Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Soybean Fields

Soybeans - Town Point Landing Road

Near Glenns

Town Point Landing Road

Near American Legion Hall

Town Point Landing Road

Your Guess Is As Good As Mine

It's time once again for me to recycle recite some facts and figures from the 1962 Mathews County Soil Survey, a must have in anyone's personal collection of outdated books.  

Today's topic is How many photos from Town Point Landing Road can CBW post? soybeans.

To follow along, turn now to page 41 in your hymnal copy of this delightful U.S. Department of Agriculture publication:

"The land in corn declined from 4,226 acres in 1944 to 2,145 acres in 1954.  Soybeans are replacing a substantial part of the acreage formerly used for corn, and in 1954 a total of 3,115 was in soybeans."  

Now, for some data that isn't almost 500 50 years old, we have this from one of the Mathews County websites:

"The largest employers in the county are the county school system and D&P Embroidery, whose principal product is the blue field of stars portion of the United States flag. Retail sales annually total over $21 million.

Agriculture also remains an important part of the economy. There are 61 farms in the county of an average size of 101 acres. The principal crops are corn, wheat and soybeans."

Last but not least, some agricultural facts and figures from this site:

Average value of agricultural products sold per farm: $92,460
Average value of crops sold per acre for harvested cropland: $941.58
The value of livestock, poultry, and their products as a percentage of the total market value of agricultural products sold: 7.42%
Average total farm production expenses per farm: $76,645
Irrigated harvested cropland as a percentage of land in farms: 2.74%
Average market value of all machinery and equipment per farm: $39,665
The percentage of farms operated by a family or individual: 87.23%
Corn for grain: 1179 harvested acres
All wheat for grain: 360 harvested acres
Soybeans for beans: 1,978 harvested acres
Vegetables: 28 harvested acres
Readers Who Are Now Asleep:  Both All

And now CBW must lie down for a while since facts, figures, numbers, details and specifics seem to have brought on a major overheating of her synapses  a mild headache.


Anonymous said...

Although in 1986,Agriculture in Virginia was 7.11% Missing a 2%
Which,has been recovered in July of 2011!

Country Girl said...

Came here for the exciting post title. Soybeans are good stuff. Plus, I couldn't sleep.

But now that I'm aware that the average market value of all machinery and equipment per farm is $39,665, I can go to sleep dreaming of rich green soybean fields.

Thanks, my friend!

Mental P Mama said...

I would think soybeans would be much more comforting to Kate than, say, cornfields....

Maria_NJ said...

I love edamame...good stuff! and you can make a really good fake guacamole with them...

I love to get my hands in dirt...

Daryl said...

I had to skim the pertinent soil and whatever info, sorry, its just that the sight of those fields bring back memories of BlogFest ... not LOL memories like those of cornfield but of passing those soy fields and knowing Casa CBW was just ahead ..

growing wild on waverly lane said...

Soybeans, being low growing, don't provide as much cover for blogfest emergencies as tall corn. Ergo they fail us and are mostly consumed by livestock and assorted other applications.

Wv: "INGLABUT" or skol or up yers in Icelandic.

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

Anonymous, in 1986... let's see, where was I...Ah yes, Charlottesville. Seven is a lucky number; eleven has significance y tu tambien. I mean two.

CG - Hopefully you slept like a rock after barely surviving this post. I know I did...

MPM- Perhaps softer but, as CB Mother says below, they might not provide as much cover, which was desperately needed that particular day.

Maria - Bring your fake guacamole recipe along with your mad Vietnamese spring roll making skillz when you visit Mathews and/or win the Blog Cabin. Thank you!

Daryl - Meeehmreez, like the cornfields of my mind...

CB Mother aka Wild: I believe Inglabut was one of Nanny's favorite singers, you know, Inglabut Humperdink (or What's His Dink as Archie Bunker would say).

Well, folks, it's been another banner week so far, where I'm ready for a two week vacation and the weekend is nowhere in sight. Hope you are having a much better week. Stay cool. Thanks for reading.
- cbw

Country Girl said...

I am comforted by the fact that you will never hear the word cornfield and not think of me.

Maria_NJ said...

my wedding anniversary is November 7th


does that mean good luck, I guess so we will be married 29years this year...I am surprising him with a cruise on our 30th...