Friday, August 17, 2012


These are more shots taken on my ride home from Shackelfords last Friday afternoon.

These first two were on Pear Tree Road (or Lane, I can't recall, but it's a cut-through from Route 14 to Route 33).

It's as if the green can't contain itself--it must creep up that pole and venture across the road.

At the risk of being banned from the blogosphere, 
I'd like to state for the billionth time once again 
how much I love all the green on display these days.

The photo above was not taken while standing in the road, 
believe it or not taken near Thousand Trails campground on Route 198.

Last but most certainly not least is
my favorite little house in the area.  

Isn't it cute? 

(I can't hide my adoration for old buildings, but use of the word "cute" to describe a house in a cornfield comes from sheer exhaustion, plain and simple. I believe I also called the lids to crab baskets cute not long ago--click here.  Evidently I've needed a nap since Spring.)

Speaking of sheer and utter exhaustion driving, my son calculated that with all the miles driven this week for doctor appointments (and the couple of days I went to work), we could be as far west as Indianapolis. If we'd driven south, we'd be only a couple hundred miles from Miami.

(That's when I shared a story from my college years that involved three silly girls driving a Volkswagen from Charlottesville to Miami straight through, stopping only to change drivers.  The moral of the story was if you think high school students can be stupid, college students are even stupider. More stupid.  Er. The secondary moral of the story was, "You mean we could be in Florida right now?!")

The good news is the tests came out OK and his surgery has been scheduled for September 5, the first week of school.  

This weekend I'm looking forward to absolutely no driving and hopefully lots of laughter Saturday night with my children, my parents and my two sisters, who are coming into town.  

Hope your weekend is wonderful.

p.s. Click here to help Ann Marie raise money for a very, very worthy cause.

p.s.s. A memorial service for my friend Anthony Busic, MHS class of 1981, will be held at 2:00 on Saturday at Locust Grove Church. Click here for a glimpse at his words that will live forever courtesy of his blog.  Click here for more details on his struggle.


Deltaville Jamie said...

I must say, figuring out how far you could have driven based on the miles you have driven makes the miles you've driven slightly more interesting. I think the proper term for college students and their ideas is "more stupider" (the former wanna be English teacher in me just screamed "OMG you just used a double superlative!!"

Anonymous said...

Wow, how sad to lose a friend at such a young age. My condolences. Hope your weekend is great, and remember NO DRIVING ALLOWED!


foolery said...

I miss green. We won't see much of it around here again until December, *sigh*.

Have a blast this weekend with your wonderful family -- miss you all!

Meg McCormick said...

I clicked through to your friend's blog. That's one of the cool things about a blog, isn't it? A little piece of us will live on forever in cyberspace. All the boxes of mementos in my basement could go up in flames, but you can still see some pictures and read my words. Would that my grandma had had a blog; she would have totally embraced it, even in her 80s.

May your weekend be filled with everything but mileage.

Mental P Mama said...

Gah. Love that cornfield. Kinda makes me want to go to the White Dog Inn.

Waterman JP said...

i agree with you that little house is cute,simply adorable. I could envision myself living in a house that size. It seems a vast majority of todays society want the biggest,and the best of everything. It's the simple things in life that bring you happiness.

And yes you did called the basket lids cute. That was memorable day for me. I have never been photographed so much in my life. I have very few photos of my life as a waterman. Your blog post of Crabbing 101 pretty much covered it from start to finish.
That day you made me feel like a celebrity,a movie star and I know Captain A.J.Hurst was living it up too. There was a whole lot of shaking going on. It was a wonderful day indeed,I will never forget that day. Thank you CBW.

Have a great weekend! P.S. have someone hide your car keys and give them back on Monday morning.

Dghawk said...

I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. I haven't had a chance to read his blog yet, but I will.

I definitely agree with Waterman JP...SOMEBODY TAKE HER KEYS AWAY!!!

I hope you have a marvelous weekend full of love and laughter.

Anonymous said...

CBW, I love that little amazing it would be to find its twin across the ocean on a Bora Bora beach.
This has been quite a week, and my daughter in law's family also lost someone on Tuesday. My deepest condolences to Anthony's family and friends..I did read his blog. A lot of it is hitting too close to home, and I have no words.
Thanks as always for the beautiful photos of your corner of the world.

Maria_NJ said...

So glad that all of Sam's tests came back OK and that surgery is scheduled, than when he is all better, you have that all behind you...

I am patiently waiting for my sisters to come today too!! They didn't schedule me for work today and my Sis's made plan to come down...they want to go crabbing!

have a fun weekend

sorry about your friend...

Daryl said...

How did I miss this .. oy .. off to help Re!