Friday, November 12, 2010

The Islander Brochure

Scanned copy of an original brochure from the Islander

The other day while rifling through a box of memories, I stumbled upon this brochure for the Islander motel, marina and restaurant from back in its heyday.

Click on the images (above and below) to enlarge them.

See that naive girl in the middle (above) pretending to tuck her hair behind her ear?  That's a young Chesapeake Bay Woman, circa 1981, strolling through the shallow waters that hug the shoreline just beyond the pool area.  

CBW spent many happy summers at that pool and became fast friends with Charles the lifeguard, who was the owners' nephew.  One day, Charles told her to follow That Man With the Camera down to the beach to take some pictures.  Without asking any questions, CBW dutifully obliged. 

After asking her to sign some paperwork, The Man With the Camera told her to walk around pretending to do this or that. When he insisted she pretend to tuck her hair behind her ear, CBW could hardly pretend not to laugh.  Nobody would ever walk along that beach doing something so silly.

In spite of this internal debate, CBW pretended to do the this or that the man suggested, and the next thing she knew the photo of her doing the silliest thing of all was in the Islander brochure. 

See the man in the pool with the child on his shoulders (lower left corner, above)?  That was Dr. Kearney, our pediatrician, and his daughter Colleen.  My mother considered him the best pediatrician ever.  He was the first person she called when CBW served her siblings d-Con rat poison at a tea party.  (Nobody was actually eating anything, it was just pretend, for goodness sakes.)

What I remember most besides his accent and moustache was getting shots, lots of them, and bracing for what he described as "just a little pinch."

Now we're together for eternity in the Islander brochure.

Scanned copy of back side of original brochure

Unrelated to pretend hair tucking, rat poison, pediatricians or pinches but still related to the Islander, below is a copy of an Islander ad that ran in a 1974 Mathews High School Tidewater Shrine Club Football Classic program (try saying that three times in a row, really fast).  Mathews played West Point, in case anyone was still awake wondering. My friend Bayman and I found this rummaging through an attic one hot, sweltering day.

Be advised that the time of year to rummage around an unventilated attic is any time of year except summer.  

Scanned copy of an MHS football program ad, 1974

Be advised the time of year to take a walk down Memory Lane is any time.

This concludes CBW's lesson in how to use her scanner walk down the particular cul-de-sac of Memory Lane known as the Islander. 

Have a great weekend.


David D said...

That brings back memories. It's ashame the state the Islander is in now. I remember during the summer that place was jumping. Rode the boat over to the pool before I had a license. I have a lot of great memories there.

Anonymous said...

your weird girl, but I like weird!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Aw the old pleasure palace, I could write and X rate book on some of the stuff that went on at the Islander. Things like cloths optional after midnight in the pool (and some people just need to keep their cloths ON REALLY) and the old give my husband another drink so he will pass out so she could go play!! Wild times I better shut up before you figure me out!!

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

Look at you, gettin' all Bo Derek on yourself!
I'm tellin' ya, we've got to bring back the Islander!

Deltaville Jamie said...

I so needed this blog this morning... the D-Con rat poison tea party made me laugh so hard I cried. Next time use Cyanide baked in cookies, tastes like almonds, they'll never know.

I would love to have the Islander open back up.

Daryl said...

What wonderful memories ... and its no surprise you were gorgeous then just as you are now

Kate said...

The two reasons my parents took us to the Islander was for fireworks on 4th of July and for summer swimming lessons. However, I love looking back on how active it used to be. So many people had such good times there, and it's so sad to me that a generation or two won't have those same memories. I really hope someone rebuilds that place!

Kay L. Davies said...

Love that bathing suit. Really. And Meg is right, it made me think of Bo Derek. I think it was the hair-tucking thing that clinched it.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

deborah said...

not only are you famous in the picture, you are gorgeous! I enjoyed reading the brochure...what good times and memories for you! Rat poison tea..too funny:))

big hair envy said...

It's really not fair that so much beauty was confined to one family...

WV: coonex Is that a product that eliminates those pesky raccoons?

foolery said...

Not the LEAST bit surprised, of course. And I spend half my day tucking my hair behind my ears, but I NEVER look that good doing it, EVER.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Hey, David D. - I took the boat over too, long before I had a license. If you're the same David D. from my class, I saw you there quite a bit. Those were great summers.

Anonymous-Yes, I am. Can't help it. Was born that way and it seems to be getting worse/better (depending on how one views it) with age.

Anonymous #2 - Mathews Mark? Is that you? Are you back?

Meg- We do have to bring that place back. Oh, the blog fests we could throw there...

DJ-Some might consider this a subconscious desire to harm my sisters. But really, the box was handy and there was stuff in it, so I ever-so-daintily spooned some out onto the nice pretend china we had at our miniature kitchen table. Nobody had any intentions of eating it. My mother found us just as we were getting ready to *pretend* to eat it. Then all hell broke loose. The End. It's a story that I'll never live down along with the undercooked pork sausage. Same pediatrician was involved in that episode too.

Daryl-Thanks but I sure don't feel that way these days. Just feel old and washed up.

Kate-Nothing beats those fireworks. Watching from the boat was the best.

Kay-That hair tucking thing really annoyed me, I'm not sure why.

Deborah-Thank you...and regarding the d-Con, we were having a tea party, but I actually set out plates and was serving it up as food to go along with our tea. Pretend food, of course. But try telling my family members that...

BHE-I thought Coonex was the tissue paper raccoons use to wipe the makeup circles from under their eyes. (BTW, I think that's what got the cat the other night. He’s recovering nicely after spending several hours at the vet.)

Foolery-You underestimate yourself. You are extremely photogenic and are also an excellent actress based on that last commercial you shared with us.

Hope everyone has a relaxing weekend. Thanks for reading, commenting, and tolerating these little side trips back in time.

AverettLadyNana said...

Thanks for the memories....

Anonymous said...

Dr. Kearney was a great doctor. I can't help but clinch my butt cheeks together when I see his picture, though. I got MANY A SHOT in the hind parts from him. Too bad I didn't know you weren't supposed to tighten your muscles, could have been a lot less painful!I wish I had fonder memories...
Baby Sis

Tom Thacker said...

If I'nm not mistaken (and these days that can be hit or miss) the boy holding the crab under your picture is Bill Steinbach. His parents kept a boat at the marina back in the early 80's. I remember his sister making a fuss over the brochure.