Thursday, March 18, 2010

Three Things

Welcome to Thursday, where I share three random things and you do the same. Well, you don't have to do the same, you could share one thing or five things or twelve things. They could be random, related, quasi-related or written in another language, por ejemplo.

I'll go first.

1. Although the picture above looks like it was taken on some desolate prairie in the Midwest, in fact it was taken on some desolate marshland of Bethel Beach in Mathews County. Right there where the sky meets the grass is the Chesapeake Bay.

2a. Today at work, at approximately 9:00 a.m., I pulled a bag of roasted peanuts (with the shells on) from my food drawer. (A food drawer is a drawer full of food for emergencies, such as it's 9:00 in the morning and you want some peanuts, daggone it. The food drawer also holds organic cranberry oatmeal and a few cans of low-calorie soup that will never, ever be eaten but will make nice museum pieces in a few decades. There are also several cans of Chef Boyardee spaghetti and ravioli, which will be eaten because there's no better way to start your day than with an overdose of disodium inosinate and disodium guanylate. Daggone it.)

Since I'm a bit long in the tooth older now with a receding hair gum line, stuff sticks to my teeth more than it used to. Anyway, using a push pin to pick the peanut skins from my teeth, I managed to accidentally spear myself in the lip. It bled profusely. And still hurts.

2b. Aunque la mona se vista de seda, mona se queda (mas o menos). I forget the exact saying but loosely translated it means, "Although the Chesapeake Bay Woman monkey is dressed in silk, she still remains a monkey." Or, " You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear."

Or, "You can dress her up but you can't make her use dental floss at work even if it's right there in the drawer. She's going to opt for the push pin which is way more effective, except for that bloody lip part."

3. (Queue up some smooth, new age spa music.) Last night after work I sat on the back porch and listened to the birds. It was magnificent and very relaxing. The air was cool but not cold, the smells were earthy, and the sun going down put on a show. I inhaled slowwwwly and deeply and leaned my head back, closing my eyes and focusing on the birds. (Insert sound of a needle being pulled off a record.) Then I accidentally hit the spot on my lip that was previously poked with a push pin while sitting at work hurriedly picking my teeth before anyone walking by my office could see what I was doing.

Now it's your turn. Please share three things, or twenty things, whatever you want, anything at all. But whatever you do, be careful when picking your teeth with a push pin at work. Things can turn ugly fast.


nativedevil said...

1. OUCH, be careful!
2. I got to go to my son's track meet today. I missed all of them last year because I was in the hospital. Some of the kids ran up and hugged me. It was nice to be missed.
3. I came back from the grocery store, brought the groceries in the house, and did NOT hurt! You don't appreciate your health till you almost lose it!
And thanks for the shout-out! I'd love for people to visit my blog!

Annie said...

1. OUCH. Never tried that one. Thank goodness.

2. There's a cyclone coming. That means more rain.

3. Some friends of my daughters are about to break a world record for the greatest number of miles driven in a vehicle powered by alternative fuel (across the US and Canada).(They have been using waste vegetable oil). Watch out for them on the news on Monday, and see all about them on their website by googling "driven to sustain".

Karen Deborah said...

1, Your writing gets better all the time, really your good.
2. Thought you might need a little balm for the owie.
3. If I get any fatter I am going to become a recluse.
Send the low cal stuff my way, i'll send the chocolate.

Ann Marie said...

1. Straight pins work much better for teeth diggin.. they are much skinner.

2. there is still an alien in my childs bed who gets up at 10 am in the day and goes back to sleep at noon because he just can't stay away.. the alien also still has a fever of 101. I would shoot said alien but I am afraid it would take the Baby Waterboy done with him.

3. while it is starting to get really nice out my ass is getting larger and larger because I have no will power or hand to mouth control... and biggest loser won't even take me.. meanies.

4. I will be on the beach walking today if it kills me which it just might.. because of said ass issue above.

5. My house looks like a Tasmanian Devil moved in... maybe that is the species of said alien from above.

6. Some one poke me in the eye if I used the phrase "from said" one more time please.

7. one more thing.. S.H.I.T!

Mrs F with 4 said...

1. Trotted Dog along the lake shore this morning, watched a pileated woodpecker hard at work, some white-tailed deer watching me watching them, gazed upwards at the geese flying over, and thought, hoooooorraaaaaay, it really IS Spring.

2. Then I trod in a vast pile of stinky, slimey goosecrap.

3. And landed on my rump.

3a. In it.

