Monday, November 1, 2010

The Islander

This beautiful moon, hovering over Gwynn's Island, visited about a week ago.   

The Islander, once a flourishing motel, marina and restaurant, is there on the right. 

As we've said many times on this blog, the Islander is a little piece of heaven and local history in dire need of some attention. Sitting on one of the best pieces of real estate in the county, it has the potential to return to its former status as one of the premier vacation destinations for boaters, tourists, and locals alike.

But money (lots) and resources (considerable) would be required to complete such a project. 

For the moment, let's pretend that I own the property, which I don't, but for purposes of what is to follow let's just pretend. Daydreaming and pretending are pretty much how I survive. It pays to have a vivid imagination.  It doesn't seem to pay actual money--at all--but it pays in other ways such as physical and mental endurance when dealing with the day of the week called Monday and it is Sunday night as you write this.

Note to self:  If you use the word "it" any more in this post, a hand will reach through the computer screen and slap you. Not once, but twice

Why is the Commodores song Three Times a Lady starting up in my head?  

With the DIY Network people coming in town soon to begin filming for their next  Blog Cabin series, I see  a grand opportunity to match resources with potential projects.

Mathews County is thrilled you'll be here soon to film your Blog Cabin show   featuring one of our lovely older homes.  We hope your project is a huge success and that your crew adjusts quickly to the unique quirks of our sometimes eccentric community which includes an oil-and-water blend a unique blend of Come Heres and From Heres, all of whom are engaged in a daily battle with insects, yard work,  heat and humidity every month of the year except January and half of February. 

When you've completed your project in Susan, could I take you for a drive over to Gwynns Island to visit the Islander?  I am convinced once you saw it* you'd find good reason to spend another couple of seasons here in Mathews.  

Also, if it* isn't asking too much, I'd like to take  you over to another house in Hudgins with a quasi-flooded basement, an electrical system gone awry, a malfunctioning hot tub, a pop-up camper that won't pop-up, three leaky faucets, some drywall damage to the ceiling where CB Son stepped through some insulation in the attic, a shoreline that needs bush hogging, and a worn out mother dock/boathouse that needs attention.

I really appreciate it. *  


What would you ask DIY Network to help you with?

* Slap! Slap!


deborah said...

Selfishly I would ask them to fix the heat pump (so we won't freeze this winter) and restore my twice flooded family room to its former squalor oops glory.
I do hope the DIY bunch see the potential in the Islander! That would be a wonderful project and a huge boost for your wonderful area!

wv: state: She states *it* is the word of the day

Ann Marie said...

I would ask them to fix the Islander... the end.

Anonymous said...

I am with Ann Marie....I packed the kids up everyday at 9:30 and stayed til 6, each and every sunny day all summer long. Happy Hour started right around noon. Those were great days and my oldest 3 are great swimmers thanks to the patient life guards who spent hours teaching back flips, dives and more. I miss those days.


Daryl said...

Well, I dont need the place painted again .. yet ... but the floors need work .. gorgeous wood plank floors but after 40+ yrs of walkin' rollin' and runnin' .. its got spots what need replacing and the rest could use a good re-staining.

IT would be good if you would ask them to consider renovating/restoring the Islander .. whaddya got to lose?

Trisha said...

I would have them help me get my bonus room up and running! I want IT to be an office for me as well as a place to sew and to relax1

foolery said...

I see a bulldozer in my future.

Anonymous said...

Who owns the Islander? Is it for sale? (Just Curious)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

deborah-I certainly hope you get your heat pump fixed - that's sort of a "must have." Do you have a fireplace as backup? Woodstove?

AM and AHR- Wouldn't it be wonderful? (AHR - Good to hear from you!)

Daryl- I'm sure they've been approached but there must be reasons why they haven't made any changes. I'm sure cost is a key factor.

Trisha-An office/dedicated work space sounds wonderful. If my basement weren't flooded I'd set up shop down there.

Foolery-You'd look mahvelous in a hard hat.

Anonymous - I know the people/family who own the business/property, but whether it is officially up for sale at this moment in time,I do not know. Believe they tried selling it a while back but am unsure what exactly happened.

Although I don't dare speak on their behalf, I am sure that they'd be willing to talk to anyone potentially interested - can't hurt to harm in that...

Diane said...

I have some walls that have been spackled and need sanding, primed and painted. And some siding that needs painting after my idiot neighbor sprayed it when he painted his side of my fence with an air compressor spray painter. New carpet would be nice. And one of my bathtubs leaks. And the master shower needs grout. Other than that, all is well.

Country Girl said...

I want to win that Blog Cabin house. It's going to be awesome.