Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wandering Wednesday

Today we're wandering down Bohannon way to an old place loaded with charm and character.

Not only was she photogenic...

...but she also provided a lovely frame for some of the surrounding homes and scenery.

Everywhere I turned there were scenes within scenes, if that makes any sense. Like the shot below of a door framing a glimpse at the interior and that distant window framing a glimpse at the other side. Frames, that's what I see everywhere.

Yes, I'm weird.  But that's really no secret.

In doing some research on the county for a side project, I happened upon a folder that contains all sorts of information on this place, and I took copious notes.  But I'm too tired to dig out all those notes because of a day that went like so:

  5:30 alarm, got dressed in the cold and the dark, grabbed strong, black coffee on way out the door to drive 50+ miles to work where I sat in agony for 8.5 hours because I've thrown my back out and no amount of pain reliever works but it only hurts when I sit except all I do all day long is drive sit at a desk and then I raced to my daughter's soccer game and then home to make dinner and then back in the car to the high school to retrieve son who watched volleyball game and then tried to come up with a blog post while still in agony from back pain and exhausted due to Life and don't forget school forms & fees due tomorrow and make sure you have clean clothes for work and the cat threw up and GET ME OFF THIS CRAZY RIDE!

You know, one of those days.

So for now let's just enjoy the scenery and not worry too much about the details, although if you have any background on this place, feel free to chime in.

p.s. Thanks for letting me vent, and of course I really don't want to completely disembark this crazy ride, I just want it to slow down some. Also, it would be nice if the ride came with a one-way ticket frequent flyer miles to Bora Bora, where I'd relax in my thatched over-the-water hut that had room service and daily maid service. Oh, Bora Bora, wherefore art thou?   



Kay L. Davies said...

You'd get bored in Bora Bora. Not enough running around to do.
Hope your back is better soon.

Kay, Alberta

Kate said...

Bora Bora sure sounds nice. Mostly because I'm sure the temperature there isn't a scalding 94 degrees like it is here!

I love the brick work on that old store. It's a shame that building is empty and unloved. Especially when you think of the work that went into building it originally.

Kate said...

Oops, I hit post too soon! I was also going to suggest for your back, getting up and walking around when you get the chance to help your circulation. I've also heard that crossing your legs is bad for your back. But hopefully you'll feel better soon. Otherwise you might be channeling Dwight Schrute on The Office with a bouncy ball chair. LOL

Deltaville Jamie said...

If you're anything like me once you had time to sit and do nothing you'd start to get bored. Hope the back gets better soon! Drink wine, that should help.

I'm in for Bora Bora...

deborah said...

Venting is good for the soul...I'm here to listen anytime.
Great photos of lonesome buildings

Ah, you poor thing, nothing worse than back pain. Hope it gets better soon! The thermal wraps help, and as busy as you are, you can wear one while you are on the go.

Country Girl said...

Do you need a companion to go to Bora Bora with you? Someone to pour the drinks?
I might be available.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

What did you say? Were you talking? I'm sorry, I lost you when I started looking at the last picture you posted. I LOVE that one! Love! It!

Hope your back is feeling better in the very near future. Ahem.

foolery said...

Oh, huge bummer about your back. When my lower back is out I lie on the floor with my calves on a chair seat so that my thigh bones are exactly perpendicular to the floor (I don't really have bones; I just pretend). Gravity pushing my hips to the floor seems to help it (I DO have hips but they don't have bones either -- it's a myth).

Feel better soon!


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