Sunday, October 24, 2010


This is a shot from a few weeks ago of  Haven Beach in the morning.

I hardly ever go to Haven any more because I don't have time to do anything much less lollygag at the beach prefer our other two county beaches,  Aarons and Bethel.

What a shock to see how much of Haven has eroded away - even with the county's efforts to take protective measures to preserve it (note the rocks just off the shore above).  One of the big nor'easters last year certainly took a toll, but I think it's become even worse here lately.

I'd love to see pictures of our beaches from decades ago, and perhaps in doing my research for the book I'll come across some.  But if they exist they are few and far between - so far I've not found any.

For now, though, this recent trip to Haven made me realize how important it is to document the beaches as they exist right now, because the next big hurricane or nor'easter could do some devastating damage.

Rather than end on that depressing note, I'll close by saying there should be no devastating storms this week, anyway.  If you believe what the weather people are saying, we can expect 80-degree days filled with sunshine.

Enjoy the day and have a great, storm-free week.


Deltaville Jamie said...

The erosion that has happened at Haven is crazy. I don't really notice it at Aaron's beach because I only recently started going there...

Kay L. Davies said...

I hope you can find some old photos of the beach in your research, CBW, because they are so important for so many reasons, not the least of which is the science of beach erosion and what can be done to protect it.

This may be 'way off the radar for your area, but I know of places where scrap ships were sunk to make artificial reefs, which protect the shoreline. Do they do that in your part of the continent?

Kay, Alberta

deborah said...

So sad, the loss of so much of the beach.
It was 80 here today! Beautiful day! Hope you enjoy your Sunday!!

Country Girl said...

Oh, I believe! We're supposed to be in the mid 70's. Yesterday was beautiful.

I think it's wonderful that you're documenting photos from the area.

BayBrowder said...

Mathews County is a water wonderland....the bay, beaches, marshes, creeks and rivers in a quiet rural setting with friendly folks.

Great turnout for the Bobby Stewart Memorial Distance Run/Walk yesterday in perfect weather.

Mathews High School cross country teams will be at Eastern State Hospital in Williamsburg on Wednesday for the district championship meet.

The Gloucester-Mathews Humane Society overflow building closing date is now November 30th. Approximately 25 dogs are at great risk...please consider adopting or fostering one of these wonderful animals that deserve a chance to live.

Tiggeriffic said...

Living in Iowa I don't get to the beach very often. BUT when I visit my sister that lives in South Carolina we always go to the beach and spend several days. When I was a young child we always went to the beach(we went to Ocean City,Maryland) every summer for 3 weeks. I miss those days. Those were the days you could camp right on the ocean...

Mrs F with 4 said...

oh, my! Eighty degrees.... it is vey slightly below freezing here, and this morning we even got a few flakes of the white stuff. The sort that comes from the sky, not from a Head and Shoulders commercial.

Apparently it must be winter.... I have bronchitis and also no voice. Which, on the upside, is delighting the children.

Mental P Mama said...

80???? That makes me sweat!

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

Just like that house that's fallen into the Bay! See Monday's Washington Post. It's sad, the island has totally eroded.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

I'll take this weather anytime. Perfect!