Thursday, November 11, 2010

Three Things

Moon over Queens Creek

Hey there, hi there, hello there, and welcome to the day of the week known as Three Thing Thursday, where we share three thoughts, comments, remarks, statements, sentences, paragraphs, ideas or words.  

You could share three letters, I suppose, but I'm kinda sorta hoping for more. I'm also kinda sorta thinking a hand needs to come out of the computer screen, swat me on the wrists and send me directly to remedial English class for saying kinda sorta - now going on three times in the same paragraph. 

Let's begin.

1.  The Mathews High School Cross Country teams will travel to Great Meadows in the Plains, Virginia, for Saturday's state meet.  The last time I was at Great Meadows was for the Virginia Wine Festival in 1995, only I couldn't sample one ounce of wine since I was pregnant with Chesapeake Bay Son, who is now in high school running cross country, although he won't be running on Saturday since he's an alternate.  

Dear Remedial English Teacher:  It's OK, really.  That last sentence actually hurt me more than you.  The vertigo you're experiencing along with the urgent desire to pound your fist and break that sentence up into two or three succinct statements will pass just as soon as you leave this blog post. I can do better.  Promise. Just not right now. 

2.  Another Great Meadows memory was the Gold Cup which is supposedly a horse race--except nobody  there watches the horses.  Spectators are interested only in sipping mint juleps from sterling silver goblets what everyone else is wearing.  

And what they're wearing includes just about anything found in any given closet at Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle:  hideous hats, flowery dresses, high heels, and panty hose. And that's just the men.  CBW never understood why anyone would wear such attire to a horse race, but that's because in Mathews the only thing you dress up for is Sunday preaching, weddings and funerals. You'd be laughed out of the county if you attended any sort of farm-animal or equine-related event in a dress.  

Anyway, when I lived in Northern Virginia years ago, these sorts of outings were a regular part of my life.  Now, I am very happy to be as far away from all that as possible.  Saturday's meet will be the highlight of my social calendar for the month, and thankfully there will be no preppies dress code.

3.  Don't forget about the dogs, like Butch below, who need homes.  The satellite/overflow facility used by the Humane Society in Gloucester is closing the end of this month and many, many dogs will be impacted.  If you can provide even a temporary foster home you might be saving a life.

Butch (ACORN): Border Collie, Dog; Gloucester, VA

Now it's your turn to share three (or more) things.  Feel free to use run-on sentences, dangling participles, made-up words, and misplaced modifiers.  The Remedial English teacher ran away screaming, so it'll be our little secret.


Annie said...

a. i just arrived home with the car from the garage,
b. i'm exhausted.
c. my daughter n family arrive monday for a month. lovely.

Have a great weekend.

deborah said...

1. gave in, went with hubby to the doctor.
2. We both have bronchitis, and mine has gone into the depths of my lungs. Fun.
3. I feel like crap on a big stick.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

1. Spent most of the night with a cat whose neck has been half gnawed off by some other animal.

2. CB Son has to be at school 20 minutes earlier than usual which means extra panic and chaos in the household this morning on top of #1 above.

3. The dog relieved himself on the carpet in the foyer. See 1 and 2 above for how perfectly this fits in with the day thus far.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

Oooh, CBW's off to a good start! Let me try:

1. The 5 year old padded over to our bed - again - with pillow in hand. Now instead of saying "I had a bad dream" he simply says "Mommy: PILLOW." Which means, make room for me in the middle, I remembered my own pillow.

2. I'm about to attend his kindergarten parent-teacher conference. I do hope his tendency to blurt out answers instead of raising his hand and his inability to sit still on his carpet square during reading time won't hamper his chances of getting into Yale.

3. I'm feeling every bit the hamster on a wheel these days. Seriously. Wake up, get the kids out the door, go to work, come home, cook dinner, clean up, get kids to bed, scrape ice cream off of the kitchen island (yes, nightly, thanks to the 12 year old), fall into bed. Lather, rinse, repeat. Ad infinitum.

Lynne M. said...

1. wow - I just read Mrs. F's squirrel story and now am pretty queasy - we have a "pet" squirrel.

2. The dogs at the shelter are calling me -- had to return Angel to God on 10-23 -- I think it's too soon for me to see or touch a dog yet.

3. But they are calling my name! Very loudly!

3a. Great. Now I'm crying at work.. ugh pregnancy hormones!

Ann Marie said...

1. It is the love of my lifes birthday.

2. He is in heaven.

3. I wish I could go visit and have a birthday dinner with him.

Deltaville Jamie said...

1. Big Sis got her learner's permit and the Brat Child got an ear infection. I can't even tell you how many traffic violations I committed trying to turn a 35 min drive into a 20 min drive in order to get BC to the doctor. I did it and informed Big Sis I was showing her what NOT to do while driving.

2. This time next week I will be sitting in BWI airport trying not to panic and throw up prior to my flight to California. Someone suggested I drink, however, being the only person responsible for me and not wanting to end up stranded in Denver, I'll just hope for the best.

3. I do have a very nice hotel room booked for my overnight in Monterey next Friday. The room even has a fireplace. I'm not sure I'm coming home.

4. I love Butch. I love Butch's name. I would take Butch home now if I thought it was doable with me in PA

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

Deltaville Jamie, this morning I saw a plane banking after takeoff from DC National and was overcome by a serious longing to fly anywhere. Immediately. For a long time. So if you find you can't, uh, make your flight to Monterrey, call me, I'll stand in for ya. Because that's what Blisters do for each other.

WV is trevalim. Which sounds to me like a pharmaceutical remedy that Jamie should take before boarding the plane.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

1. The cat must go to the vet, but my vet is closed on Thursday. CB Mother is taking Cat to her vet so I can do the million other things I have to juggle today.

2. CB Mother, during trip #2 to vet later today, will have to put her dog Danger to sleep.

3. So far, this has not been a good day.

foolery said...

1. Wishing you a MUCH better day and a cat who sleeps through the night.

2. I'm fixing up the guest room, preparing for a) unspecified imaginary future guests, or b) sleeping alone in a snit. I haven't decided.

3. Deltaville Jamie, the anxiety you feel will totally disappear once you're seated on the plane. I PROMISE. And Monterey is lovely. Be sure to cruise the streets of Carmel to laugh at the Conspicuous Consumers. ; )

WV today: GROCKEY, which sounds like an apt description.

Daryl said...

I would foster a pup in a nano sec if I had more than a teensy NYC apartment a husband and two cats - one of whom barely tolerates the other ... and Butch is the perfect name for that guy ..

I sure hope the cat survived ...

We were (WV)alfor whatever CBW had in store and we werent disappointed ..

Mental P Mama said...

1. Are you getting a buddy for Buddy?
2. I think Gustav needs a puppy to mentor.
2. So do the CB Parents.

TSannie said...

Oh CBW I do hope all your animals, 2 legged and 4 legged let you get some rest this weekend.

TSannie said...

Tell you mom I'm sorry for her losing her Danger.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

I'm sorry about Danger!!:-(