Monday, October 18, 2010


Sometimes all anything or anyone needs is a little TLC.

Take, for example, the Volkswagen above my father is trying to sell.  No, really.  Please take it.

This is a perfectly wonderful vehicle that just needs some attention. Someone with love and patience and a friend who owns a body shop could really bring her back to life.  

I hope this same Someone likes bird nests, because one is conveniently located over the driver's side visor.  But that's not what I'm here to talk about today.

This car, which sits at the end of our lane, is for sale, and there is someone out there right now who would make the perfect owner.  He or she just doesn't know it yet.

Unrelated to Volkswagens but along the lines of providing attention and care to things which need a new home, I'd like to help spread the word about an urgent need for foster homes for some dogs who are being displaced in the near future.

Commenter Bay Browder and his wife volunteer at a local shelter that will close at the end of this month.  They recently sent me a list of 40--that is forty--dogs who need homes.  Ideally these would be permanent homes but if you're able to provide foster care that is just as valuable at this point.

Among some of the many dogs available are:

Margo is a 1-year old 35 lb. tri-color spayed female hound. She has very long legs and a face that will make people look twice at her. She came in with her brother and misses him since he went to rescue.  She needs more work on a leash. This is one perfect miniature fox hound. Precious! Her size will make her adoptable even in a city. 

Bonnie is a tiny 20 pound tri-color beagle spayed female probably about 5 years old. Bonnie’s skin condition has kept her at the shelter far too long. It would probably go away if her stress level was reduced. She is also a bit shy about loud noises and loud people. She is an adorable size and an adorable girl. She is crate trained.

Bandana is a beautiful neutered Boxer mix with brindle markings. He has lots of fun and unconditional love to offer a loving ,active forever family. 

Christie is a beautiful black and tan coon hound, about 3 years old and has been spayed. She is also crate trained.

If you are able to help in any way, please let me know.

Also, if anyone is interested in a killer goose with his own Facebook page, there's one named Gustav up for adoption as well. Just don't tell my mother. Among his redeeming traits are (insert the sound of crickets here).  Needs lots of training.  Good luck with that.



deborah said...

Oh my this is heartbreaking, and thank you for spreading the word. I hope homes are found for each one -
Being a foster parent is very rewarding, two of my friends are fostering dogs now.
I would love to take one, but I have 3 cats and 3 dogs...all rescues, and we live in a pretty small house in town.
Oh please, if you have even a bit of room, please consider being a forever parent or a foster parent!

BayBrowder said...

Honey, the wonderful, special-needs, tri-colored hound at the Gloucester-Mathews Humane Society's Animal Control Outreach Network (ACORN) satellite facility asked me to express her sincere thanks and appreciation for helping her friends by making your blog readers aware of their acute need for a home, permanent or temporary. This satellite facility is scheduled to be closed on October 31st.

Kay L. Davies said...

So, if I want to adopt a dog, I can do it in broad daylight, but if I want to adopt Gustav I have to do it in the dark and put a bag over his head and smuggle him out under my long black winter coat before the snow falls (black really shows up on snow).
Okay, instructions received. Now to negotiate with friend husband who has his own ideas on the subject.

Kay, Alberta

foolery said...

What a coincidence. I have been chasing phantom doggies on and coming up short. Had a line on a good one -- I mean a PERFECT one -- but was a day late and just found out for sure tonight. So now we'll probably wait until January.

I hope all of those doggies are snapped up pronto. And the VW fossil, too.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

I don't consider myself much of a dog person, despite owning one, but when I hear about dogs who need homes it cuts straight to my heart. If I lived closer and didn't already have one I'd be all over that. I hope your local readers are able to step up.

Deltaville Jamie said...

I am a sucker for a dog, or any other animal (except Gustav) but after my lovely chocolate Lab Bailey (who thinks she's a seal) jumped into my mom's precious water garden/koi pond yesterday, I realize that 2 dogs would most certainly send me to the looney bin. And that sentence was entirely too long.

Mental P Mama said...

Those dogs break my heart. Can they be spread out to other shelters until their forever humans find them?? Oh this breaks my heart....

Daryl said...

Bless your heart for helping ...I hope they are as lucky as Lucky was ...

big hair envy said...

I wish I could take them ALL! It seems that finding homes for unwanted animals has become an almost weekly thing for me....:/ Breaks my heart.

Earl Reed said...

Really reaching here, but do you know what happened to Margo? I'm pretty sure I adopted her brother.


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Earl, I do not know what happened to Margo, unfortunately. You could contact a group called ART (Animal Rescue Team) in Gloucester at (804) 693-5520 or email them at Good luck.