Thursday, August 18, 2011

Three Things




This abbreviated version of Three Thing Thursday was brought
to you courtesy of Aaron's Beach and a very challenging week.


Trisha said...

1. Kitties staring at me from around corners wondering when I will play again.

2. Piles of laundry beckoning.

3. A comfy bed beckoning louder!

Anonymous said...

1. Your first picture is hands down my favorite picture EVER! Picture number 2 is a runner up.
2. I'm trying to find a way to get my friend and myself on Kathie Lee and Hoda and get away from this life in Richmond.
3.I've been on fb all morning and I get really aggravated when the work phone rings.

Baby Sis

Country Girl said...

I wish you were coming to NYC with us this Sunday. AH LURVE YOU.

growing wild on waverly lane said...

Don't forget Blog Cabin tonight at 9PM on DIY. Good luck entrants.

Baby Sis, you just weren't cut out for working, like your Mother. Find a really rich man and overwhelm him with your charms.

I went so far in the kayak yesterday I got homesick! Indian blood showing itself again.

I found wild muscadines and will make my famous Waverly Lane Wild Grape Preserves.
wv: retstrai yourself!

Anonymous said...

CBW, if I won the Long Shot odds of the Blog Cabin prize, I would do whatever possible to keep that baby. I have family members in the NorthEast who spend $$ each year, pooling funds with in -laws to rent a place on the coast for 1 week.
I think I can convince them to go in on the taxes, etc. so they can use Twin Coves as a getaway from NJ winters and have more time in summer for vacation...then I can retire there in later years.
I would def find a way to go into some sort of business w/ you, even though you have no spare time-it has to be somethin' to make your life easier !! Dreaming on...

Snowtography said...

Great photos-- I've taken some in that spot that are almost identical!

Tomorrow, August 19, is World Photography Day so everyone take photos and share them!

As for three things...I'm glad it's Friday Eve. Looking forward to shaggin' on Saturday for number 3...that's a wild card. :)

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Trish - Laundry can always wait, trust me on this.

Baby Sis - Thank you. Hope you get on Kathie Lee but who is this Hoda? Sounds like an unsavory Star Wars character...

CG-Wish I could be there but I promise to make a trip sometime this fall.

CB Mother - Just watched the first episode of Blog Cabin. Wait. You found muscadines? WHERE?? CB Son and Daughter MUST taste sample delicacies and more importantly so does their mother...

LLC-It certainly is a gorgeous house. Whoever wins it will not be disappointed. You're very sweet for thinking of me...I'd be honored to go into business with you, as long as it didn't involve operating the kitchen sink faucet in your new abode...or the menu on the fridge door...

Snowtography - Thanks for the info, I'll check it out. Would love to see your Aaron's Beach shots. It's a great place to take pictures.

TSannie said...

That book gone to print yet????

NYC NYC NYC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Annie said...

1, I LOVE that first photo of yours. Wonderful.

2. It is still winter here at night, down to single digits centigrade, but lovely sunny 25 degree days.

3. The little family have booked their tickets home. Yay. No more trips to NYC for me. ;-(