Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Edwards Creek

The Tree on Edwards Creek

The Tree and the Boat on Edwards Creek

The Boat on Edwards Creek

House on Edwards Creek

Who here is tired of hearing me say Edwards Creek?

CBW put your hand down.

These were all taken from Edwards Creek the public landing over on Edwards Creek Gwynn's Island.  Many stories from my youth involve this particular landing, one of which has to do with driving on this dock, which at the time was not only perfectly acceptable but quite legal, surprisingly.

Another story, however, involves a practice which may have been perfectly acceptable among my peers, but was no doubt pushing the limits of what was actually legal.

Once upon a time, late one summer evening, Chesapeake Bay Teenager, her Middle Sister and some mutual acquaintances drove over to the island and up onto this public landing on Edwards Creek in case I haven't said it enough already.  For those who don't know, not only is a public landing a dock that anyone can visit, it's also a dock that most anyone can tie up to, within reason.

I mean they're not going to allow the QE 2 to pull up there and disembark passengers, but mostly that's because the QE 2 draws just a tad more water than can be found in Edwards Creek.  Oops.  I said it again.

Anyway, my point is there are usually boats tied up to this public landing.  Boats whose owners are usually elsewhere, as in nowhere near the public landing.

It's really tempting easy to climb aboard these owner-less boats which are tied up to this very public landing.

It's even easier to slip the rope off the pole and push off for a spell.

It's even more fun to do this with a bunch of silly, giggly, teenaged friends.

We're not talking about any great big boat or anything, this was just your average rowboat.  I'm sure if the owner were there and we had asked, he would have said I don't think so, not in this lifetime sure, help yourself.  It just so happens he wasn't there to ask.

So we took a spin around That Creek and returned it safely to the dock afterwards.

And to this day Chesapeake Bay Woman feels guilty about it.

The End.

p.s. She also feels guilty about some similar sorts of antics involving yachts tied up at the Islander, but that's a story for another day, even though no yachts were harmed in that story either. 

p.s.s.t.  CBW is proud to announce she is now a law-abiding citizen who may be an accidental trespasser with good intentions but most definitely is not someone who would temporarily steal borrow a boat without asking.  She also does not condone the behavior above and if she ever found out her own children did such a thing there'd be a time goin' on.  

Also, if CB Mother is reading, I blame Middle Sister, who may or may not have actually even been a participant in the Edwards Creek Boat Caper--but I think she was, and it's my job as older sister to cast the blame there, in the middle.


Anonymous said...

CBW, if I had owned a row boat tied to the E.C. dock, I would not have minded at all that your teenage self and co-conspirators had taken it for a spin & returned it safely(your kids are NOT to see this). I myself used to work on lashing wood branches to form a raft with my friends and we used to get all Tom Sawyerish and drift on this little lagoon. Lagoon got drained & there is a shopping center on the site. I am so glad Gwynn's Island has stopped in time and the dock and old boat remain. Loving old houses, I am curious to know if the house in your photo is inhabited ? It has potential !
Maria, I replied to your post in the Bethel Beach blog entry.

Deltaville Jamie said...

I find myself wondering who exactly was Edward and why is the creek named after him? (It's probably actually the last name of someone who had a large land holding there... did I just say "land holding"? Someone must have put some hoity toity in my cornflakes this morning)

Maria_NJ said...

Edwards CreekEdwards CreekEdwards CreekEdwards CreekEdwards CreekEdwards CreekEdwards CreekEdwards CreekEdwards CreekEdwards Creek (can you tell I'm off today!!)

Confession is good for the soul...

LLC I don't think it was a mystery though...Ehrliciouis is fairly common and it was very easy to diagnose...(thank the Lawd)

We are going crabbing today, OK not off of my back dock but somewhere close...I hope I at least get enough for dinner...wish me luck...

CBW thank you for the reply about the BC...I don't see any microwave, kind of odd to me...

Daryl said...

Having met only Baby Sis I dont know if I can take sides here ... BUT as a fellow older sister I am sure it was all your sister's fault, I am sure she insisted and you went along to make sure she'd be ok.. isnt that what happened?

WV: dessa: dessa sistah, dessa another sistah and dessa third sistah ..

Trisha said...

"Borrowing" boats! What different fun teenagers in your area have/had! Since I was raised in a land-locked area - there were not joy rides in a boat. I am jealous!

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food said...

Oh come on, do you think Chesapeake Bay Mum doesn't already know about this? I bet SHE could tell some of her own stories 'bout borrowin' boats!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

LLC aka T.Sawyer -I can get info on that house (just a phone call or text away) but can't remember off hand if it's currently inhabited. We used to make our own boats too, most of which never floated...

DJ-Edwards is indeed a last name, not sure about the land holdings but that would be another quick phone call or text to find out.

Maria - Hope you caught a whole mess of crabs and had a great, well-deserved day off.

Daryl - I knew you'd understand.

Trisha - Yes, and that's not all we borrowed but everything was always returned unharmed. One time my neighbor and I "borrowed" someone's indoor pool that was locked up, for all intents and purposes. That's a story for another day, though.

Meg-Don't think she knows about most of the Gwynn's Island stories but I could be wrong...

Tuesday's finally over. It's been another long week that's barely begun.

wv is dyngen. Feel like I've been in one all day long.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you have your own Mathews County Calendar? Why don't you sell prints and notecards and postcards of your photographs? They are quite wonderful.

How much would you charge me to use some of your images if I wanted to decorate my office with enlarged prints of them?

I'm serious.

Feel free to reply by email.

Hope all is well with you and CB children, siblings and parents!

Anonymous Mathews Native