Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Beach

Pretend for just one minute that the shot above is not lopsided and all the water isn't about to drain out of the lower left corner.  Or, just ignore it and move along to the shot below that's slightly more balanced, which is a lot more than we can say for the photographer.

Mathews has the rare privilege of being surrounded by water, and those of us who live here are fortunate that the county has set aside several beaches for public access.

Although lacking the roaring ocean surf of the Outer Banks and the verve and vivacity of Virginia Beach, our beaches do have a lot to offer including horseflies, mosquitoes, fiddler crabs and stinging nettles.

Unspoiled, undeveloped, and untouched by man (except for bare feet, of course), the county beaches are a great place to unwind, decompress and reconnect with nature.

Last weekend I went to Aaron's Beach--twice.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous and there was so much to see and take in.

Like the bright red sponge below.

Speaking of bright red, there were also whole, red chili peppers strewn all up and down the shoreline.  Somebody must have upset the hot pepper cart over on the Eastern Shore, because a boatload of them washed ashore.  Odd. Very odd.  But we don't bat an eye at odd around here.  We've come to project expect it.

There's nothing quite like a warm day in November at the beach.  Lots of salt air, bright sunshine, white sand and miles and miles of water for as far as the eye can see.

And not a single fiddler crab or horsefly in sight. Just chili peppers.

I'm very, very grateful for our beaches and our proximity to that vast expanse of water that is the bay, which brings me great peace, joy and tranquility without ever really trying.


Kay L. Davies said...

Salt air. Mmm. I can almost smell it.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

BayBrowder said...

The sponge is one of the world's oldest and most amazing animals...I just read about it in Gilbert Klingel's amazing book, THE BAY. After careers as a biologist, adventurer, author, inventor, and steel worker...Klingel "retired" to Gywnn's Island and built recreational steel sailbots up to 55 feet at the shops which now belong to the Mathews Maritime Foundation, formerly Pulley's Marine. The waterview of Milford Haven from this location is breath-taking. There is a nice display honoring Gilbert Klingel and his accomplishments at the Gwynn's Island Museum.

Anonymous said...

great pictures, there must have been a boat of Mexican Red heading up the bay, running low, they cover the smoke with peppers to throw off the dogs! LOL I see you have not been to Disney land yet!!

deborah said...

How interesting to see a sponge on the beach!
I'm so glad you were able to relax at the beach - looks like you had lovely weather, too.

Ann Marie said...

Ok.. here is my advice for the day.. while those red sponges are pretty and they are.. believe me they are. (so pretty in fact I wanted to make an arrangement out of them last year about this time cause it was fall looking red) LEAVE THEM RIGHT WHERE YOU FOUND IT...

OMG.. (there is not an OMG big enough on the computer)

1. they turn brown really quickly
2. they smell brown.. like.. something brown might smell if one had eaten say a dead skunk.

Yea that bad. LOL.

I could say a lot about the peppers yet I will refrain.
WV Pratt.. I just thought about Billy Pratt.. wonder how he is these days.

Lynne M said...

I have an insane need to go there myself -- been too long. I think I'm gonna ask hubby to babysit for a few hours so I can do that myself maybe this weekend... it is SO soul cleansing!!

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

There's just something about the water and sand in your toes. Or shoes, depending on the season.

Deltaville Jamie said...

While the Pacific was beautiful with it's crashing waves, I still prefer the soothing serenity of the beaches along the Bay. And now that I'm back on the East Coast, I'm really missing the Tidewater and need to get there soon.

Caution Flag said...

Ann Marie just broke my heart with that info. How could something so red go so brown?

Mental P Mama said...

And then a visit to the White Dog Inn for a Bloody? Perfection;)

Daryl said...

STOP! Perfectly level, focused to the Virgo's perfection photos are for postcards ... your shots are superb and always in focus, and the angle/bend is what adds to them! So shut the front door and go take more wonderful photos!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Anonymous-No, I've not made it to the wonder world yet, but it's on my list the next chance I get. Didn't have time last weekend and with Thanksgiving coming up probably won't make it for another week or so. Keep reminding me, though, that sounds like quite the photo op. While I'm there I'll take some photos of the Hallieford post office.

AM-They do smell. Big time. The breeze coming off the bay helps a great deal, but they do stink.

Thanks to all of you for reading/commenting. Have a great Thanksgiving.