Friday, August 3, 2012

Back in Mathews

While I'd love the title of this blog post to read "Back to Normal," the fact of the matter is I'm not sure what normal is this blog has been neglected for years weeks upon weeks thanks to my favorite season called summer. Plus, nothing is normal around here--no matter what the season.

At least today I offer a few token photos from the county itself vs. Tangier. Or Yorktown. Or Deltaville. Or Avon, North Carolina.

For goodness sakes.

The adorable barn above lives creekside in Onemo and used to be what the Chesapeake Bay Family called The Kayak Place. Son and Daughter went to a kayak camp there one summer many moons ago.

I attribute that day camp to their love of the canoe and kayak to this day.

Next up we have a barn that lives on the side of Route 198 in Hudgins, close to where I live. I pass this barn a million times multiple times in any given week.

The flag painted on the barn and the adorable birdhouse perched high atop that pole overlook a gorgeous, flourishing garden.

This corn-crib-looking structure lives down Onemo, not far from the barn in the first picture.

Back side

Onemo, for those who don't know, is pronounced oh-NEE-moe. According to local legend, the name came about because the residents felt they needed One Mo post office.

That One Mo post office is still in operation today.

Onemo is a fantastic place to jog for miles upon miles upon miles without seeing a single fiddler crab person or car.

You will, however, see many fiddler crabs.

This concludes my first foray attempt at a Mathews County blog post in quite some time.

Thank you for your patience.

Have a fantastic weekend.


Anonymous said...

You and yours will have a great weekend, I hope. I loved little 'water paradise Tangier' and I think your photos and poems should go into a little Tangier booklet--or, if you are ambitious, send that in to a travel magazine or newspaper travel section ("Hello, NY Times travel editor ? I am a published writer from a coastal VA community..." )
Now you have gone and gotten me smitten and intrigued by Onemo...I am a sucker for old barns... ready to move across country and take up residence in that ex-kayak center barn if it's empty....

Waterman JP said...

Hope you have a great weekend too.

Glad to see you are shooting pictures in Mathews again. Home is where the heart is. Love the barn pics.

big hair envy said...

I am going to have a great weekend because I get to hang out with YOU!! As usual, my stomach will hurt from laughing, but it's a small price to pay:)

Now, if we can just figure out where we can steal, um, borrow a convertible...

deborah said...

Love the barn pics!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Chesapeake Bay Woman said...

LLC-I'm glad you like the Tangier stuff. I loved being there and encourage anyone who has the ability to make a trip to see it. Thanks for the ideas...the NY Times travel editor would probably use my stuff for kindling (although he probably has a gas fireplace). But thank you for the idea - I like the idea of compiling the photos into something, just not sure what.

JP-You too, don't work too much overtime. There's no fun in overtime.

BHE-CAN'T WAIT! West Point here we come. And I think we can get that convertible, it's my new goal!

Deborah-Thanks, you have a great one too.

Another busy day ahead but it will conclude with lots of FUN as I am headed over to West Point to hang out with my first blog friend, Big Hair Envy, and a few other great people. I love Friday nights.

Hope yours is fun as well. - cbw

Liz Sweet said...

When I read what BHE wrote about getting a convertible for your adventures, I immediately thought of Thelma and Louise! You two have fun!
Liz S.

Country Girl said...

Sounds like how Salvo on the Outer Banks got named. I know you were down around those parts recently, and that's what made me think of it.

Mental P Mama said...

Wait. What are y'all doing tonight???

Dghawk said...

I'll keep it short and sweet..

I love barns, as well as your pictures of barns.

Have fun this weekend!!!!!!!!

Fighting Mermaid said...

Welcome home. Hope the weekend is good to you!