Monday, August 1, 2011


Yesterday on my way home from a very nice trip out of town, I stopped down Freeport Landing, which is in the next county over.

This charming structure lives there...

...right next to a very healthy crop of corn.

The building beseeched me to come in and take a look around, but a youngster on what appeared to be a homemade minibike made me think twice about getting any closer.

I mean really.  The thing this kid was riding looked like a chair seat strapped onto a scooter frame, held together with paper clips, crazy glue, and rubber bands--with a lawnmower engine powering it.

Not that I know a lawnmower engine from a jet engine, but it sure sounded like a lawn mower. Perhaps it was just my subconscious reminding me how much the grass needs cutting here at Casa de CBW, which, by the way, does not get done when I'm lollygagging down Freeport Landing after being away from home all weekend. For private lessons in how to avoid any and all work, please dial 1-800-CBW-Procastinates.

Why I didn't get a picture of that is beyond me, except that I was probably in shock at what I was seeing and perhaps even a little afraid the kid was going to ask me what I was doing nosing around, even though I was the one who had all the questions, including "Have I slipped into some parallel universe where people spring spontaneously from the middle of corn fields riding some homemade death trap right when I'm about to take a peek inside a very quaint building?" Or better yet, "What in the world is that, young man, and does your mother know what you've done to her chair?"

Anyway, enough about the homemade minibike. We now return to the topic at hand which is procrastination Freeport Landing.

The two few of you who have been reading for a while know that every time I talk about Freeport Landing I am compelled to mention for the ten thousandth time record that my mother's German ancestor fell off stepped off the boat there.

And if he'd seen that crazy kid on the homemade minibike, he might have jumped right back on the boat and headed home.

The End.

To see how many times I've mentioned my German ancestors To read some of my other posts about Freeport, click here or here.  Click here for a 2009 post featuring a photo of the building above. Have a great Monday.


Anonymous said...

Oh, please go back and see if you can lure that kid out and get a picture....that would be priceless! The only thing I remember about Freeport Landing is that Chesapeake Bay Mamma used to like to go there and pick wild asparagus....

-Middle Sis

Daryl said...

Cornfield ... aha .. maybe the kid on the improv dirt bike needed to use the cornfield .. I'm just sayin'

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Linda said...

I just love all the old places you photograph. And that you don't let a little barbed wire or No Trespassing sign stop you;-)

Kay L. Davies said...

Did somebody say wild asparagus? No, not you, CBW, but someone did.
I have a blogger friend in British Columbia who thinks a "No Trespassing" sign is an invitation just for her.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Mental P Mama said...

Wait. Where did you go??? I need a vicarious trip somewhere.

Anonymous said...

we would float over to freeport after leaving the old house woods to pickup rum back in the day.then by time we drank it all we were up the dragon run as a far as you could go.THE CAROLINA PIRATE