Saturday, November 27, 2010

Scenes from Wayland

Wayland Baptist Church was an inadvertent stop a few weeks ago.

Although I took many pictures that day, the one above is probably my favorite.  This headstone struggles to stand even though it would be supported by the church--if only it would lean back.

(I'm sure there's a lesson hidden somewhere in all this. But aside from that, look at the date on this thing.)

Below is a window from the church.

Next to the church is an older building just loaded with character--and a few of its own expressive windows.

Barely visible in these photos is a hook above the door which must have held a light fixture.

But that's just a guess, and we all know about CBW's guesswork.  Chances are good her guess is wrong.

I sure do wish this place could talk.

Behind this church and its charismatic side building is a cemetery, parts of which are being overtaken by Mother Earth.  

I was spellbound by Wayland and grateful to have stumbled upon it on my way to who knows where wherever I was going.  It's a beautiful church with lots of stories to be told, starting with all the unmarked graves in the back.


Annie said...

Old churches, old gravestones. always fascinating. Especially with those glorious fall colors.

Hope your Thanksgiving was a happy one, cbw.

I enjoyed having my American daughter and family back home, and a special Thanksgiving meal she cooked for the family. Lovely. And so great to be at the beach with them at the moment.

Deltaville Jamie said...

One of the things I love about the Tidewater area is all the really cool churches. They are all gorgeous.

deborah said...

What a quaint little Church and cemetary..enjoying the pictures!

Kay L. Davies said...

Fascinating area you have there, CBW. And lovely, too.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Country Girl said...

Very cool find. Love the leaves against the white of the church.

These Nine Acres said...

Excellent stumble upon! I love cemeteries, myself and could spend ridiculous amounts of time there.

Mental P Mama said...

Love these! That last shot looks like there's a sea star on top of the steeple;)