Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Route 3

One of the unintended benefits of the sewer line project in Mathews is this photo op.

One night on the ride home from ________________(fill in the blank, it's irrelevant, though chances are good it was Gloucester and a middle school sporting event was involved), the VDOT crew had us stopped in the middle of the road, waiting impatiently patiently for the left-hand lane of traffic to come through.

Just as I considered the long-term repercussions of committing a felony due to the frustration of waiting in all this traffic that's not supposed to happen in Mathews, I remembered that my camera was in the back seat.

Sometimes a minor inconvenience is really a great opportunity.


deborah said...

Traffic in Mathews? No way! Love the pic with all the vines..in the growing season it must be covered in green.

Mental P Mama said...

Cannot wait for this book!

Anonymous said...

come on you were really looking at the flag man weren't you! tell the truth

foolery said...

Your Blisters need to buy you a set or orange traffic cones and an orange vest for Christmas. Are you good at looking OFFICIAL?

Daryl said...

Oh I am so glad you got to get those shots

WV affien ... I am affien that you dedicate that book to us Blisters