Monday, August 6, 2012

Green and White

In between errands on Saturday I made my way down to Aaron's Beach and was mesmerized by one of my favorite sights:  a field full of young, lush soybeans.

The color of a soybean field is overwhelmingly beautiful. I always imagine diving headfirst and swimming in this sea of soft green.  

Upon arrival at Aaron's Beach, I was greeted by another sea of green known as marsh grass.

Rest assured marsh grass, while beautiful, is the very last thing you want to dive head first into, unless you like diving into the equivalent of a herd of porcupines.

(Do porcupines gather into herds?  Rather doubtful. But we like to push the envelope here with regards to, well, science grammar everything.)

Someone is lurking in those porcupine quills that grass.

Although he was not exactly rolling out the welcome mat for me,

he didn't care about me as much as he did his next meal which was lurking there in the mud.

How was your weekend?


Anonymous said...

Refreshing to see healthy green soybean fields after seeing so many drought photos on the news. Hope you enjoyed the rain this weekend, I know we did. --Betsy

deborah said...

Wonderful to see the fields so lush!
Love the bird photos...glad you got a few moments to relax this weekend!
Take care and have a good week -

Maria_NJ said...

its that work thing getting in the way of me having a life...aakkkk!

Wow I really enjoyed the pictures of Tangier, that is someplace I would like to visit sometime...

The summer has been very busy this year for us, not much time for doing anything fun, I think we have only been to the beach 3 times, that is horrible.

Hope you have a good week...m

Deltaville Jamie said...

It's a prickle of porcupines- really I'm not making that up. I never once made it to Aaron's Beach this past week.

Daryl said...

it wasnt as green as yours, there were no trips to the beach .. but I did finally get to buy new dishes and most important a new mug .. hooray for the small things

Meg McCormick said...

It was a great weekend reuniting with family! However, we found out today that poor Eli's arm is broken, owing to a tumble off the monkey bars last Thursday at camp. I'm the mother of the year, telling him the swelling would go down and dragging him to PA and back!

Mental P Mama said...

It's called a prickle of porcupines;)

Here is your lesson for the day:

Now see how much time you can spend on this! You're welcome.

Country Girl said...

Weekend was too short. But I love your green and white here.

Waterman JP said...

My weekend was at work of course for three straight days. CBW,as you stated in an earlier comment,"JP don't work too much overtime,there's no fun in overtime." You guessed it right i was on overtime although i didn't want to be.But it is what it is.

Love the lush green bean fields and the white bird in the marsh.