Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Glimpses of Green

Every now and then over the course of the winter, particularly these last couple of weeks when winter has worn out her welcome (not that she was ever particularly welcome here to begin with), I'll go back through old pictures and marvel at the green.

The lush green of a Mathews County summer is stunning when you haven't seen it in half a lifetime four or five decades months.

The picture above, from last August or September, is from my parents' yard overlooking Queens Creek. You can barely make out the creek due to all the Amazon jungle haze and humidity creating low visibility green vegetation.

In contrast, the shot below is from approximately the same vantage point, but looking more towards the left and the opposite side of the creek. Blue water, blue sky and white snow stand out, with very little green unless you count those pine trees across the creek, and I don't.

You see, pine trees are currently on my [insert word of your choice that rhymes with "spit"] list, especially the ones currently growing in my gutter. There are also several huge ones next to my house which create an endless shower of pine needles and cones, like daggers falling from the sky, during any sort of wind. A good nor'easter is enough to traumatize a person for life.

Anyway. This is not a tirade about pine trees. I don't think.

Continuing on with the theme of how I have way too many pine trees in my yard drab, lackluster winter colors, below is a lifeless tree that, though lacking any color, does have an interesting shape to it.

But interesting shapes can't hold a candle to color in my book. Give me a green soybean field any day. Please.

Oh, and please remind me about how much I love green grass and green weeds and green vines and green crabgrass and green greenery in about a month when I have to start cutting grass again. Which reminds me, my tractor has a flat tire. Oh spit.

Perhaps another couple of weeks without green wouldn't hurt anything.

What, if any, signs of spring have you noticed?

For people in different seasons, like Annie from Australia , perhaps you can tell us what the weather is like in your neck of the woods.

Has anyone made any interesting summer vacation plans?


Pueblo girl said...

My partner commented recently, "the grass isn't growing very much", complaining about the long winter and late spring. He's new to the village, and so hasn't learnt to count small mercies yet.

What a stunningly beautiful picture of your parents yard in green.

Mental P Mama said...

We have lots of green shoots! And I am coming to Virginia this summer;)☼☼☼☼

Diane said...

I have azaleas blooming. And we had to cut our grass this weekend.

I bought a plane ticket last month. A friend and I are making the trek out to Virginia to visit some friends!

big hair envy said...

The only sign of spring at my house is the budding Easter Cactus!! I wish the outside would hurry up and get started:/

ro said...

Things are really beginning to pop here in Lytle TX. Pear trees are blooming, daffs are about 5 inches up, early tulips are blooming, and of course, weeds are just prolific!!!! I love a good spring day, sun is shining and temps today are going to be rather warm at 79 degrees considering yesterday was 42. It's a crazy place to live but I will take it cause summer is just around the corner UGH!!!!!!

TSannie said...

Green is beginning - and that makes me very very happy!

Mrs F with 4 said...

Spring? SPRING? Oh, that would be those three days inbetween the snow melting and the steamingly humid summer when the buzzard-sized mosquitoes arrive.

Do I sound grumpy...... or more (thanks to wv) flumbai, today?

Daryl said...

I have a cold. SIgh. I think due to the warmer temps this weekend and my lack of dressing properly .. I wore too many clothes vs not enough ... anyway ..

Other than the stronger sunlight revealing the fact that this place hasnt been cleaned in forever .. I dont see any real signs of spring

And I am planning to be in VA this summer ...

WV: oying .. its what I am doing while feeling poorly .. going oy oy oy ..

Anonymous said...

I am leaving one week from today for North Carolina, I can hardly wait! Best of all I will spend a week right on the beach in the Outer banks. With the and the wild horses we intend to see, what could be better?

Postcard Cindy

maria from nj said...

As much as I hate snow that second picture is beautiful and worthy of that book that keeps coming up.

The daffs are peeking out here, but I am sure (always the pessimist) that they will get dumped on before this season/month is over.

Happy that the clocks change this weekend, although I'm trying to figure out if I gain or lose an hour! At least I'll feel better when its still light at 7!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

PG-Please come to Blog Fest. Please.

MPM-Yes you are, you don't have a choice in the matter. We'll kidnap you otheriwse.

Diane-Azaleas blooming? There is hope for color after all. Can't wait to see you.

BHE-Please fill me in on the details of an Easter Cactus at our next planning session, which may be this weekend?

ro-Outstanding! I would never have guessed TX would be so far along with the budding and sprouting, but that's primarily because I don't get out much. 79 degrees is crazy, although we're supposed to hit upper 60s tomorrow. Can't WAIT.

TSA-Everyone needs to stop by your blog and check out the crocuses (crocusi?), they're gorgeous.

Mrs.F. - we have the exact same springs. One minute cold, next minute Amazon Jungle. You're definitely flumbai, and that's a good thing.

Daryl-Feel better soon. There's a particularly awful strain of cold making the rounds, hopefully you have a mild nuisance version.

Postcard Cindy-A week away from home, esp. to the Outer Banks, sounds wonderful. And who knows, you just may stumble upon a fellow blogger along the way...

maria-I'm with you, not entirely convinced we've seen the last of the wintry stuff. Also am looking forward to that daylight.

I'm going to go tuck Tuesday in bed for the night and get ready for Wednesday. Thanks to everyone for commenting and reading, not necessarily in that order.

Grandma J said...

I love the winter and summer pictures from your mom's place.

Right now we are in the rain/thunder/lightning/tornado season.

Country Girl said...

I saw some grass and it was green. GREEN!! I love the view from your place.
I'm planning on taking my husband to Maine again. We love it there.