Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Locklies II: Merroir

Last week my blog friend Debra showed me a new place over in Topping at the marina at the end of Locklies Creek Road.

(Well, the eatery may not be new, but it sure was new to me. I really don't get out much.)

It's called Merroir. And it describes itself as a tasting room even though much of the tasting goes on outdoors in an open-air area that could best be described as not at all a room.

That may well be my favorite part of this place, its lack of confining walls and boundaries.

This poor guy had no idea I was taking his picture.
He sure as heck has no idea his image is on the internet today either.

If it's all the same, rather than say Merroir or that tasting room on the Rappahannock River,

I'll just forever refer to it as That Wonderful Place

at the end of the road going down to the marina in Topping. 

The best part of all, besides the food and wine--which are both excellent--is the ambiance.

Although there is some seating inside, most of the tables are outdoors.

No walls. No ceiling. No floor.

Just fresh air. Sky. Mother Earth.

And views to die for.

I was instantly reminded of a summer vacation I took years ago to Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming, one of my favorite places on Earth. After a very long day of hiking in the mountains without food, I enjoyed the best dinner of the trip at Dornans Chuckwagon, which was basically a simple cowboy buffet set up under a tepee, with picnic tables dotted all over several acres of lush, green grass. No walls, no fences, only the stunning mountains off in the distance and the endless sky above provided the definition of space. It is one of my all-time favorite memories.

Anyway, this is not about the Tetons.

(I know you knew that; I just had to remind myself.)

The Wonderful Place at the end of Locklies Creek Road is a great place to stare off into the distance as your blood pressure drops. And drops. And drops some more.

Debra ordered roasted oysters, shrimp & grits, which she enjoyed. I had a tomato/mozzarella/basil salad (delicious) and scallops & grits (outstanding).

I might be head over heels a little bit in love with this place.

Click here for an article on Merroir, my  new favorite place to sip wine hang out.


Who wants to join me for a trip to the Grand Tetons Topping?



Anonymous said...

I have heard of the concept of "terroir" but do not know the meaning of a word like "merroir"...but from your photos and descriptions it seems just about right....MMMM...AAHHH.

Anonymous said...

LOL at the comment above... I'm half asleep an when I saw the title today I thought it was going to be about "terror". I thought "Uh oh, what happened...." Glad to find out you weren't terrorized and this place looks absolutely charming. Next time I'm down your way I'm checking it out. --Betsy

Waterman JP said...

It seems like a really relaxing place. I would love to join you for a trip to Topping,just say when.

Deb said...

Wonderful blog, Janice! (I'm the Deb in the blog, love being famous!) My husband and I actually returned Sunday, just 20 minutes before the monsoon hit. We still had enough time to kill (uh, slowly sip) a bottle of wine and devour a dozen amazing oysters. Hope to get back this weekend.

Daryl said...

ME!!!!! Wait up ..

Maria_NJ said...

my 3 sisters and 1 brother are all down visiting, it has been a wonderful 2 days, we went to the beach, casino, went out for a wonder was just so nice for us all to be brothers GF mentioned that her sister lives in Urbanna and she mentioned that her sis always wants her to go down for the Oyster Festival...I told Lousie I am up for that any time...and your trip too, I don't get out much either...

Maria_NJ said...

just wanted to see if my new picture pops up...was taken last night at dinner...

Deltaville Jamie said...

I'm in. Maybe we need to hit that up next time we try to organize a Blister lunch.

Liz Sweet said...

FYI, this place is on internet & blogland big time! Here is an mention of it form Oct 2011:
Sounds like a little gem. Wish I were near by. Liz S.

Mental P Mama said...

I wanna go there. And did that place in the Tetons have an "Indian attack" after dinner? My kids and I were at that one!

Dghawk said...

Any time you're ready! I think I'll start with a dozen Rappahanock, followed by a dozen Stingrays, followed by a dozen Olde Salts. Hold the sauces, please, and whatever beverage they place in front of me is fine!

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Count me in! I'm with Jamie on the Blister lunch!!

lori said...

Too funny as I was just searching google images for merroir pictures since we are partnering with them on an upcoming winter VIP package, (this is Lori from the Inn at Tabbs Creek in Port Haywood), and thought, WOW, that looks like my brother then went to your blog post and saw that is was indeed my brother who is the poor guy who has no idea his picture is on the internet :) I also see you managed to capture the back on my head as well as my parents and husband as we were being seated. Love this place!