but since you are a pilot you must already know the answer...

CF-Your son is very wise.

Daryl-Don't remind me about DST. Hope your germfest improves, and it should with the changing weather and more opportunities to breathe outdoor air.

Trisha-Congratulations on your mid-term. You deserve to celebrate.

Meg-Friday is just about here. Just about.

NNG-Little Fridays is my new favorite term, other than the words "lunch at Shackelfords (or Urbanna)."

Ashley-That intersection there at Hudgins is indeed busy, and it gets busier the closer summer gets. Your new place should be very, very quiet--except for the birds. (And the ghosts, ha ha.)

MMM-This is just to confirm my order of one dozen doughnuts, preferably with at least one of the so-called bling bling in the box. Anonymous Hallieford REsident says the bling bling is the best.

Breezeway-We are almost there, almost at the point where we can keep the windows and doors open. Today had potential but it turned cold quickly towards evening.

CBW-You seem to have a problem with these doughnuts, as in you can't get enough. You really ought to follow Jamie's lead and just lick the screen.

Mrs. F. - you simply must start a blog because (a) you're hilarious and (b)you're talented and (c) I must see a picture of this pink- tutu-wearing daughter in the snow.

BHE-Urbanna would be different, haven't been there since the Oyster Fest. But either place is a winner.

Audrey-Food poisoning? No good, glad to hear you're over it at least. I could write a book on ice fishing and fishing in general -not the techniques or methodology, but the psychology behind it. Anyway, unrelated, ice fishing always reminds me of Grumpy (and Grumpier) Old Men, two of my favorite movies. It really does seem a bit ridiculous, but again it's the psychology of it. An excuse for men to get away from home, hole themselves off from the world, sit around in their cave drinking and talking and having a guilt-free good time. I think I want to take up ice fishing.

KD-I envy your open windows. There's no better air freshener than fresh air.