Thursday, November 18, 2010

Three Things

Once again we find ourselves saying hello to Thursday, which is the day of the week where  we pray for Friday to hurry up and arrive, for Pete's sake  we share three things, whatever we want, anything at all.

Let's begin.

1. Because it's been a month of Sundays since I've been out shooting local scenes, I decided to review  photos from the past couple of  Novembers.  This one, likely taken at Bethel Beach, is from November 2008, my first year of blogging.  It isn't the greatest shot by any stretch of the imagination, but there simply has been no time to take any new ones, and I'm desperate.

2. Without fresh photos, I have nothing but stale blog posts since my methodology for creating a post goes something like this:

a) Sit down and stare at the computer screen with absolutely no idea--no plan whatsoever--what the topic will be.
b.) Peruse photos, find one that for whatever reason strikes a chord with me.
c) Write about it for a bit and then wander off into the wilderness that comprises the inner workings of my brain.
d) Never really talk about one particular thing, just flit from one odd topic to another.
e) Conclude by trying to wrap it all together, usually with something completely unrelated to that initial inspirational photograph.
f) Press the "Publish Post" button and wonder a whole lot of things, including where it all came from,what planet I came from  and why anyone would want to read it.
g) Rinse and repeat.

3a. One week from today is Thanksgiving, which means one week from today may as well be Christmas since they've been shoving that down our throats sneaking it in on us since October. I'm not prepared for either one and just about flew into a conniption today when a coworker said he'd already completed all his Christmas shopping except for the couple of things he still had to pick up for his wife.  

3b. Stifling the urge to cause serious bodily harm to this individual, not to mention my career, I suggested he change the subject, since some of us who are hosting Thanksgiving haven't even purchased the first item for that joyous occasion, never mind had the time to consider what is happening over a month from now for Christmas.

So, that's all I have.  Angst over lack of fresh photos.  A strong desire to get out this weekend and take new ones. Anxiety over Thanksgiving, and dread over Christmas. Depression over the dark, dreary evenings and an ardent desire to move to Bora Bora.  The End.

Now it's your turn.  Please tell us what's going on in your world, although if you celebrate Christmas and have already done your shopping, I beg you not to tell us.  My coronary arteries thank you in advance.


BayBrowder said...

1. Working tomorrow as a volunteer in the Animal Care Society Shop in Mathews....come in, say hi, and start/finish your Christmas shopping. The animals will be the beneficiaries.
2. Had a great time tonight and last Saturday working with a volunteer group building a small wooden sailboat for 4H youth sailing classes. We're working in the Mathews Maritime Foundation building on Gwynn's Island, formerly Pulley's Marine, and before that the shops of Gilbert amazing man who built steel sailboats up to 55 feet in these buildings...also an amazing biologist, adventurer, inventor, and author (Inagua, The Bay, and the difinitive book on how to build recreational steel boats).
3. Only 13 days left in November and before the closing of the overflow facility of the Gloucester-Mathews Humane Society. There are still 13 dogs in this building at great risk and in need of a home, either permanent or foster. Please consider helping one of these wonderful animals.

deborah said...

I love your blogs, especially the rinse and repeat part:)
1. Today my son bought a 20 lb. turkey for me to bake for Thanksgiving.
1a. My oven quit today, without fanfare or prewarming, oops, prewarning.
2. Thankfully, we don't 'do' a commercial Christmas now that our boys are grown. A nice meal and a few small gifts make for a wonderful stress-free holiday.
3. Bora Bora sounds wonderful now that it is gloomy, dark and raining 23 hours a day. We did see a huge double rainbow yesterday during a five minute break in the rain.
Officially Friday now, go and enjoy the weekend!

Deltaville Jamie said...

1. I am currently sitting in the airport waiting for my 9:30 flight it is currently 6am plenty of time for my anxiety to reach panic mode.
2. While sitting here I am wondering what the heck I'm doing going on this trip in the first place.
3. I think I would rather be driving to deltaville and if I had my car I would leave and do just that.

Anonymous said...

1. I can fix that problem with a road trip
2. If you hit the lottery you can hire someone to right the blog for you
3. you have to play to win

Annie said...

1. having fun with the little family at the beach..on and off.

2. such fun playing on the beach with a jet lagged two year old.

3. I am a bit tired.

Lynne M. said...

1. My 14 1/2 year old killed TWO deer yesterday... a big doe and a huge 7 pointer. He got home at 9:30 and was wrung up tighter than a cork.. he was as happy as a puppy with two tails, and I'm proud of him.

2. Doc appt yesterday, heard heartbeat, all is well.

3. Baby will be 1 year old the day before Thanksgiving! Already!! Time flies..

Mental P Mama said...

1. I am so happy to be living in the Complex. No more hosting Turkey Dinner. For a while...
2. Did those animals at the closing shelter find homes?
3. I cannot wait for my babies to come home!

Country Girl said...

1. I cannot stand people who say that they are done with their holiday shopping.
2. I do my posts the same way!
3. Think happy thoughts. And sip wine. You'll get through the holidays.

Daryl said...

Lets see ..

Rose is in the vet/hospital for surgery we put off while she was sick ... missing her last nite I remembered all the reasons we kept postponing .. we didnt want her to think we were throwing her away ...sigh

Next Thursday is the last hurdle in Christmas/Hannuka's way ... and we never celebrate traditionally.

This year I am thinking maybe peanut butter and jelly sandwiches ... or pizza

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

1. Have absolutely not given one thought to Christmas shopping, except to wonder where the money's gonna come from.

2. Peezer's birthday falls right after the holidays, the first week back to school in fact, so I guess while I'm busy not doing stuff I should also not be thinking about throwing him a birthday party or anything.

3. How many days till Thanksgiving again? I can't wait for the break, the food, the friends, the fun. My soul needs it.

foolery said...