Friday, August 12, 2011


This series of boat pictures was brought to you by the public landing down Onemo, also known as Winter Haven Landing at Winter Harbor, although I've never called it that.*

Of course I still call a refrigerator an ice box and eat supper rather than dinner because dinner is really lunch, at least according to my favorite grandmother.

So don't pay any mind to what I happen to call things.  It's either way outdated, blatantly wrong, or close but no cigar.

In this particular case as it relates to the public landing, I just call all of them The Public Landing. It so happens, however, that our tourist literature assigns fancier names, which I pass along for my own education for everyone's benefit.

And now, before I get too far off track, I'll bring this post to a merciful close by wishing you a very happy weekend.

Have a great one.

*According to what I'm reading, which is a handy dandy guide to Mathews County given out at the Information Center, there is Winter Harbor Haven located in Peary at Horn Harbor.  And there is Winter Haven Landing located in Onemo at Winter Harbor.   There are far too many harbors, havens and winters being referenced for any of this to be meaningful, which is why I must insist on calling it simply the public landing at Onemo.  Thank you for your patience as I struggle with attempt to navigate these very confusing waters and their associated proper names.


Anonymous said...

I see those boats and want to jump into any one of them & shove off without destination planned.
My grandmother had an (electric) 'icebox' in her kitchen, and an actual ICE box in the garage, a relic from her youth. An iceman used to arrive in a wagon at her father's house and deliver a huge block of ice. The ice was set in the metal box, and food was set on top of/next to the ice, keeping cold as the block slowly melted.
When I was broke & had a teenage son at home, our fridge broke down, and we lived like campers for months. I bought a bag of ice each day & we kept it and perishable food in a cooler--back to the romance of icebox era...
Speaking of teenage sons, I hope CB son has a great birthday--on a Saturday, no less !

Maria_NJ said...

Good Morning CBW and readers..

not much going on today, just have a late start at work, don't have to be there till 2pm and work till 10...

hApPy bIRtHday!!! CBW son!!

So have you decided to sell the crab hats at the Market days?? That is the place you wanted to sell them right?
Have a wonderful weekend...

deborah said...

Happy Birthday CBW son!
CBW, you get younger as your children age:)

Enjoying the lovely boat pics
Have an awesome weekend!

Daryl said...

Happy Birthday to CBSon ..

and no matter what you call 'em, those are great boat shots

Mental P Mama said...

Wait. I think I remember one of those boats.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes for CB Son. His weekend of celebrating started Thursday and carried on until this evening, when my parents hosted a seafood extravaganza that included fried flounder, broiled shrimp and steamed crab legs. Mmmm mmmm good.

Maria - Yes, Market Days would be a great place to sell the crab hats, but as usual I am behind in my planning. It's right around the corner, and I'm not sure I could get a bulk order of crab hats to arrive in time, but I'll look into it...

Geertje said...

Beïng a Dutch woman, deeply in love with Chesapeake Bay, I absorb all your information as if it were water in the desert. So struggle with the exact location as much as you need to, I love to read everyting you write.
Thank you very much for bringing Cheasapeake Bay to me.
Love from Holland