Sunday, November 7, 2010


The Gloucester Mathews Humane Society has an overflow/satellite building which is closing at the end of this month. The many dogs housed in this building will have no place to go.  

If you or someone you know can provide a home (foster or permanent) you could be saving a life. 

Just look at these eyes...

Felix(ACORN): Beagle, Dog; Gloucester, VA
Felix is an outgoing and friendly neutered male tri color beagle. Felix is currently being housed at the satellite facility. Please contact the shelter about meeting the dogs being housed at ACORN.
Click here for more information.

Christie(ACORN): Black And Tan Coonhound, Dog; Gloucester, VA
Christie is a beautiful Black & Tan about 3 years old.  She has been spayed and is crate trained.Chistie is currently housed at the sateliite facility known as ACORN.  Click here for more information.

Butch (ACORN): Border Collie, Dog; Gloucester, VA
Butch had been tied to a tree where flies had been eating the tops of his ears. He had other wounds and was not at all sure that these new people were going to treat him any differently than those in his past. Butch gave us a chance though.  He tries to be reserved now but wants so much to show us how much he likes us. He will run toward us but then quickly sit down to make sure we will be pleased with him. Most of his open sores have healed and the ears have some scar tissue that may never grow hair, but Butch thinks he's one lucky fellow to get so much kindness. He knows basic commands but may need a refresher on those and help with being house broken. Butch is a border collie / pit mix, a great looking black and white neutered male. Hes 4 to 5 years old and weighs in at 51 solid pounds. He wants so much to play.  Click here for more information.

There are many more dogs in need and only a few weeks left to find homes.  

Please help spread the word.


Tiggeriffic said...

I love Butch..even before I heard his story.. No dog here at my house too many grandchildren with allergies.. Rats~!
We used to have lab's and loved them so much.. I love these rescue dogs because they turn out to be the best dog anyone could own. Hope someone soon comes and claims one of these dogs because they WILL be your best friend..

Mental P Mama said...

Crying in Connecticut.

Kay L. Davies said...

Heartbreaking. I love them all, but Butch is going to make someone a devoted pet if they're not too late.
Our rescue dog is the brightest spot in our lives. We can't imagine what we ever did without her.
Please, if you're anywhere near the Acorn shelter, I join CBW in asking you to let one of these sweeties into your life.
-- Kay

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Country Girl said...

Butch's story nearly had me in tears. Why do people mistreat animals like this?!

The Wrenns said...

We just rescued two dogs from the humane society here in Gloucester--or we would definitely come grab some of those dogs! I'll spread the word to friends down here!

BayBrowder said...

CBW...Sincere thanks and appreciation for helping to get the word out about my friends (and myself) who are at great risk. We desperately need a home now...either permanent adoptive or a temporary foster...thanks....Honey the hound.

foolery said...

Looking for a dog but a continent separates me from Felix. Otherwise I would SO be there. Best of luck.