Friday, October 29, 2010

Maritime Heritage

View of East River

This week's Gazette Journal  contains an article about a new interactive website which features key points on the Mathews Maritime Heritage Trail.

And let me just say that I wish I'd known about this informative site before taking pictures of the East River Boat Yard and thinking it was Hicks Wharf.

Except the chances are still good that I'd have done that even knowing about the website.

Slightly adjusted view. Better light.

Developed by the VIMS (Virginia Institute of Marine Science) Center for Coastal Resources Management and sponsored by the Mathews Maritime Foundation, the site lets you cruise up and down the East River (via satellite as opposed to sailboat or kayak) and trespass without trespassing take a cyber-visit to various points of interest including Tompkins Cottage, Poplar Grove, Woodstock, Davis Wharf, Captain James William Miles' House and many others.

Once you've decided on a particular site and have zoomed in, click Site Information and/or Photos in the right column to access additional information.

Right now the focus is on the East River but eventually 90 miles of local waterways will be featured.

Click HERE to access this incredible site.

Honestly, as informative, educational and helpful as this site is--and it most definitely is--I spent most of my time highly entertained and amused zooming in and out of the satellite images, barely noticing the wealth of words.

  Similar to this blog.  Life in Mathews:  I look at the pictures and don't worry about the words.  

Then after all that, I realized that if I can zoom in and out of satellite images of homes lining the East River, someone out there can probably zoom in and out of images of my home on Some Unnamed Creek in a county that may or may not be located in Some Random State in a country that begins with U. Maybe.

Note to Self: No matter what the circumstances, do not ever--EVER--dash into the yard in your pajamas or bathrobe--or worse-- again.   Even if the neighbors aren't looking, you never know when a satellite is going to snap a photo of your house and slap it up on the internet.  Oh, and pick up the trash from your yard and the cat food cans from your back stoop. It's time to pull up those tomato plants too. Thank you

Enjoy the interactive website by clicking here, it really is a great source of information.

And most importantly, enjoy the weekend.


Kay L. Davies said...

Oh, I know, I worry about that a lot when I run outside in my PJs to catch a picture of a sunset. My neighbors are used to me by now, but a satellite image of me in my jammies could appear on someone's Google Earth map and scare the bejeepers out of their children.

deborah said...

Amazing website but kinda scary to think about how close you can zoom in. Maybe we should declare a satellite Saturday and every one go out in their best clothing and pose till the Satellite flies over. I know what I'd wear and what my sign would say - just sayin'

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Kay - I think my neighbors, regrettably, are used to it by now as well. That and me driving figure eights honking the horn - all over the yard chasing geese off. Maybe the satellite people could capture that charming image.

deborah-I like the way you think, in fact I think the question of the day should be: If you could select an outfit to wear and a sign to hold for the satellite photo op, what would you wear and what would the sign say? GREAT question. I'll have to think about my answer, there are too many to choose from, but I'm pretty sure a crab hat is involved.


Daryl said...

I like the first photo with the less good light .. but thats me .. always dim

Have a scary Halloween in the best way possible .. which means you dont run out of wine for you or candy for the Tricker/Treaters

big hair envy said...

You know where we live, so I'm sure you understand my concern that we will one day be snapped from space in some inappropriate state of (un)dress. I occasionally lose sleep thinking how horrific it would be to see my large bikini-clad body posted on the internet for all to see. At least I don't have to worry about neighbors;) My sign would read: "VIEW AT YOUR OWN RISK"! There would also be a second (smaller) sign: "CABANA BOY WANTED"!!

Mental P Mama said...

It is one of my biggest fears. And may have already happened....

BayBrowder said...

Now....much of Mathews Maritime Heritage is old people moving from other places to enjoy the wonders of this marine wonderland and sanctuary. Can't believe our house, circa 2007, didn't qualify as an East River heritage site. Even if the house is not old enough to qualify, the residents certainly are.
Our photo op would be Robin, our adopted rescue hound in the yard with her wild Brittany sister and a sign "WANT A GOOD FEELING? ADOPT A HOMELESS ANIMAL"
Happy Halloween to all. Watch out for the spooks.

Anonymous said...

zoom in on our house (on google earth) and you can see my (old) car turning into the lane. I'm pretty sure I'm wearing clothes inside the car. pretty sure.


foolery said...

Imagine my surprise and anguish upon realizing that when you drive REAL FAST past a grapestake fence you can see through the fence. Which is relevant only to people who may or may not have once or seventy sunbathed without benefit of all clothing options.

Unrelated: we got a new fence last year.