3b. But I am thankful there were no pushpins in it.

3c. WV inedi "That was singularly inedi-fying, Mrs F .

Caution Flag said...

I hope that push pin was germ-free.

1. It's time to vacuum when the kids have to wipe their bare feet off before they can put on their socks.
2. I've been coveting a steam mop I saw on QVC.
3. My husband thinks the real mop we own is sufficient and he is probably right - even though he doesn't know how to use it.
4. But I still want that steam mop.

5. I'm not going to watch QVC ever again.

Daryl said...

1. I just mailed you my alternative to a push pin.

2. I use push pins in place of nails to hang pictures and other small things here in the office .. I use the heel of my Manolo's as the hammer, I bet Manolo doesnt know how handy his heels are.

3. I have a food drawer too .. right now it as some raw almonds (I prefer roasted but these were pinched from someone else's stash), a half eaten bag of Jalepeno chips.. nope, just looked they're gone, I bet the raw almond hoarder took my Jap chips in retrobution... there are also some Ricola drops and two bags of herbal tea ... they wont get used unless the raw almond person wants to swap them for something in her food drawer ...

WV: oalis .. Oh... Alice.. to the Moon, Alice, to the Moon ...

Trisha said...

1. A food drawer is vital in all work situations!

2. Trying on swimsuits is just not a pleasant experience.

3. Daffoldils are blooming here! Welcome Spring!

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

1. Try Stim-u-dents or those floss picks! They're small and will fit nicely in your food drawer. I'm also a fan of those new disposable toothbrush thingies.

2. Daryl, did you really Castanza someone else's almonds from the trash can??

3. We still have sickness here, but it's not bad sickness, so I can watch the first round NCAA tourney games today almost guilt free, while working at home. Because my kid is sick. Yeah, that's it.

Mental P Mama said...

I don't know why Pioneer Woman got a movie deal. You would make a much better movie plot. That's it.

big hair envy said...

Do you find it odd that I was flossing my teeth AT WORK, WITH DENTAL FLOSS when I read this?? Bwahahahaha!!

Diane said...

1. "To Constanz" = To double dip. i.e. "Did you Castanza that chip?"

2. Food drawer! Yes! I just raided it!

3. Receeding gums? Yes. And bone loss too I think. Thanks Prednisone! You may have save my breathing, but you're hell on teeth.

4. I miss you!

deborah said...

1. that enough?
2. Sat on the porch, watched the squirrels playing and enjoying the warm weather, and wished I was at the beach.
3. Man-handled a huge (5 ft tall) antique brass headboard, footboard and cast iron rails from my mother's storage room into the truck, out of the truck and into the house and...wished I was at the beach.
4. Went to the grocery store, it was in Kentucky (just to let you know) saw a woman dressed head to toe in Big Bird Yellow...and wished I was at the beach.
5. Sitting here wondering how well a push-pin cleaned the peanut debris from your teeth still wishing I was at the beach.

Grandma J said...

Don't put a push pin anywhere near your mouth...or nose, or eyes. Keep them away from your face.

1. Bought a new love seat from a neighbor. Brand new, she didn't like it. got it for $100, she paid $900. I put it on a skate board and rolled it home. Yes I have a skate board, don't ask me why.

2 Went to Dr. Bob's (the young one) for my yearly visit. The gal at the front counter asked me for my insurance card. I gave it to her and reminded her that it was the same ins. as last year. She told me to have a seat and she'd call me . Well she called me and said they didn't take my insurance because it was Blue Cross. I told her it was only Blue Cross in CA, out of state it was administered through Beechstreet. She said she checked and it was BC and Dr. Bob didn't take BC.

3. I walked out to my car and called my ins provider. They apologized and said she didn't mention the fact that they were in TEXAS. So, my insurance called the Drs. office and straightened it out. I went back in and she told me that I couldn't see the Dr. because they canceled my appt when I left!
4. I'm having ice cream for dinner.

Fighting Mermaid said...

1. I thought that kind of thing only happened to me.
2a. I need a moving van to do something with the books I cleaned from the bookshelves. The pile now occupies a 6 by 8 foot space on the livingroom floor, 3 feet deep.
2b. I am canceling the buy now with 1 click at Amazon tomorrow.
2c. I think I might be allergic to the dust that had accumulated on the books. I was covered head to toe. The black sweater i was wearing is now a muted brown color, and I itch all over.
3.I realized today that I have more courage than I had thought.