Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday Trio

Saturday's fishing trip wasn't just about trying to get someone else to bait my hook for me  fishing.  For me, it was also about gazing out at the sparkling water and taking in the sights. There were tons of other boaters out relishing what soon will be a rarity - a very warm, sunny day.

The boat above was going a mile a minute out of Deltaville headed towards the bay.  I'd give a pretty penny or maybe even an ugly one for a glimpse inside. If she could talk no doubt she'd have many exciting adventures to share.

Along with your run of the mill fishing boats and the occasional yacht,  there were several sailboats making the rounds.  I've not been around many sailboats other than a sunfish when I was a kid.  One of my only memories involving a larger sailboat was when I had dinner on a catamaran off Grand Cayman circa 1990.

Now that was memorable.

And also a lifetime or two ago.

Do you ever feel as if you've lived three or four different lives in the same lifetime?

I do.

Each segment is like a very distinct chapter of a book with seemingly very little connection to the other chapters. I"m probably not explaining it very well. Perhaps I'll try again some other time.

For now, none of this has anything to do with boats, and I believe that's what we were talking about.

Yes, this is a repeat photo from yesterday.

Have you ever been sailing?  When was the last time or when was the most memorable time?


deborah said...

sorry, I've never been sailing. More of the party barge or bass boat type here:)

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

Our neighbors, who are dear friends, have a sailboat on the Bay, over not far from Annapolis. Been out on that one a couple of times. I've also been out on a "cigar boat" - a former DEA boat - on Lake Michigan. We were FLYING, I tell ya!

I totally get the different lives thing, too.

Deltaville Jamie said...

I have never been sailing though I always wanted to and have it listed on my bucket list. Yes, I feel like I've lived 3 lifetimes in the past 35 years, mostly as a result of my poor or impulsive choices. In fact, hoping to write a whole new exciting chapter soon.

Mrs F with 4 said...

Apart from cross-channel ferries (which have their own circle of hell especially reserved).... no. Well, yes. But they are experiences I can only wish to forget. My travel sickness (for which read: violent and uncontrollable nausea and vomiting) extends to boats.

Diane said...

I have never been sailing.

But I totally get the 3 or 4 lifetimes thing. Chapters. I like the one I have now.

Mental P Mama said...

Oh I love to sail! My brother races sailboats right out of the harbor here in CT. And, I think that yacht's owner needs to buy up the Islander and make it all ready for us! He clearly has the money....

Kay L. Davies said...

For some years in the 70s, I held several jobs on a small boating newspaper in Vancouver, BC. In my role as associate editor and columnist, I learned to sail, I learned to handle a motor yacht, everything except a rowboat. I loved being on boats, but even then I had a very poor sense of balance, so going forward to take down the jib or the genoa was not my favorite thing to do. Still, I never actually fell overboard.
When visiting Australia in 1982, I was thrilled to go out as a day-passenger aboard Gretel, the first Australian challenger to the America's Cup Yacht Race.
I haven't done much sailing since then. Cruise ships don't count, in my book, nor do the BC Ferries. ;~)
-- Kay, Alberta

Daryl said...

I have never been sailing .. that looks like a YACHT ... but I have been on lots of other types of boats .. speed boats, put-put types, canoes, row boats, motor boats of various sizes and ferry boats and except for one instance of killmenowseasickness I have loved them all ...

Country Girl said...

I have never been sailing. Oh, I've been in boats ~ but not sailing.

I think it's something I should do, don't you?