Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Locklies Marina

These were taken from Locklies Marina over in Topping, which is about a twenty-minute drive from my house.

A wonderful blog friend of mine, who owns a vacation home at Cricket Hill, invited me out to dinner last week.  She said we were going to White Stone.

(White Stone? No, Irvington.)

Correction. Irvington.

Either way, I imagined traveling over that tall bridge with lanes so narrow that if you so much as look to the right and there's a breeze blowing, you're as good as overboard traveling over the Rappahannock River to a place where people wear lots of pink and green. And penny loafers.

People tend to wear lots of pink and green on that side of the Rappahannock, the closer you get to the Tides Inn.

The farther south you are from Irvington, the less preppie pink and green you tend to see.

On average.

(Not that there's anything wrong with that, necessarily. But I never wore pink and green. Or pink by itself. And after 4 years and 3.5 months at U.Va., I swore I'd never, ever wear pink and green together, even if my life job depended on it. Or skirts with turtles on them. Or shirts with crocodiles. Or penny loafers. Or pearls. Or Ray Bans. And I'd never date anyone who drove a BMW. Not that everyone on the north side of the Rappahannock River fits this stereotype but if the stereotype fits... Also the BMW drivers have not exactly been lined up at the door asking me out. But that's probably due to my Declaration of Independence from All Things Preppie. Not that there's anything wrong with being preppie, necessarily.)

Imagine my surprise when my friend said, "Turn here!" at Eckhards in Topping. We hadn't even come to the bridge. Didn't have to cross the Rappahannock. We were headed to a whole new place, a whole new experience. And there was no requirement to wear pink and green! In fact, since most of the seating here is outdoors, shoes may even have been optional.

This was my kinda place.

I'll share more about the surprise of a restaurant that awaited at the end of Locklies Creek Road in the next blog post.

In conclusion, I apologize if you or anyone you know likes to wear Ray Bans or the color combination of pink and green. Or skirts with turtles on them. Or penny loafers. Or BMWs.

But I just won't can't do it.

The End.


Anonymous said...

Note to self: do not wear the pink and green outfit the next time we visit Mathews. Oh wait, the shocking pink and lime green Hawaiian shirt is probably ok. :)

LOL this was one of your best blogs. The preppie commentary was hilarious. I don;t know how you keep cranking these great blogs out day after day but hope you keep it up. Betsy

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! I found it while looking up some info on Haven Beach. We were in Mathews over the weekend, visiting a friend's place. Our house is on the Northern Neck; we come through Kilmarnock to get to Mathews. I was a little bit confused about not going over the bridge to go to lunch... until I remembered that Topping is on the Middlesex side of the rivah. :) We will check this place out- thank you for the recommendation!

Deltaville Jamie said...

Hello, my name is Jamie and I own a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses. But since they're prescription, they shouldn't count. My Aunt Lucille lives in Topping. Random unimportant nobody-really-cares fact for you. I also once owned a pair of penny loafers and a pair of mint green Chuck Taylor's that I wore with peach colored socks. I think mint green and peach also qualify for preppiness. I was completely reformed. Now it's more like flip flops and rubber ducks.

Daryl said...

never was a fan of pink and green or preppies or high tide trousers or men in wingtip shoes w/o socks .. or pants with whales on them ... all that belongs in lock-jaw Greenwich, CT ..

I was never a preppie, I was always a hippie

Meg McCormick said...

I had a brief preppy phase in the 1980s and certainly more than my share of exposure during my years at The Country Club, aka Dickinson College. I'm sure our preps there would have been equally at home at Yooveeay. Now my wardrobe trends towards shades of brown and gray in tones of frump and meh.

Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades. said...

Hippie chick here too although I do have some pink and green and every other of the rainbow on my front porch! I'd like to try that place!

Dghawk said...

I've never cared for the combination of pink and green either. Not because they are "preppy", but I associate the colors of a certain sorority that I remember from my college years back in the dark ages. I'm sure the sorority as a whole was/is nice, but this particular group was not. Although, during my hippie years, I did make a blazer that I called my "Ice Cream Jacket". It was a courduroy paisley in hot pink, turquoise, and a couple shades of purple with a hot pink lining. Loved that jacket.

Love the pictures and can't wait to hear about your flip flop fine dining experience.

Anonymous said...

Since I work in the hospital right in the middle of the pink/green community, I know what you mean. We actually do see a lot more of that combo in the summer when the "Tides" is open for business. We get patients from all over the country who have come here for vacation. I have to admit that I do own RayBan's but no pink/green!
I have heard that the restaurant at Locklies is really good but have not tried it yet.