Monday, August 8, 2011

Scenes from Bethel Beach

Last week for the first time in a month of Sundays, I took a drive down Bethel Beach.

And while I'd love to do what I do best usually do, which is take a very simple event and twist it into something completely unrelated to the original topic, there's a bad thunderstorm flashing overhead as I type this.

So rather than tempt fate, I will let these photos speak for themselves.

But not without one very quick observation.  

Doesn't the landscape above look like some prairie out in Kansas or Oklahoma?

Based on how violently the wind is whipping outside now, I'd say that's not all that looks like Kansas.  

Auntie Em!

p.s. The storm passed without event just like this blog post.  Have a great week.


TSannie said...

How about Missourahhhh??? That last photo looks like it could have been taken by me, right here in the beautiful midwest! (Lovely photos of one of my favorite neck of the woods.)

WV: Synce "Obviously that photo wasn't taken in Synce, OH!"

TSannie said...

Well, that made no sense at all. What I was trying to say was that last photo looks like it could have been taken in Mid-Mo, which is where I happen to be at the moment, thus I might have taken it.
Second, all the photos on this post are lovely, and one of my favorite places, but it sounded like I was talking about MY photos of MO and not YOUR photos of VA.)
Now I'm even more confused....

WV: bessi. Bessi the cow implored Ann to come on home as Bessi thought Ann had surely lost her mind for good this time. Bessi was a good friend.

Maria_NJ said...

You didn't pull any ticks off of you lately did you? No seriously, two years ago I was in the hospital for 8 days in isolation, everyone who entered my room had to wear masks and gloves and a gown. I was so stinkin sick, but it started out by feeling really tired, I had ehrlichiosis...
it was horrible, no white blood count, no platelets...gone very scary
be careful of tick bites...

OK on to better things...
the pictures are lovely...I am off today and am going to the beach, can't wait, my sister and nephew are visiting so it will be nice, the parking is awful lately, our "private" (no longer) beach is right by where they are building the new casino so the construction trucks take up all the parking, terrible...

there is a picture of the kitchen of the BC on the home page of the DIY website, your right it looks small...but pretty and functional,
CBW did you happen to notice a microwave??

Deltaville Jamie said...

I never made it to Aaron's Beach or Bethel Beach this week and I didn't take my camera the one day I went to Haven Beach. That's actually very odd. But at least I made it to see my favorite Queens Creek resident.

Daryl said...

I love the beaches in your world .. and these are just lovely .. so glad the storm didnt swoop down and carry you off

foolery said...

Don't care where it is, I want to hang out there for a day or a week or forever.

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Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

TSA-It actually did make sense to me, not sure if that's a consolation or not...

Maria - No ticks but I am thinking it was a spider. Or fibromyalgia. Or equine encephalitis or...anyway, to answer your question about the Blog Cabin, first a bit of background. Most of the old farmhouses around here are not large to begin with, at last not by today's McMansion/open floor plan standards. Also, originally most of the kitchens were behind the house in a smaller, separate structure to prevent the main house from burning down in case of a fire. So, unless they were to have added on to the existing house, there's only so much space to work with. All this is a preface to my answer which is yes, it is small, especially by today's standards. It is absolutely beautiful, though, and unless you have a really huge family I think your average BLog Cabin winner will make do just fine, not that I know what an average Blog Cabin winner looks like. (However, I'm hoping the winner makes Vietnamese spring rolls and recently purchased some crab hats)...OK, back to your other question. I was so distraught about not being able to turn on the water faucet that I did not focus on whether there was a microwave. I did notice that one of the walls that faces the driveway is a chalkboard (or rather has a chalkboard surface), making it convenient to write things down such as instructions for turning on the faucet or a reminder note about how to use the ice maker without looking like a fool. Don't recall a microwave but that doesn't mean there isn't one.

DJ - It was good seeing you, thanks for stopping by. Next time bring the kids so your son can help me chase those evil Canada geese...

Daryl - It was a very brief storm but it kicked up some wind and made quite the fuss.

Foolery - You know where we are, would love to have you come back for a visit, any time.

Majid Ali - I checked out your blog, for Christ sake. Good luck to you and best wishes in getting the money for your tuition.

Anonymous said...

CBW--you are wonderful, for Christ's sake .
I know that Bethel Beach is near the Blog Cabin, thanks to your info about beaches in its vicinity Those photos are beautiful.
Maria-that is a hair-raising story about the tick bite reaction--how scary for all of you. Glad that you have made a full recovery. My husband likes the quasi-medical show "Monsters Inside Me" about infectious and parasite- born disease-- I am sure Ehrlichiosis was one of those mentioned. (Maybe if you contact the show, in all seriousness, they would pay you to share your story. It would be something positive to come out of a nightmare.)
CBW --be careful with your spider bite--hope it is better soon...

Snowtography said...

Wuss. :) I went to Gwynn's Island in the storm to take pix. :) Next time, you're comin' along--too much fun!