Thursday, August 4, 2011

Three Things

At the risk of sounding like a broken record since it feels like I just typed these same tired words yesterday, it's Thursday, which means it's time to share three things.

1. Last night was the first time I'd set foot in the Gloucester Walmutant Walmart since....June, maybe? I couldn't get out of there fast enough thanks to all the crazy people on scooters blocking the aisles and exits for a variety of reasons, not the least of which was the aroma of rotisserie chickens that infused every single square foot of the place. It's sort of like the intoxicating smell of movie theater popcorn, except instead of watching a movie, you're watching a freak show a horror show rows upon rows of boxes of kitchen trash bags, trying to make an informed decision on the pros and cons of kitchen size vs. lawn size vs. scented vs. black vs. clear vs. white vs. odor control vs. this is why I shop at Best Value where there are no choices, no decisions, just get what you need and get out.....all the while drooling all over yourself wondering how long such an aromatic rotisserie chicken would actually last on a 20-minute car ride home. (The answer is it would be gone before I made it out the parking lot.)

2. At the risk of stating the obvious, I have problems with run-on sentences; meandering thoughts unrelated to the original topic; dangling participles; misplaced car keys modifiers; redundancy; overpunctuation; underpunctuation; ridiculousity; and much, much more . Please see this entire post above as one of my finest examples yet.

(Dear High School English Teacher,  it's not your fault.)

3. High school sports have already begun. Chesapeake Bay Son started cross country practice this week, which means he has to be at the Intermediate School or Beaverdam (in the next county over) at 6:30 most mornings. We are once again at the mercy of the sports/school calendar.

3b. Serenity now.

Now it's your turn to share three things, whatever you want. Anything at all.


Anonymous said...

oh dear--the cross country schedule also requires rising at o'dark thirty... I say we humans need to honor our Circadian rhythms and not venture out of our caves before daylight. I also wish Daylight Savings time could be year round. (I'm Nordic-Celtic and suffer from annual, winter, light deprivation ..bleh)I was born at 5:30 a.m., and still say that was the only legit reason for me to be up at that ungawdly hour.
On sunflowers : my favorite, and they are an entity--far more than a plant. I love their name in espa~ol : " Girasol", gyrating their faces to the sun's path across the sky.The sight of them can get me through the day.

Bethie said...

1. Started a job this week, first one in seven years.

2. It is harder than I remember.

3. I can not get enough sleep.

Mental P Mama said...

1. That Walmart has good wine as I recall.
2. Can we just go start a new life somewhere?
3. Even the sports-laden kids can come.

deborah said...

Good morning!
I enjoy your sentences.
I hate Wal Mart.
I am glad my 'boys' are no longer in organized sports.

wv: guessa I'm guessa you've got a tough school schedule this season.

growing wild on waverly lane said...

Walked 4 mi yesterday.

Walked 5 mi day before yesterday.

Walked 5 mi day before that.

Walked every day for last two weeks.

Every day I am closer to God.

Daryl said...

During the storm filled weekend I spent in Gloucester the male part of the bridal party spent a lot of time at that Walmart ...

I hear things like sports schedules and being somewhere not in my own apartment at 6:30 Ayem and I embrace my childlessness

Lauttasc (WV said in Butterfly McQueen's little voice), I sure am glad I ain't got to be schlepping kids to sports

Maria_NJ said...

Good morning...

1. CBW you are not going to believe what I got at a garage sale last Saturday B4 work...2 CRAB HATS! a quarter a piece! I told the DH that when they knock on our door and surprise us that we won the Twin Coves BC home we will be donning our crab babushkas!

2. I went to go look into going back to school. They opened a new beauty school a couple of towns over and I looked into the Esthetician program.(love make-up and skin care) I was shocked at how much the program was, way too much for this 50 something, and I mean really, are they going to hire me over a 20 something?? (I think I have a problem with run on sentences too!)

3. I know this is going to sound awful but I hate China-mart! I really have been making a conscience effort to only buy American products at the store. If more people would do that we would keep our money here and not have to depend on other countries...(stepping off soap box)

wv:unfrygot: I unfrygot that I should really try to hold my tongue on someone's as nice as CBW's blog...sorry if I overstepped my boundaries...

Trisha said...

1. Getting home from a vacation with dirty clothes only to find that the washer doesn't work . .. not fun!

2. Waiting around for the delivery guys to show up with the new washer (and the new oven) . . .. not fun.

3. Living in a place where it is 108+ degrees everyday . . . not fun.

Windsmurf said...

1. Thank God my kids are grown so I am freed from the sports schedules.
2. Growing Wild, do you turn around and come back each day or have you been steadily walking further away from home?
3. I speak in rambling, run-on sentences, but when I write I can easily delete and edit before I hit send; I don't always so that, but I could.

Linda said...

1. I am allergic to Wally-World
2. I (me, myself & I!) tend to use parentheses and exclemation points!!! all together too (way too much!!) often!
3. School Sports Schedule makes me not so sad that I was unable to have children.

Anonymous said...

Growing Wild - great job on the walking! Sounds like heaven...

I am shocked that you can buy two crab hats for 50 cents! Great find, Maria!

It's hotter than H-E-doublehockeysticks in Georgia....I love it, though!

Love, Middle Sis

Mrs F with 4 said...

1. Have spent all week so far polishing acres of my plane. If it is only half mine, surely that should mean I only need to polish my half?

2. I think the prop governor has an oil leak. This is not good news;

3. Did I mention that I leave on vacation tomorrow at the crack of sparrow fart? Driving 1700km with four children and two lunatic hounds. Or perhaps I am the lunatic? And their father (children not hounds) has missed his flight and is 'stranded' in Paris. France, not Texas;

3a. Tell me again who has lost their mind?