Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Marina

Above is a shot from this summer of some boats at the Islander marina on Gwynns Island.  My sisters and I spent practically every hour of every summer day at the Islander, and it wasn't until I saw this picture and let the memories come out to play that I realized we always called the Islander--the entire complex--The Marina.

The Islander consisted of a pool which accepted memberships from us locals; a well-equipped marina; a motel; a restaurant; and a snack bar.  It also had tennis courts and a playground. The only reason we went was for the pool.

And yet for some reason, whenever we wanted  to go to the pool, we'd ask our grandmother or mother to take us to the marina, which really meant the pool.

I wonder why that is.

These and other mysteries, such as why it's nearly Halloween and I still have to cut my grass and worry about being taken over by weeds, may never be fully understood.

Have a fantastic Sunday.


BayBrowder said...
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BayBrowder said...

For our fist visit to Mathews in 1998, we made a reservation at the only motel in Mathews County, The Islander. When I asked if there would be a night clerk to check us in, I was told "nope...the key will be under the mat". We knew then that we were coming to a different kind of place. Now, we are elated to have built a new home (2007) and to reside in this different, wonderful place.

Kay L. Davies said...

There are always names that stick to a place even if they're something in the way of misnomers. When I grew up in Kelowna, British Columbia, on the shore of Lake Okanagan, there was an an area called the "Aquatic Centre" (Canadian spelling) which consisted of a 50-yard outdoor pool (carved out of the lake), an Olympic diving tower, stands for spectators, dressing rooms, a conference room, etc.
We kids always called it "The Aquatic" and now, Lo these many years later, I find myself complaining about people using adjectives in place of nouns, like "my cell" instead of "my cellular phone" and "the remote" and on and on. Your post just reminded me that I was doing the exact same thing as a know-it-all schoolgirl. Tsk tsk.
I think your Marina is gorgeous. Beautiful photo.
-- Kay, Alberta

deborah said...

Wonderful place to while your days away during the summer! I also am fighting weeds...they grow no matter what the weather is...just like the multiplication of fruit flies in my kitchen. Have a wonderful Sunday and a marvelous week!

Deltaville Jamie said...

I volunteer to be the night manager then I can move down there... I know my family has referred to things by one name (like the marina) and mean another (like the pool) but I can't think of what it was, I just know that we did. I think I drank too much wine last night. Nah.

Mental P Mama said...

Well...the pool was at the marina. Technically. Love this shot. Love it.

foolery said...

Oh, to have a marina within sight of my house, *sigh*. Blissful.