Friday, August 5, 2011

Scenes from Gwynn's Island

From public landing at Sea Breeze

These photos have several things in common.

Callis Wharf

They were all taken yesterday during an early morning jaunt to Gwynn's Island.

Edwards Creek

They're all of wooden boats.

Off S. Bay Haven Drive

And they were all taken by someone who has been so fatigued here lately, she wonders if she has Lyme disease or equine encephalitis or some rare virus transmitted by the fiddler crabs or the crab-apple-eating Canada geese which infest inhabit her yard.

But more than likely she has just seen one too many episodes of Mystery Diagnosis, which seems to be the only show worth watching the one or two times a month she actually turns on the television set.

Anyway, she will now slip back into the first person and say that I hope you enjoy the weekend.

I really don't feel like doing anything hope to catch up on yardwork and perhaps some sleep.

Are you doing anything exciting?


Anonymous said...

I never do anything exciting on wkends.
Mystry Diagnosis : posting blogs at midnite and jaunting @ dawn taking photos, with a lot of commuting, kid raising & working in between = sleep deprivation & fatigue ?
Maria, as much as I'd love to win the Blog cabin in Mathews, I have to admit that your finding crab hats at a garage sale seems to be a Sign...

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

LLC-You may be right, although my latest theory, after awakening one morning with a swollen ankle that still hurts days later, is that I was bitten by some mutant spider. Either way, I plan on sleeping this weekend.

Unrelated, we need photos of Maria in her newly acquired crab hat. I definitely see this as a sign that she's going to win the blog cabin.

Chip "Rocket Man" Allen said...

I love that first shot! It's gotten to the point that I'm having trouble finding anything interesting to point a camera at even when I do manage to get outside. I think I'm just burned out on summer and ready for fall to arrive.

Snowtography said...

Groovy photos as always! As for exciting weekend...going shagging Saturday night. Otherwise just surviving the heat is exciting enough for me. :) Maybe a boat ride at some point--might have to pick you up! Depending on the heat of course...

BTW, I have started adding video to my blog...hope to add a couple per week.


Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Chip - I know that feeling. Sometimes you have to ride it out, but sometimes you just have to ride to somewhere different even if it's in your same stomping grounds, so to speak. Take the road less traveled or just look in a different direction than you normally would. Or, just wait for fall and the change of seasons, either/or will work.

Julie-Next time y'all stop by you'll have to show me how to load video to a blog, right after you show me how to *shoot* video from my camera which has the capability. (That's where the capability ends though.)

Snowtography said...

No problem, be gladd to. Easy to use the video feature on the camera. I upload my vids to Facebook and Youtube. Once you upload to, you copy the embed code and add it to the blog--very easy to copy and paste the code.

Mental P Mama said...

Oh no! Get thee to the doc. Lyme is serious business up here and the sooner it's treated, the better your chances of getting rid of it....and after that, please research what it would take to buy and restore The Islander. Mkay?

Daryl said...

OUCH .. do not fool around, get that looked at!

and no walking here this weekend, its just toooooo hot and too rainy .. sigh

The manism (WV) here is also too busy working to bother walking ..

Bluebird49 said...

Do you have Fibromyalgia CBW?--You sound like I feel everyday of my life....hope you're just in a summer slump!