Thursday, October 14, 2010

Three Things

Welcome y Bienvenidos to Three Thing Thursday, where we share three things and just about anything goes.

I'll go first.

1. Has anyone else noticed that Reynolds Wrap/tin foil/aluminum foil no longer works like it used to?  No, I mean  there is something seriously wrong with it.  The other night I pulled off a piece and wrapped it over something that was not even hot, just warm.  A few minutes later?  Holes!  Teeny tiny holes in the foil where it came into contact with the food being covered.  Another night I baked some potatoes wrapped in tin foil.  (Pardon my calling it tin foil. I fully realize it's aluminum and not tin, but this all dates back to my grandmother and it's a tribute to her, just like when I call a fridge an ice box. Just play along, if you will.)  The foil would not detach itself from the potato properly, and now I'm convinced I have some sort of lethal condition caused by ingesting tidbits of tin foil.  Something is rotten in the state of foil.

1b. Tidbits of Tin Foil could be the name of something, like  an episode of Mystery Diagnosis a band or a cooking club or a hair salon even. 

2. The Mathews Cross Country teams did exceptionally well at last night's meet at Rappahannock Community College.

3. I love how the white fence above is slightly awry.  There is something very satisfying about that, as if it's saying, "Sure, your white fences typically denote perfection, but in this case we're just a hair imperfect or off balance and we just don't care."

Or, more to the point, it's just saying that facing east/northeast takes a toll after the first one or two nor'easters. I really like this fence.

Now it's your turn to share three things or thirteen things on whatever topic you wish. Whatever happens to be swirling around in your brain just waiting for the right time. Go ahead, and let it out.


Kay L. Davies said...

No, I hadn't noticed, but I'm not going to wrap any potatoes in tin foil from now on.
But I love the name Tidbits of Tinfoil for a hair salon.
Okay, my three things:
1) I just noticed they don't say "icebox" any more. I wonder why. (I actually remember when we had one.)
2) I wonder why the only people who look older than I do are the ones in my church women's group.
3) I wonder why most of the musicians whose music I like are dead.
-- Kay, Alberta

Deltaville Jamie said...

1. Certain acidic foods (tomato based ones especially) will eat holes in tin foil. Yes, I say tin foil.

2. It is 2,743.82 miles from my house to a house in Oakley, CA. I'm fairly certain Fate is trying to convince me to make the trip.

3. One of the best things ever is getting a text from a friend to stop by for an impromptu fire and wine indulgence. Thanks CBW it was a lot of fun. Ethan loved your farshmellows.

BayBrowder said...

1. I'm elated that all of the miners and rescue workers are out of the mine in Chile......this rescue was a miracle.
2. Glad to hear the Mathews boys and girls cross country teams ran well Wednesday afternoon and won.
3. Honey, the wonderful special-needs hound at the Gloucester-Mathews Humane Society overflow building, asked me to please spread the word that she and approximately twenty friends are at great risk since this facility will be closed on October 31st.

Ann Marie said...

it is cause they want you to buy the no stick kind... it is more expensive TIN FOIL but I have not washed a thing that has been in the oven since it was invented.. miracle stuff.. it is coated in Rain X.

WV liedr
I liedr about the Rain X part.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

That, and it's really expensive! Try the heavy-duty stuff - it's thicker than the regular-duty stuff. YOu know what I use? I like those foil sheets, like the delis use - same ones they use when they do foil highlights on your hair. Those things are GREAT.

I think Tidbits of Tinfoil would be a super name for a blog!

Lastly - I fished a note out of my kindergartener's backpack stating his library book was to have been returned yesterday. Um, I had NO IDEA he had a library book. Off to a super start with the media center!

Lynne M. said...

I also call it tin foil.

I've become addicted to 7-11's bacon, egg and cheese taquitos.

Come on Friday 4:15...

Mental P Mama said...

1. I have a friend who calls it silver paper. And, no, nothing is wrong with mine. Must be you;)
2. Yay team!
3. Love that fence, too...and I want to come visit it!

Andi said...

Ok - jumping in to my first three things Thursday...
Today is my day off, so I get to clean. Woohoo! Nice blog reading breaks make it ok though.

I agree with Meg, Tidbits of Tinfoil would make a great blog name. Maybe a cooking blog!

I too love things slightly imperfect. As type A as I am in most of my life, the things I enjoy most are the more natural normal looking objects I come across in my days, especially outdoors.

deborah said...

1.Tidbits of Tinfoil reminds me of when one had to use it to wrap the rabbit ears on the tv antenna. Old, I know. It also describes my brain right now.
2. Not feeling well, so I've decided that my best course is to take a nap.
3. Love the picture!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

1. They dont make stuff like they used to.
2. Glad the Bud's Beach sign is still standing.
3. Oyster Fest is just around the corner!!! Woot!

Mrs F with 4 said...

1. This is now the house of seven children, and a multitude of dogs;

2. I am in charge (this is sounding scarily adult) of best friends' children and dogs, in addition to my own, for an unspecified period. I think upwards of a week. With no notice! What else are friends for?

3. It's always been silver foil around here. I use the Seriously Heavy Duty Stuff, mainly because otherwise the stuff I highlight my hair with eats through it.

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

It's been far look long since I dropped in - here goes:

1.Waiting to get pummeled by the Nor'easter that is hitting New England tonight.
2. Not unhappy about that, because I can cook some yummy stuff while it's crappy outside.
3. Hooray! I found a dress that fits and looks age appropriate for a special event. Praise the Lord. Or that girl at Nordstroms.

foolery said...

1. Ongoing secret dog research reveals NO breed appropriate for children + great bands of roving cats + free-range chickens + cows + Female Head of Household Not Interested in MORE JOBS.

2. Oakley is 2 1/2 hours from Fooleryland.

3. Costco giant rolls of restaurant-grade foil and plastic wrap are the best investments I have ever made. Pretty much.

Anonymous said...


Deltaville Jamie said...

@Foolery yes, I looked at how far it was to Fooleryland. I am making the trip west but I only have 2 days. I am nervous because 1. I hate flying 2. I am terrified of flying alone 3. I'm meeting a very old friend for the very first time. Ponder that one...

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Thank you all for sharing, it's great hearing from you all. I love reading these.

Andi - Welcome, and thanks for joining our crazy little crowd. Hope you return.

mer- Just love the classical music the scene is set to...and I may or may not have seen that tin foil lightning show in real life at least once...

Tomorrow's Friday!